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  • Name: Dmitry Twitter ( Dmitriy Shebet )
  • Date of birth: 21 April 1992
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: Ridder, Kazakhstan
  • Activity: dancer, participant of the TV show «Dancing on TNT»
  • Marital status: not married

    Dmitry Twitter: biography

    The 3rd season of the show «Dancing on TNT» Dmitry Twitter considers a very important part of your life. The purpose of the guy is not just «light up» on the screen and win. This is understandable, because dancing is the occupation to which he dedicated most of his time in childhood and adolescence.

    Dmytro Twitter
    Dancer | VK

    Dima was born in April 1992 in a small Kazakhstan town of Ridder. In the school years of energy the boy had so much that she «rolls over». Twitter recalls with a smile that was visited from 5 different sections. One of them, favorite, dance. At school Dmitry has organized battle command, which was called the «Devil’s Crew». It exists in our days.

    In his native Kazakhstan Dima received matriculation in the school gymnasium. Then he entered the East Kazakhstan College of arts named after brothers abdullins. Received specialty – socio-cultural activist. But further biography of Dmitry birds were not associated with bureaucratic work, and choreography.

    Dmytro Twitter
    Chose the dance | VK

    The turning point in the life of a dancer was when a guy called to act in an episode of «Forbidden dances». There Dima was noticed by the famous choreographer Konstantin Danov. He invited a talented young man in his dance theatre.

    Soon Twitter came on the screens a second time. He became a participant in season 6 of the Ukrainian project «everybody Dance». The most memorable for fans of the show was his performance with Alice Dotsenko. Dima managed to reach the Grand final and even took 3rd place. He remained in Ukraine.

    Since 2013, the man with the dancing group «Apache CREW» (Apache crew). Another striking member of the team is Nikita Orlov.

    The style in which Dima feels the most organically – breaking. He argues that this style is the fastest growing, although it is the most difficult. The choreographer himself puts some of the rooms, bringing with them some flavor. His idol dancer called Mikhail Baryshnikov.


    On the 3rd season of the «Dancing on TNT» Dmitry Twitter came to the already established and experienced dancer. Casting it was easy. Therefore, the two mentor – Miguel and Yegor Druzhinin – competed young men, wanting to take him on my team. Got Dima to Miguel.

    Dmytro Twitter
    On the «Dancing» |

    Dmitry Twitter said that a response was not the purpose of his life. He watched with interest for contestants, particularly when the show came his close friends and acquaintances. But when he decided to come, have not regretted it. After all, it’s extra an opportunity to get on the screens and become famous. And yet he claims that «Dances» give dreams and prospects. But it’s worth it.

    Barbara Shilenina and Dmitry Twitter
    Barbara Shilenina |

    The fans from the fan group, Dmitry, and everyone who loves the TV show, enthusiastically looked wonderful dance number, which was performed by Dmitri Twitter and barbarian Shilenina. The children danced very well thought out and heartfelt, like real artists.

    Personal life

    «Natural blonde» as he calls himself Dima, very attractive and charismatic guy. No wonder that his army of fans in two-thirds girls. Therefore, the personal life of Dmitry of Birds is of special interest to his fans.

    Twitter Dmitry and Elena Golovan
    Lena Golovan |

    It is known that a long time dancer met with Lena Golovan. The girl took part in three popular TV show «everybody Dance», «Dancing on TNT» and «the Bachelor.» The pair met on the first draft. Kazakhstan choreographer won the heart of the beauty of Lubny immediately. But then romantic feeling engulfed the pair. The development of their relationship was the fans.

    Dmytro Twitter
    Dancer free again |

    Not so long ago it became known that Dmitry Twitter and Elena Golovan broke up. Their romance ended, and feeling cold. Explained the break dancer. Now his heart is free.


    Dmytro Twitter

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