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  • Name: Dmitry Sokolov ( Sokolov Dmitriy )
  • Date of birth: 11 April 1965
  • Age: 51 years
  • Place of birth: Pervouralsk, Russia
  • Height: 177
  • Activity: the Russian worker show business, the founder of the KVN team «Ural dumplings», the actor
  • Marital status: married

    Dmitry Sokolov : biography

    Dmitry Sokolov was born in April 1965 in the small town of Pervoural’sk, located in the Sverdlovsk region. Dmitry – the youngest child in the family. He has an older sister.

    Dmitry Sokolov grew up active and artistic guy. As told in an interview, his mother Irina Aleksandrovna, 3 year old son knew by heart the tale of the brothers Grimm «Bremen town musicians». And one day, when the house master came to fix the TV, Dima gave him a real show: he recited, sang and danced this grateful audience the whole fairy story. Before leaving, the master said, «why do you need TV?».

    Until the 4th class Dmitry Sokolov did not study very diligently: congenital mobility and curiosity can not be combined with perseverance. Teachers often complained about Dima. But, according to the mother, the son was the inventor, but not a dirty dog. In middle and high school he pulled on the performance. A portion of the excess energy of the son of parents managed to redirect to useful hobby music. Although hearing loss and special musical abilities Dmitry was not, he worked hard in the music school and even took part in the ensemble.

    In the 5th grade Dmitriy Sokolov managed to surprise many teachers. During a trip to the capital, the children were asked to take them to the zoo, circus, cafes. Only Dima asked to see the theater.

    After school, the falcons went to Yekaterinburg. For admission he outlined the Ural Polytechnic University, where he chose chemical engineering Department. This choice was largely dictated by the fact that here she studied the elder sister of Dmitri. She took an active part in the busy and exciting life of the student construction team «Horizon». The guys traveled to collective farms, where he arranged a wonderful concert. The same hobby soon appeared.

    After a 2-year student Dmitry Sokolov went with the construction team to Astrakhan. There, disaster struck: a few of the boys, among whom was Dima, fell ill with typhoid fever. After a long recovery and the falcons took a leave of absence. Because of the construction team he was in the construction battalion. But after the army guy came back to the hobby of Amateur.


    Some time after his return from the army Dmitry Sokolov played in a rock team «Neighbors». Having seen and thoroughly studied the whole «kitchen» from the inside, the 28-year-old Sokolov decided to start my own project. So in 1993, was born a new, and now famous team «Ural dumplings». It was established that Dmitri, a veteran of the construction team «Horizon». Residents of the new team were the guys from different construction teams of the Ural «Polytechnic». All of them, according to Sokolov, not random people. Because it is impossible in KVN only be accessed on request. You have to be born with a sense of humor and artistic abilities.

    The first performances of «Ural dumplings» within the the game of KVN was accompanied by a huge success. Very soon the team from Ekaterinburg has got to the Highest League of KVN. After a few years in their piggy Bank appeared the 6 prestigious awards, including the Cup of KVN supercampeones and several Kivinov.

    Each of the players is an experienced artist, very bright and charismatic. The game is the founder of «the Ural pelmeni» Dmitry Sokolov can single out. This is an explosive mixture of simple and even somewhat brutal, but at the same time and the subtle humor. Calm and even gloomy, Dmitry tells his jokes with a straight face, without a smile. A paradox, but it is an additional incentive to laugh its severity.

    Dmitry Sokolov or «Falcon», as called by his colleagues, one of the favorites of the audience. Some of his jokes turned into aphorisms. The poem «the Lonely white mouse» performed by «Falcon» is almost a modern classic humor.

    Team «Ural dumplings» in 2013 marked the 20th anniversary since the establishment. Anniversary concert called «20 years in the test». All these years Dmitry Sokolov remained one of the «pillars» that have underpinned the legendary team. While Dima no one can accuse star of illness or loss of a sense of humor because of the popularity.


    Created by Dmitry Sokolov team «Ural dumplings» is perhaps the only one which managed to extend its life on television after the game in the WHC. Moreover, the «Dumplings» now is not less, and perhaps more popular than during his Kunowski biography. They have their own show, which airs on channel STS since 2009.

    As for Dmitry Sokolov, without him can not do any project that involves artists from «the Ural pelmeni». He organizes concerts and directing. Sokolov is one of the main authors of most of the jokes, sketches, and new projects. As an actor, he is also irreplaceable. The audience can enjoy his game in «Big difference», «ProjectorParisHilton», «South Butovo» and «Comedy club». And of course Dmitry Sokolov is present in every edition of the Show «Ural dumplings»».

    Personal life

    In the biography of Dmitry Sokolov’s two marriages. The first wife of the artist was Natalie, who he met in the construction team. She was also a student of the University, where he studied Dmitri. To this marriage two children were born. Son Alexander was born in 1992, daughter Anna in 2002. But the nomadic life of the actor of KVN and fell on the fragile shoulders of women domestic problems made his sad case: the family broke up.

    Personal life Dmitry Sokolov was adjusted in 2011. In September he married a second time. His wife Ksenia, familiar to fans of the game in KVN. She is an actress team «Irina Mikhailovna».

    The couple met in 2006. Common interests and romantic feelings became the basis of this marriage, which already has two children. Mary was born in the fall of 2012, and Vanya in April 2015. It is noteworthy that the son was born a week after Dmitry celebration of its 50th anniversary and has become a real gift for the anniversary of the Pope.


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