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  • Name: Donnie Yen ( Zhen Czygan )
  • Date of birth: 27 July 1963
  • Age: 53 years
  • Place of birth: Guangzhou, China
  • Height: 173
  • Activities: actor, Director, producer, writer, composer
  • Marital status: married

    Donnie Yen: biography

    Zhen Czygan, better known by the Americanized name of Donnie Yen, a famous Chinese film actor, star of such films as «Shanghai knights», «the monkey King», «IP man» and «Rogue-one. Star wars: History.» In addition, in the biography Donnie yen is, and Director and composer, and he proved himself as a producer and stunt coordinator.

    Donnie Yen
    Photo Donnie Yen | Chinese Top Movies

    The future actor Donnie Yen was born in the Chinese city of Guangzhou, which in Europe is often called the Canton. Two years later the whole family moved to Hong Kong where mom Donnie, May Baochang was going to open his own martial arts school. But because of the intervention of the local mafia to do so failed and the family moved Ian again, but this time in another country. They settled in the suburbs of the American city of Boston. There’s my parents ‘ dream Donnie yen is: mom creates his club «Institute for the study of Chinese martial arts», and the father becomes the editor of the international Chinese newspaper «Sing Tao», published in Boston.

    Donnie Yen in childhood
    Baby photo Donnie yen | Doc Bao

    The boy, who at the time of the last move was 11 years old, became one of the most diligent students of his mother. The students adored with Donnie yen watch movies about martial arts, especially where he played fellow – unsurpassed master of Bruce Lee and while still very young Jackie Chan. Such replays not only provided motivation to employment: Donnie was in the movie unusual elements and worked on new tricks in training. Passion for martial arts that Europeans for some reason is called kung fu, brought the Yen in the famous «battle Area», which carried out the illegal fights without rules.

    Donnie Yen
    Not only the actor, but also a master of martial arts | Book people

    The atmosphere of the night clubs and gang warfare delayed young boy, so his mother sent him to China. In Beijing a young man spends his time to improve the technique of Wushu. It took one of the best schools of martial arts, which had previously trained another actor jet Li. But for Donnie it was not enough. He’s going to return to the United States, but accidentally turns on the casting of the new Chinese film. In fact, no particular view of the actors did not happen. After a couple of minutes after the future star has demonstrated its abilities, it was approved, and «Drunken Shaolin master» was the first film with Donnie yen in the title role.

    Movies Donnie Yen

    «Shaolin drunken master» or «Drunken tai Chi» became a big hit in the salons of Hong Kong. I wonder what 19-year-old actor wasn’t going to stay in the cinema as agreed to appear just for a new experience, and work in the film Donnie yen did not like. Then he never for a moment thought that can stay in the cinema for a long time. But the success of the film led to a long collaboration with Director yuan VOO-ping, who once «discovered» the world of Jackie Chan. They have created several films that highlighted the militants of the «Odd couple», «tiger’s Cage» and «At execution». It is important to note that in these pictures Ian worked his own style of staged combat, and did not follow the idols of our childhood.

    Donnie Yen in the movie
    As a Dragon Yau in the movie «tiger Cage 2» | encyclopedia movie

    In the late 80-ies Donnie goes to another Director, and it becomes the starting point in the development of his career. The second part of the blockbuster «Once in China» makes him a real star, at least in the scale of Hong Kong. Then comes the Chinese version of the legend of Robin hood «Iron monkey», which is notable for the fight scene with the Shaolin monks. This episode was recognized by critics and audiences the best in recent decades, among similar scenes. Later, the actor becomes a star on television, playing leading roles in two extremely popular television series «Kung fu Master» and «Fist of Fury». And world fame gives Donnie «IP man», a biographical action movie about the first martial arts master.

    Donnie Yen in the movie
    Starring in the movie «IP man» | Kinopoisk

    Several times racy, the actor was filmed in Hollywood. For the first time this has happened thanks to the fantastic film «Highlander: End game», followed by mystical Thriller «blade 2», the Comedy «Shanghai knights», a spin-off of the legendary Saga «Outlaw-single. Star wars: of History» and the Thriller «xxx: World domination.» Also it is necessary to highlight a joint U.S.-Chinese film «the monkey King». Note that the «Star wars» with Donnie yen become the most expected premiere in 2016.

    Donnie Yen in the movie
    The role Cirrata Imve in the movie «Outlaw-single. Star wars: History» | Cinema

    Ian did not restrict their creativity only acting. As a Director he produced about a dozen movies, of which especially notable is the «Legend of the Wolf» and «Big boss 2» and «Ballistic kiss», for which he developed the script. But in the comic Thriller «wing Chun» Donnie has been realized as a composer, wrote the soundtrack.

    Personal life

    In his younger years in his personal life, Donnie yen had a lot of women, but he always preferred to date a girl of Chinese origin, though grew up in America. The star was his love affair with Hong Kong actress and model Joey Meng, with whom he maintained a relationship for quite a long time, but divorced at the turn of the century.

    Joey Meng
    Ex-girlfriend of Donnie, Joey Meng | Indomandarin

    Three years after leaving the Meng wife Donnie yen was another Chinese actress, former beauty Queen Cecilia Cissy Wang. Their wedding celebration was held in the canadian city of Toronto. Now the couple resides in North America and has two children: Donnie yen and his wife have a son James and a daughter Jasmine.

    Danny Ian and his wife
    With his wife Cecilia Wang | Lollipop

    It is noteworthy that Donny’s odious personality and to some extent controversial. He adolescence accustomed to openly Express an unflattering opinion about people, but compliments it comes very rarely. As a boy he was saying nasty things about the actor Chuck Norris, who was trying to stand on a par with his favorite masters of martial arts. And when the best movies of Donnie yen become public, it turned out that on the set most of them the actor regularly quarreled with the Directors, calling them «losers», «tyrants» and «henpecked».

    Filmography Donnie Yen

    • 1984 — Shaolin Drunken master
    • 1992 — One day in China 2
    • 2003 — Shanghai knights
    • 2005 Seven swords
    • 2009 — Bodyguards and assassins
    • 2012 — All’s well that ends well
    • 2013 is a Special person
    • 2014 — the monkey King
    • 2016 — the Outcast one. Star wars: the History
    • 2017 — Three x: World domination


    Donnie Yen

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