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  • Name: Dmitry Varshavsky ( Dmitriy Varshavskiy )
  • Date of birth: 4 June 1989
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Ozery
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Dmitry Varshavsky : a biography

    Dmitry Aleksandrovich Warsaw was born in June 1989 in the suburbs. His family was neither artists nor musicians. But the boy was dreaming of becoming a famous actor. He played sports and received his musical education, graduating from the piano. Sport Dmitry chose «inherited»: father Alexander Varshavsky is a professional boxer. Dmitry began to attend the Boxing at age 8 and succeeded in this sport. Later training came in handy.

    At school he was a constant participant of all events: he acted as host, played on the school stage, accompanied on the piano.

    In 2006 Warsaw, received a certificate of graduation, submitted documents to the RATI (GITIS). Accession is simple and the future artist was in the course of Sergei Golomazov.


    Already in student’s years Dmitry Varshavsky started playing on the stage, demonstrating his art to transform into different images. After graduating from RATI, the actor has been accepted in troupe of capital theatre on Malaya Bronnaya. Soon, theatergoers saw a young artist in the production of the play «the Devils. Scenes from the life of Nikolai Stavrogin», where Warsaw played Pedicu Hard. In «Days of Turbin» he appeared in the role of captain Stupinskogo and Colonel Bolbotun. Then there were performances «the Auditor», «Our man in Havana,» «the Secret of the old Cabinet,» and others.

    But the popularity of the young artist came after his appearance on television. As a student of the Warsaw starred in an episode of the popular crime series «Trace». Then had a small role in the melodrama «lyubov.Ru».It was after this episode the young actor and was invited to more serious work in films.

    In fact, the cinematic biography of Dmitry Varshavsky began in 2012 after a role in a TV melodrama «flesh and Blood». The series was filmed in Odessa. Then the actor felt the first fruits of popularity. He was known by passers-by, the girls asked for an autograph.

    The first series was followed by the second one – «Secrets of Institute for noble maidens». Here the Warsaw – Lieutenant Orlov. In the crime drama «Bad blood», also well received by fans of the series, the Warsaw plays a vivid role.

    In our day, Dmitry Varshavsky often appears in the series. He recently played in a TV tape «Undefeated».

    Personal life

    The private life of Dmitry Varshavsky is of interest to many of his fans, but the artist himself says very little on this subject. Until he married, but one day it almost happened. Dmitry made a proposal to his girlfriend, and she said Yes. But the filming process and the subsequent events of the Warsaw uprising that the wedding was postponed several times. The result of feelings of the lovers grown cold, and the young men parted.

    Now Dmitry Warsaw has a girlfriend. This young actress, but the name of a favorite artist does not open. He is in no hurry to bound by family ties and believes that the marriage ceremony is not important.

    Warsaw continues to play sports in his spare time, preferring the beloved Boxing. Dmitry hard is friends with actor Paul Priluchny. This friendship began in his student years.


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    Dmitry Varshavsky

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