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  • Name: Donald Trump ( Donald John Trump )
  • Date of birth: 14 June 1946.
  • Age: 70 years
  • Place of birth: Queens, new York, USA
  • Height: 191
  • Activity: 45-th US President, businessman, broadcaster, writer
  • Marital status: Married to Melania trump

    Donald trump: biography

    Donald trump is an American billionaire businessman, known in the society with his Frank communication style and extravagant lifestyle, which does not affect the public image of a successful and purposeful man. In 2015, the controversial tycoon made a loud statement of intent to become the best US President and decided to run for the election of an American President in 2016 at their own expense without the involvement of sponsors and lobbyists.

    Born Donald John trump June 14, 1946, in the largest borough of new York Queens in the family of a millionaire. His parents Fred and Mary he was the first child in the family were five children, the most difficult of which was Donald. Inherited from his father assertive and tough nature, he was little gave mother and father the trouble. School teachers considered him an insufferable child, so the parents had no how to pick up my son from public school and send to the military Academy to focus his unbridled energy in a positive direction.

    Donald trump in childhood |

    Training at the new York military Academy eventually yielded results – Donald accustomed to the discipline and taught to survive in a competitive environment, when to achieve the desired result should be a little aggressive. After the Academy before trump was the question of higher education. First, he wanted to enroll in film school, but stopped still at Fordham University, decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a businessman.

    In 1968, Donald trump received the degree of bachelor of Economics and went to work in his father’s company, specializing in real estate. From the first days, the future billionaire realized that he was in his element, therefore, since the biography of Donald trump has consistently filled in this direction.

    Business Donald Trump

    Being «infected» with the idea to build his own Empire Donald trump in his student years he began to participate in business projects under the patronage of his father, which was a favorite. The first transaction resulted in a future construction tycoon without investment earn $ 6 million, which strengthened his belief in himself and a bright future.

    Donald trump young
    Donald trump in his youth |

    In 1974, Donald won his first tender and almost for nothing bought the Commodore hotel, under the obligation to carry out its reconstruction. This allowed the Tramp to «bargain» the government is very loyal to the conditions of taxation for the next 40 years of his activities. For 6 years beginning businessman managed the old hotel to build a luxury hotel «Grand Hyatt».

    The second ambitious project of Donald trump became a 58-storey skyscraper with 80-foot waterfall called the Trump Tower. He was the tallest and luxurious building in new York. In a short period all offices in the building were sold, and the business center has become a symbol of luxury, brought the world fame to the brand Trump.

    Business Donald Trump
    Business Donald trump |

    The next step to wealth was trump Atlantic city that Donald instructed to reconstruct his younger brother Robert. In 1982, the project was successfully completed and the complex Harra $250 million outdoor. After some time, the Donald bought it and gave the name of Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino, which became the most expensive casino hotel in the world.

    In 1990 at the peak of wealth billionth of trump’s Empire was on the verge of bankruptcy – lack of managerial experience has turned against a businessman, and he began to lose control of the business. Donald owes creditors about $ 10 billion, 900 million of which he was obliged to pay from his own pocket, as previously spent for personal needs, not on business development. But restraint, cold intelligence and calculation has allowed the businessman for 3 years to improve their financial situation and overcome the crisis.

    By 1997, the tycoon managed to escape from the debt trap and completely cover the debt owed to creditors. He is especially passionate about new projects and just after 4 years trump’s company finished construction of a 262-foot Trump World Tower, which rose directly opposite the headquarters of the UN in Manhattan.

    Trump World Tower
    Trump World Tower |

    In the same period, the businessman has continued to work on the construction of the International hotel and trump tower in Chicago, which was completed only in 2009. This project had to endure the attacks of September 11, 2001 and the financial crisis of 2008. Trump failed to timely pay the creditors 40 million dollars, which forced him to stop the construction.

    As a result, in 2009, not wanting to pay the debt from personal funds, the billionaire filed a lawsuit on bankruptcy and left the Board of Directors of a private company, to prove to the creditors that the crisis is a force majeure situation, in which they had no right to demand from it payment of the debt.

    Gothel-hmarochos Donald trump in Chicago
    Elections Donald trump in Chicago |

    However the businessman has finished the construction of the hotel-the skyscraper in Chicago that was the third tallest building of USA and the tenth tallest building in the world.

    Donald trump in politics

    In 2015, the American billionaire has expressed his intention to run for President of the United States and willingness to participate in the presidential race for the elections in 2016. During the election campaign, the businessman has positioned itself as a successful American, whose big money is not separated from ordinary hard-working. The participation in the presidential election, he paid from his own pocket, which made him a step above other candidates who have resorted to the help of their lobbyists and sponsors.

    Donald trump in politics
    Donald trump in politics |

    Trump made strong statements about what will be the best American President and make everyone in the country rich. The special attention trump is paying Russia according to him, he will be able to establish relations with the Russian head Vladimir Putin, as the confrontation between the US and Russia based solely on mutual dislike of the leaders of these two countries.

    While known for his extravagant actions and controversial statements by the candidate in presidents of the United States Donald trump considered himself a leader in the presidential race, calling their opponents incompetent «idiots». He was confident that society will support him in the election, and he will defeat his main rival in the struggle for an armchair of the head of state Hillary Clinton.

    The US presidential election in 2016

    The election campaign of Donald trump, who received the society fame eccentric love of truth, full of solid controversial statements that cause perturbation in the current American government and the second favorite in the presidential race, Hillary Clinton.

    In November 2015 he spoke in support of Russia’s special operation in Syria. Trump said that «if Putin wants to smash ISIS, then he 100% will do it.» In this position, and he expresses bewilderment why the West blames Russia for the «crimes» in the Syrian territory.

    Donald trump - election-2016
    Donald trump — election-2016 |

    Also Donald trump is famous for his categorical anti-Muslim stance. He sharply opposes immigrants from Mexico and the Middle East, promising in case of victory, to build a «Great wall» between the Mexican territory and the United States. A billionaire, in case of victory on elections of the President of the United States in 2016 is also ready to change the law that will prohibit children of illegal immigrants born in the U.S. to obtain American citizenship.

    Concerning domestic policy trump also holds positions contrary to the policy of the White house. He opposes running Barack Obama’s medical program, as it costs the country dearly. But the candidate in presidents of the United States has promised to come up with cheaper and more efficient for taxpayers methods that enable loyal conditions to use health services.

    The candidate in presidents of the United States Donald trump
    The candidate in presidents of the United States Donald trump |

    For the development of the economy trump offered to return the American manufacturing base to the States and to increase the duty on the goods manufactured by U.S. companies abroad. Also the politician-businessman calls for a trade war with China, victory in which will allow America to take its rightful position on the trading floors around the world.

    Key points of his election campaign and plans for the revival of the country in case of victory on elections of the President of the United States Donald trump outlined in the book «Crippled America,» which he published in 2015.

    November 8, 2016 year in the United States General elections were held. The results of the elections in the United States shocked the world winning the race for the presidency got Donald trump, despite numerous forecasts about the fiasco of a businessman. The politician has received an absolute majority of votes (276 electoral votes, enough to win 270). Hillary Clinton in the presidential race «finished second (218 electoral votes).

    Hillary did not speak to his staff, but found the strength to call my opponent and admit defeat. In response to this traditional American gesture, trump acknowledged the strength of his opponent and wished her all the best.

    The U.S. Congress, by law, approve the results of the voting on 6 January 2017, and their duties 45 th President of the United States Donald trump will start on January 20.

    The Income Of Donald Trump

    Currently, Donald trump is one of the most successful businessmen in the world. For 2016 his fortune is estimated at

  • 4.1 billion dollars. He owns several million square meters of elite real estate of the United States. Many developers pay Trump money only for the fact that he was the «face» of their projects. Besides the construction status of Donald trump joined to other lines of business, namely, organization of world competitions such as Miss universe, education, sports, tourism, perfume industry, men’s clothing, watches and accessories.
    Donald Trump
    Donald trump |

    In 2009, billionaire Donald trump became the founder of a new branch marketing network, specializing in the sale of vitamins. Construction tycoon hopes to become the main competitor of the world famous company Amway and as well as in real estate become the main image the «face» in this direction.

    Personal life Donald trump

    Personal life Donald trump is not as cloudless as his career. He was married three times and has five children and six grandchildren. The first marriage of the billionaire took place in 1977 – his wife was Czechoslovakian model Ivana Zelnickova, who bore construction magnate three children. It did not save their relationship, and in 1992 the family broke up.

    Donald trump with his first wife
    Donald trump with his first wife |

    The second wife of Donald trump, actress Marla Ann maples where a businessman got married in 1993, also bore her husband a daughter, but the addition to the family also did not fill their home with happiness. After 6 years of marriage the couple parted.

    Donald trump with his second wife Marla Ann maples |

    In 2005, trump married model Melania Knoww who was younger than his 24 years. The billionaire called his third wife, the love of his life that filled his inner world with happiness and peace. Wedding gift for Melania was a ring with a diamond weighing 13 carat for $ 1.5 million, which he received as an advance from the jewelry firm Graff.

    Donald trump and Melania Knaus
    Donald trump and Melania Knaus |

    A year after the marriage the couple had a son, Barron William trump, who was the fifth child of a billionaire. In 2016, the presidential candidate of the United States became a grandfather for the eighth time — his daughter Ivanka trump gave birth to her third child, who was named Theodore James.

    Donald trump with kids |

    During the election campaign, Donald trump has not done without scandals in his personal life. The press got a candid photo of his wife Melania, who in 1998 in the Nude shot for a magazine cover Max. The billionaire calmly reacted to these pictures and stated that his wife was a successful model, but her «naked» photos were taken even before he met him.

    Hobbies and TV

    In addition to business and family Donald trump is known for his unlimited passion for Golf. Billionaire regularly participates in competitions on their own sites. He even wrote a book «My best advice for the game of Golf, which from a philosophical point of view compared to the game of Golf with his success in business.

    Donald trump plays Golf
    Donald trump plays Golf |

    Donald trump also had not forgotten about his childhood dream to be on TV. As a successful businessman he decided to star in a movie where he was invited to play himself in comic performance. To see trump in the movies «home Alone-2», «Loafers», «Days of our lives», «the fresh Prince of Bel-air».

    In 2003, trump became the host of his own reality show «the Apprentice,» which puts before the participants of specific tasks the solution of which guarantees the winner a title of the top Manager in the company of a construction magnate. Show Donald became very successful and brought him worldwide fame. The billionaire became the highest-paid American lead, his fee for each issue of the project is $ 3 million.

    Donald trump 2016 |

    Success on TV doesn’t prevent the Trump to remain a successful leader in his company serve 22 thousand employees, who consider him loyal, but the avaricious boss. Billionaire did not prevent Donald to lose the dedication and hard work, so for over half a century his business is booming, and he finds the strength and conquers new horizons.

    Photo Of Donald Trump

    Donald Trump

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