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  • Name: Dmitry Tarasov ( Tarasov Dmitri )
  • Date of birth: 18 March 1987
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: athletic, Football player of FC «locomotive» and Russian national team
  • Family: married Olga Buzova

    Dmitry Tarasov biography

    The star of the Russian football Dmitry Tarasov was born on 18 March 1987 in Moscow. It is difficult to imagine how Lokomotiv could do without their midfielder, but Dima had all the chances not to get into big football: his dad wanted a boy engaged in karate, but martial arts child is not interested. After some time, the parents began to support their son’s hobby: Tarasov tells how father every Sunday would Wake him up to play football together.

    Teenager Dmitriy trained in the sports school «Spartak» and in 2004, he began playing in the youth soccer part of this organization. At the end of the contract (in 2006) Tarasov moved to the football club «Tom», which moved from Moscow to Tomsk. The reason for this drastic step was difficult and unpleasant situation: the eminent team player is not particularly needed, and sign a contract with her — meant to stay on the old position for another five years. Then the agent of the player found a variant with «Tom», and although parents were not happy about this decision, the young man went to the province.

    For «Tom» Dmitry played three seasons, and not all games asked: later, the football player in interview will tell you that it was even removed from the field, and several matches were for Tarasova was a failure.

    Big football

    The following command, which played Dmitry Tarasov, was «Moscow». Played just one season and taking part in the National championship 2009 Tarasov managed not only to occupy a key position in the team, but also to draw the attention of the Honored coach of Russia Guus Hiddink, who invited the promising player to the national team practice.

    Not only Hiddink praised the talent of Dmitry Tarasov: in the same year, the young man signed a three-year contract with FC «locomotive». And in November 2009, the player received the title of Master of sports of Russia.

    Yuri Semin, the head coach «railwaymen» did not regret their choice: in mid-2010 Tarasov scored the first goal in the new team, and very serious opponent — FC «Dynamo».

    However, all the talent of the player was revealed only several years later, when the post of chief coach went to Bilic. It was under the leadership of the man Tarasov became a permanent member of the main structure. 2013 became for Dmitry opportunity to show themselves, which the player immediately took advantage of. He was named one of the best Central Midfielders in the country and eventually called in the national team. Team Tarasov scored the winning goal against the team of South Korea.

    In early 2014 there were rumors that the team «Zenit» is intended to entice the prospective player. Is unknown, and Dmitry says that he is not going to change the team.

    Now Dmitry Tarasov band of professional setbacks: almost the whole of 2014, the player was forced to miss due to the injury received in February: during the match the player ruptured a cruciate knee ligament.

    A few matches of 2015 Tarasov have to spend as a spectator due to suspension.

    Personal life

    The footballer was married twice. His first wife Oksana, he met before moving to Tomsk, and the girl who was then professionally engaged in artistic gymnastics, remained in Moscow till he has built his football career in the province. When the player returned, the couple were married, and in mid 2009 they had a girl called angelina.

    In 2011, the marriage broke up. With the former wife of footballer left in a serious relationship and with her daughter communicates little. It was rumored that this second love, popular leading Olga Buzova became the cause of the breakdown of marriage, which he denies Tarasov.

    In June 2012, the footballer and presenter have registered their marriage in the registry office Griboyedov Moscow. The couple was sympathetic to the travel and tight schedule each other, and yet found time to be together, as demonstrated by the frequent appearance in public.

    In the fall of 2016, the fans began to discuss the quick divorce of Dmitry Tarasov and Olga Buzova. The reasons for the breakup, according to media reports, several. One of them called the possible Roman Tarasov model Anastasia Kostenko. The footballer and his wife did this information not comment.

    Photo Of Dmitry Tarasov

    Dmytro Tarasov

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