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  • Name: Dmitry Sychev ( Dmitriy Sychev )
  • Date of birth: 26 October 1983.
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Omsk
  • Height: 176
  • Activities: soccer
  • Marital status: not married

    Dmitry Sychev: biography

    Apparently, the fate of the first was prepared by Dmitry Sychev to great achievements in sports, because he grew up surrounded by athletes of various types of physical culture. His mother, Yelena Semyonovna was a professional in athletics, and his father, Evgeny Mikhailovich in his youth played soccer in the lower Soviet leagues, and then coached children’s and women’s soccer team. Dmitry is the youngest at 16 years old brother, Andrew, who became an athlete, but still knows what a regular grueling workouts and rehearsals: it is a well-known dancer of the group «Todes».

    Father from an early age taught Dima to the ball. He took it with him to training Omsk Dynamo and was even given the opportunity to strike at goal. In high school Sychev went to the General and specialized sports class for boys. By the way, 10 years Dmitry Sychev in parallel, I played hockey and only the fourth class was defined with the game of his life.

    Further education, the young man continued in the Tambov Institute of physical culture, but in the last year was transferred to the Russian state University of physical culture, sport, youth and tourism. He later received a second degree – faculty of world politics of Lomonosov Moscow state University.

    Youth sports

    In 10 years Dmitry Sychev was at the most serious level to do in Omsk youth section of the Dynamo. The boy had such zeal and diligence that coach Michael Samerna soon made him captain of the team. The lineup was strong enough. You guys won the Cup of the Urals and performed well at the children’s championship of Russia. He Sychev, playing in the position behind the striker, scored a lot of goals and drew the attention of the leading schools in the country.

    In the end, the promising teenager was in Saint-Petersburg Academy of «Change» and began to enlist under the banner of the national team of Russia born in 1983. All coaches Dmitry noted that in a while, the guy stood out with his diligence and talent, but most importantly, that happens rarely with the juniors – very carefully listened to all the requirements and recommendations of mentors.

    Professional career

    The first professional club Dmitry Sychev became Tambov «Spartak». For this team he has performed his official debut match, scored the first goal in the big sports and earned the first penalty of a yellow card. In General, the performance of a football player, Tambov club to be a good one, as the perspective of the player drew the attention of Ukrainian «Shakhtar», the Russian «CSKA», the German «Hamburg», the French «Mets» and «Nantes».

    But the struggle for the transfer sheet Sychev won the defending champion Spartak Moscow. It was here that Dmitri became a star, came to the national team, and was the youngest player in the history of the USSR and Russia, included in the application for the world championship. In Moscow, the player has played only one season, then left the club with a big scandal, called the press «the Case of Sychev».

    The player was imposed a disqualification, and he has trained with Dynamo Kiev, although the Ukrainian club and was not included, despite the huge desire of the coaching staff to see him in a blue and white t-shirt. Sychev signed a contract with French club Olympique Marseille, but there has been a full two seasons, scored only five goals. Was the return in the Russian championship, FC Lokomotiv Moscow, that Dmitri was, for a long time became his home. It is with the «railroad» Sychev became the champion and prize-winner of Russia, won the Commonwealth Cup, his goals contributed to record-breaking winning streak.

    In 30 years Dmitry Sychev left Moscow and in the sunset of his football career he played for Minsk «Dynamo» «Volga» from Nizhny Novgorod and the Kazakh team «Okzhetpes». He repeatedly admitted the best player of Russia and player of the year according to the rating of publications. At the moment, officially boots Sychev hung. He hopes to pursue a career, as it has both the strength and the desire to play at a high level for another few seasons. In the summer of 2016 by some media talking about the accession of Dmitry to one of the teams of the championship of Malaysia.

    Personal life

    Despite the fact that Dmitry Sychev is Mature and has long held the man, he still was not married. In General, for the forward of the national team of Russia has established the title of a famous womanizer. So, journalists linked the name of Dmitry with such stars as the soloist of group «Brilliant» Anna Dubovitskaya, actress Svetlana Svetikova, the TV reality show «Dom-2» Ksenia Borodina, model and actress Anna Gorshkova, singer from the group «A-Studio» Katie Topuria…

    But he Sychev has always denied that these women he had a romantic relationship. He generally tries not to disclose relationships with loved ones, giving rise to many different rumors and gossip that spread fans.

    Dmitry does not avoid social life and appears frequently on sports, musical and cinematographic events. One day he along with his team-mate Diniyar Bilyaletdinov was even awarded a prize from MTV Belarusian rapper Seryoga for best hip hop artist and performed a song about football rap. Again Sychev returned to music in 2009 when he recorded and released on CDs 13 tracks under the name DJ Sychov. This program was called «the Best DJ in the Champions League.»

    Dimitri likes to read books, and he is a supporter of traditional paper books and avoid e-readers.


    Dmitry Sychev

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