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  • Name: Dmitry Ulyanov ( Dmitry Ulyanov )
  • Date of birth: 26 October 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: Actor
  • Marital status: Married

    Dmitry Ulyanov’s biography

    Dmitry Ulyanov was born on 26 October 1972 in Moscow. The childhood of the future actor was held in the Patriarch’s ponds, where at that time his parents lived. After some time, the family of Dmitry Ulyanov moved to the South Moscow district Orekhovo-Borisovo. His parents were members of the Soviet intelligentsia, far from the world of art people. Father Boris Ulyanov worked as an aeronautical engineer, and Dmitry’s mother taught math in medical school. However, in an interview, Dmitry Ulyanov remembers that his father was uncle, the famous soloist of the Mariinsky theatre, but the actor didn’t know him personally.

    School years Dmitry Ulyanov, which took place on the outskirts of Moscow, referred to them as the struggle for survival. Special Hobbies the boy was not interested in studies, the future actor too, not particularly shown. Before high school he even started appearing units in the quarter, and subsequently Dmitry abandoned altogether all educational Affairs. For some time the youth was judo, but later was forced to leave training due to severe headaches.

    The desire to become an actor came to Dmitry Ulyanov at a very early age. According to his own memoirs, playing in the school production of the fable of «the ant and the Grasshopper», he first felt the pleasure of being on stage. Dmitry says that he always liked the feeling of contact with the audience, seized the disclosure of his character, his motivation. In school to this choice of profession was concerned, at least, strange. The military heard about the intention of Dmitry Ulyanov to become an actor, he even offered to get him an acquaintance with the butcher in the store so the guy had a «normal» job.

    The first round of entrance exams to the «Pike» was good, and the future actor was in full confidence that he already managed to make in this connection Dmitry dropped all of the preparation for the final competition. Because of this error, he has failed the first attempt of final payment, the final stage, the applicant failed the examination. The next year the young man takes paid lessons in the College of arts and intensively preparing the opening program. These efforts were crowned with success, and Dmitry Ulyanov entered the school-Studio of the Moscow art theatre in course to the Avant-garde Nikolaevich Leontiev. But to finish school of the Moscow art theatre, he had not succeeded. In the third year Ulyanov violated a strict ban on photography that existed at this institution. After participating in the TV program «Alarm clock» Dmitry Ulyanov was expelled.

    Fortunately, he was able to move immediately in the same Shchukin school, where the young man failed to do the first time. The new head of the young actor became Evgeny Knyazev. According to Dmitry, in this College were the best years of his students. After graduating from College in 1998, Dmitry Ulyanov went to work in the Vakhtangov theatre.

    Over the years, on the stage of this theatre, the young actor has played roles in many plays: the role of gratiano in the play «Othello» Truffaldino «the King stag», the Bars in «Turandot» and others Working in the theater seemed to him heavy. He did not understand the scope of its work, and in an interview with the actor and even admits that in the theater it mildly, not loved. In the end, Ulyanov decided to leave the theater.

    Dmitry Ulianov movies

    After participating at numerous auditions, getting a few bit parts and a huge number of failures, Dmitry Ulyanov finally gets into a serious project to Director Kirill Serebrennikov. The role of an actor was not formed at once. The first role of Dmitri, who played Chechens in the series «

  • Rostov-Papa» was positive. But after that began to receive offers to play negative characters. For several years he was reincarnated in various gangsters in numerous TV series. Then came the time when the artist began to refuse roles that he was no longer interested. A new stage of his career was the participation in the film by Vladimir Khotinenko «
  • 72 meters», where Dmitry Ulyanov played the role of captain-Lieutenant Ivan Muraviev, person, positive and courageous. The range of acting Dmitry Ulyanov incredibly wide than the audience will have the opportunity to see. Work a movie like Dmitry Ulyanov fact that the filming process is laid out in advance. Work is measured by crew days, and the actors aren’t in such close communication, which forces work in the theater.

    By far the most long shots for Dmitry Ulyanov turned out to work in the TV movie «

  • The island of unwanted people». During the preparation of this picture, the actor almost lived in Thailand.

    Dmitry Ulyanov: personal life

    With his wife

  • Julia Dmitry Ulyanov met at Patriarch’s ponds in Moscow. Remembering the day, the actor loves to spend some Parallels with Bulgakov’s novel «Master and Margarita». By the way, the passage from the novel, where the Master meets Margarita at Patriarch’s ponds, Dmitry Ulyanov read on the entrance exams in theater. At the moment of acquaintance with his future wife, Dmitry already was 30 years old, and he didn’t plan on having a serious relationship. But when he met Julia, Ulyanov felt that this was the same woman. In 2004, the couple had a son named Boris.

    Dmitry Ulyanov: filmography

    • Limit. Taiga novel
    • Diary of a killer
    • 72 meters
    • Moscow Saga
    • The fall of the Empire
    • Hunters icons
    • 1612
    • The limit of desire
    • Little Moscow
    • St. John’s wort
    • Milkmaid of hatsapetovki 2
    • Island unnecessary people
    • Leningrad 46

    Dmitry Ulyanov: photo

    Dmytro Ulyanov

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