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  • Name: Dominik Joker ( Alexander Breslau )
  • Date of birth: 19 July 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Odessa
  • Activity: singer, producer, composer
  • Marital status: married to Albina Breslau

    Dominik Joker: biography

    During his long career Dominik Joker managed to work with various representatives of domestic show-business. About half of his twenty-year career, the musician spent in the shadows, working behind the scenes on songs by other artists, and in the middle of the zero made a risky step out from behind those for whom he performed hits to Express your talent in full force.

    In addition to music, Dominic is many things: he launched his own clothing line Dominick Joker, owns a recording Studio «J. O. B. Recording», founded the children’s school of arts and opened a karaoke club. In 2009 the artist received the medal of the charitable Fund «Patrons of the century».

    Dominic, named at birth Alexander Breslau, was born in July 1980. The boy grew up in Odessa, a port city that has absorbed the mixture of cultures of different nationalities and peoples, which left a significant imprint on the Outlook of the Joker. Yes, and Alex blood, a quarter Spanish, half-Polish Jew — this cocktail was the cause of the unusual, the memorable appearance of the singer and his unusual for the Slavs of tone of voice.

    Despite the fact that Dominique now lives in Moscow, he fondly reminisces about his hometown. Also Dominic with much love to talk about family.

    The first time a boy came on stage in seven years. It was an accident: the school was staging the WHC, and due to the delay of the participants to entertain the audience brought the first who came to hand. After that, as admitted by, he realized two things: the scene he loves, and participating in school productions softens the attitude of teachers to educational failure.

    After school Joker went to study in the nautical school and even several times put out to sea. But the young man quickly realized that the romance of the seas was not for him, and changed the form of a sailor at the Conservatory. School he never finished.

    Dominik Joker: music

    During his school years Alex has teamed up with friends in different bands that play different styles, from rap to rock. The first major project was a boys band «

  • 2+2,» where Dominick was not only a performer, but also the author of the majority of the performed material. The band broke up after the 1998 crisis. Dominic preferred to work solo as a composer and lyricist. Wide audience Dominik Joker announced himself in 2004, taking part in the project «
  • Star Factory-4″. This show gave the young man a lot of new opportunities that punching the artist immediately took advantage of. Dominic teamed up with three members of the project, gathering the R’n’b group»
  • Banda». After the «Factory» guys started to speak, and in the same year the band released the album with the ambitious title «New people». «Gang» quickly became popular, especially since the performers were advancing on all fronts, with the rotation of the two clips on the songs from the new album.

    Boys walked confidently to success, while in 2007 there was tragedy: the death of one of the band members, Ratmir Shishkov. Participants that remain connected not only work, but also friendship, decided to close the project because it could not imagine it working without dead comrade.

    Dominique again went solo. The talented composer was invited to cooperation a superstar of the Russian stage. For four consecutive years from 2004 Joker was nominated for «song of the year». In 2008, Alex worked as a sound producer of the show «You — superstar», where competed among experienced, but forgotten stars of the eighties and nineties.

    The following year, the artist released his first solo album «Real people» gathered in themselves the cream of the material, accumulated over a decade of experience in show business. In 2012, his popularity rises to new heights: piercing and bright soul ballad «If you’re with me» wins the domestic scene. The composition of the bet ringtones, order radio live — music world is literally reeling with a new tune. For the song the Joker receives the «Golden gramophone» and won in nomination «Radioset-2012» by Top Hit Music Awards.

    Dominik Joker doesn’t stop there, experimenting with form and content of the songs. In the song «goodbye», the video for which was released in 2013, fans of Russian poetry with surprise found out that the singer has set to music a poem by Maxim Gorky.

    Now, Dominic continues to delight fans with new material, every year releasing a few new songs.

    Dominik Joker: personal life

    Dominik Joker is an exemplary family man and loving father. He doesn’t really like to talk about their households, but the overall information is still divided, and once even a pair gave a joint interview.

    Wife’s name is Joker

  • Albina, the couple has two sons born in 2007 and 2008, Martin and Marcus. About the sons of the contractor responds with great warmth, telling about the sporting achievements of senior and demanding nature of the Junior Breslau.

    Dominik Joker: discography

    • Not goodbye
    • One, two, three
    • New people
    • The four elements
    • Real people
    • Deja vu

    Dominik Joker: photo

    Dominik Joker

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