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  • Name: Donatella Versace ( Donatella Versace )
  • Date of birth: 2 may 1955
  • Age: 61 years
  • Place of birth: Reggio di Calabria, Italy
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: fashion designer, designer, key figure of the fashion house «Versace»
  • Marital status: divorced

    Donatella Versace: biography

    Donatella Versace is an Italian fashion designer, a Central figure of the fashion house «Versace». She’s the sister of Gianni Versace, the founder of the world famous brand.

    Donatella was born in the Italian town of Reggio di Calabria and became the fourth youngest child in the family. Her father was a salesman in the shop, and her mother sewed clothes for the local women in their own Studio. Unfortunately, the elder sister Tina died in childhood, so Donatella grew up with two boys Giovanni and Santa, which were friends.

    After graduating from school and University, the girl together with Gianni went to Florence, which was then considered the best place to study clothing and textiles. After the older brother founded the company «Gianni Versace», better known in an abbreviated version of «Versace», he asked in a firm, having made, thus, the family business.

    Donatella herself in this organization was in advertising, was responsible for the photo shoot and PR campaign. By the way, the famous perfume «Blonde» and «Versus» Versace is dedicated to his sister. After the murder of Gianni in the family business and struck problems. Donatella spent a lot of money to be removed from print publications and books about the older brother that cast a shadow on the very famous fashion designer and all his family.

    And three months after the death of her brother, she debuted her first collection of clothes.


    But the first clothing line from Donatella Versace the audience and the experts took more than restraint. However, the young woman continued to work hard: she simultaneously came up with the design of their own models and have modified the old collection that do not have time to go out. The main criterion for her in that moment was to do something different, not to repeat the ideas of the legendary brother.

    Gradually she found her style: made clothing more feminine, not as emphasized sexual and aggressive striking, as was the founder of Versace. The popularity of Donatella increased when she presented to the audience «Dress-jungle», which is correctly called the «Green Versace Dress». This outfit to the ceremony of the Grammy awards wearing Jennifer Lopez and created a furor.

    After this success, star women-designer finally came down. And then Donatella again to shock the audience. Using their lot of connections, she was able to persuade to go to the podium to display their collections are not the usual models and celebrities of the first magnitude. Her clothes were dressed Christina Aguilera, Madonna, demi Moore, Beyonce, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and many other stars of show business. Thus, Donna became the first fashion designer who used a similar strategy.

    In addition, to raise the prestige and the deterioration of the financial situation of the family company, Senor Versace came up with the idea to create a luxury resort «Palazzo Versace» in Australia, and then the Dubai hotel of the same name. For these institutions, Donatella has developed a joint collection of designer furniture and bedding.

    Personal life

    Family life of Donatella Versace, unfortunately, was not as successful as her career. She married a male model and actor Paul Beck, who bore him two children, daughter Allegra and son Daniel, but after a few years became disillusioned with the Union and left her husband. By the way, Allegra has become the main heir after the death of her famous uncle, inherited a 50% stake in house «Versace».

    More officially, the marriage was not entered Versace. Now Donatella is constantly moving from one city to another and has no fixed place of residence.

    About known modelersha shot TV movie «House of Versace», where she played Donatella actress Gina Gershon, who, incidentally, played in the TV series Ugly Betty role Fabia – easy parody lady Versace. In addition, the singer Lady Gaga wrote the song «Donatella», dedicated to Donatella Versace.

    The Donatella as a consultant on clothing and accessories participated in the creation of such films as «Zoolander» and the 2006 hit «the Devil wears Prada».


    Donatella Versace

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