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  • Name: Dmitriy Shevchenko ( Shevchenko Dmitriy )
  • Date of birth: 17 June 1964
  • Age: 52 years
  • Place of birth: Odessa, Ukraine
  • Height: 176
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: divorced

    Dmitry Shevchenko: biography

    Dmitry Shevchenko was born in the southern Ukrainian city of Odessa on 17 June 1964. The father of the future actor was an economist, and his mother once studied ballet, and then left this hobby and entered the Department of Philology. When little boy was three, his parents divorced. The boy was left to live with mom, but spent a lot of time with his father.

    The love of the theater Dmitry Shevchenko had a childhood. He often attended performances together with his mother, who had many friends in the actor’s environment. Mother tried to instill in your son a sense of beauty, because he grew up pretty rowdy boy – affected by the absence of a firm male hand in education. Despite the fact that the behavior of Dmitry at the school left much to be desired, he studied well and participated in school productions. Even then his dream was born to become an artist.

    After school, at the insistence of parents, Shevchenko went on to study at the Odessa Polytechnic Institute. There, in line with the teaching at the faculty of Economics he is seriously interested in theatre. Pull to the scene brought the future of the actor in the part of the student KVN team «Odessa gentlemen». Having studied at the Institute for several years, the guy never forgot about the dream and together with friends of the KVN team decided to enter the LGITMiK.

    For admission to the Institute of performing arts Dimitri had not only to move to Leningrad, but to ask permission of the Academy of Sciences, because the young man had three years already to work on the received speciality. Shevchenko waited for the appointment of a new Minister for about six hours, and then asked him one question: «You no longer need a cripple economist or a full-fledged actor?». His words made an impression on the Minister, and three days later the young man passed in LGITMiK. Classes experienced artist was never so easy: Dmitry Shevchenko had to dislodge itself from the accumulated in the KVN habits – the taunts, the grimaces and contortions.


    After graduating from LGITMiK in 1990, Shevchenko was engaged in informal theatre, worked for some time with colleagues from Shanghai. Then there was the collaboration with the enterprise «Dramatic actors of Saint-Petersburg», after which the artist was invited to the famous troupe of the theater.

    In the Alexandrinsky theatre Dmitry Shevchenko worked from 1992 to 1997. Over the years the actor has played in productions of «Poverty — no Vice», «the divine Julian», «Winter’s tale», «Three sisters», «Othello», etc


    Theatrical career of Dmitry Shevchenko was quite successful, but the artist dreamed of filming a movie. Film debut of the actor was held in 1989 in the film «Twenty minutes with an angel», in 1992 he appeared in «the Comedy of the old regime», and a year later appeared in the film «Zinc boys».

    In 1997 Shevchenko realized that to combine work in the theatre with the filming of a movie will not work. Then he decided to move to Moscow and focus on becoming a movie star.

    Of course, in the capital visitor of the actor-goer, few expected. However, the artist was the experience of shooting videos of celebrities such as American football, Kirkorov, Pugacheva, Valeria, Gazmanov: with these videos, Shevchenko went to the actor’s Agency «Max», where soon he called back and invited to the casting for the filming of advertising. After appearing in the advertisement, the actor was offered the role in the movie «mu-Mu» (1998).

    Popularity of Dmitry Shevchenko brought the role of a pimp Artur in the series «birthday Bourgeois» (1999). The image of the charming villain is so attached to the actor that the Directors had offered him a similar role, and strangers on the streets were out, shouting «Pimp!».

    Then followed roles in films and serials «the Directory of death» (1999), «Turkish March» (2000), «request Stop» (2000), «the Shield of Minerva» (2002), «the Freshman» (2002), «Bednaya Nastya» (2003), «Masha» (2004), «shadowboxing» (2005), «Communication» (2006), «Premonition» (2012), «Night violet» (2013).

    Filmography of Dmitry Shevchenko has more than fifty roles.

    Personal life

    Dmitry Shevchenko reluctantly talks about his personal life. In one of his interviews, the actor even called himself a confirmed bachelor, adding that he had no regrets about not being married.

    When he was married, his wife was a ballet dancer Philip Kirkorov.

    Then Shevchenko was linked relationship with actress Mary Shalaevoj who was younger than his 17 years. They met during the filming of «Mary». It is noteworthy that in this picture of Maria and Dmitry played a daughter and father.

    Civil marriage Shevchenko and Shalaevoj lasted about six years. Family life did not work, probably because of the long separations, since both were artists and often traveled to cities. After the rupture of relations Dmitry Shevchenko knew about the pregnancy of Mary Shalaevoj. Born in 2005 the son of Nestor, the actor took, but to return to the former lover did not.


    • «Premonition»
    • «Mu-Mu»
    • «Request stop»
    • «Poor Nastya»
    • «The twelve chairs»
    • «Seven wives of one bachelor»
    • «C»
    • «Locusts»
    • «Aphrodite»
    • «Girl from the North»


    Dmytro Shevchenko

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