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  • Name: Dmitry Vlaskin ( Dmitry Vlaskin )
  • Date of birth: 22 October 1989
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 179
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: married to Alexandra Cosentino

    Dmitry Vlaskin : biography

    Dmitry Vlaskin — a native Muscovite. He was born at the end of October 1989. Dima’s mother worked as a theater Director. Apparently, this fact eventually influenced his son’s future. But in the childhood and youth of the country never dreamed of no theater, no movie. It was a regular guy, except very keen on tennis. In this sport, Dmitry has achieved significant results. When the young athlete was 16, one of the US universities invited Dmitry Vlaskin play for their team. All agreed the case. Play Dmitry paired with his best friend, also a tennis player, I saw the famous American coach. He made the boys an offer they could not refuse. They were asked to play while studying at a University in the United States.

    Dmitry lived in America for 4 years. After receiving a psychology degree, he returned to Moscow. Here again fate intervened Dima Vlaskin case. When the young man was six months before the planned stay in the U.S., he came home for the holidays. At this time, went to visit a cousin in St. Petersburg. The girl at the time, he studied and acting school on the acting faculty. Dmitry came to the rehearsal of the performance «With favourite do not leave», in which he played his sister. During a rehearsal one of the scenes he had the opportunity to see how the Director works with the actors. Remark said one of the artists, was uttered with such skill that the guy sitting in the hall, crying. At that moment, he realized that no higher and better profession than one that makes the way to respond to events of a stranger.

    That same summer 2009 Dmitry Vlaskin became a student of the School-Studio MXAT. He learns from the course instructor and actor Igor ‘ zolotovitskiy. In 2014, Dmitry graduated.

    Dmitry Vlaskin: theater and movies

    Dmitry debut on stage took place in his student years. An aspiring Artist was involved in the plastic performance «Mp3.Ravel», which put Director Alla Sigalova. The production was a joint project of the Studio School of the Meyerhold Centre. In addition Dmitry Vlaskin played in several projects Educational theatre. The most notable works from this period have become role in the Comedy «Gogolevsky» and two performances of «Stairway to heaven» and «Book of changes».

    After an internship Dmitry Vlaskin was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow art theatre named after Chekhov, where he played a significant role in performances of «snow white and the seven dwarfs,» «the Pickwick club», «the Tale about what we can and cannot do,» «the Straw hat of Italy» and others.

    In the movie Dmitry debuted in the popular youth series «Studio 17». The tape was released in 2013. For this picture was «Funny guys».

    Interestingly, the graduation of the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre, the young actor was absent. A big reason for this are the samples in the second season of the series «

  • Teacher», where the country claimed to be a nephew of Thomas. It was approved, and it was a huge success for Dmitry. After a series of popular «Teacher» a little-known 25-year-old actor woke up famous. In 2015, went 8-serial picture called «In the constellation Sagittarius», riveted the attention of the audience. This small biographical series Dmitry Vlaskin played the legendary Soviet athlete, football player Eduard Streltsov. And Dmitry is very similar to Edward.

    Dmitry Vlaskin: personal life

    Personal life of Dmitry Vlaskin already arranged, despite his young age. In July 2014 Dima married a classmate, actress

  • Alexander Cosentino. Before you formalize the relationship, Dmitri and Sasha were Dating for 3 years. Alexander – the actress of theatre «the Satyricon». Recently there were rumors that Dmitry Vlaskin had an affair with an actress from «Teacher» Polina grents. But the artist himself, these rumors did not comment on personal matters prefers to remain silent.

    Dmitry Vlaskin: filmography

    • Studio 17
    • Funny guys
    • PE
    • In the constellation Sagittarius

    Dmitry Vlaskin: photo

    Dmitry Vlaskin

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