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  • Name: Dmitry Shepelev ( Dmitry Shepelev )
  • Date of birth: 25 January 1983
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Minsk
  • Activity: TV presenter, radio host
  • Marital status: was in civil marriage with Jeanne Friske

    Dmitry Shepelev: biography

    Dmitry Shepelev was born January 25, 1983 city in the capital of Belarus — city of Minsk. The family of the future artist was far from the world of art and cinema, his mother and father had a technical education and worked in the specialty. Parents are very loved son and encouraged his ambitions. In childhood, Dimitri was very fond of sports, particularly water Polo and tennis. In tennis he achieved considerable success, entering the top ten best tennis-juniors Belarus.

    Dmitry Shepelev
    Photos of the presenter in his youth | Around TV

    Dmitry studied at the gymnasium №11, was horoshistom. Despite the technical education of the parents, the future artist of the exact Sciences did not like, preferring the Humanities. At school the boy was the soul of the company, were cheerful, polite and pleasant, but spoke not with all. The choice of friends and their environment Shepelev had already approached very responsibly.

    To earn money Dmitry Shepelev also learned at an early age. In Junior high he worked as a distribution of leaflets on city streets. At an older age father Shepeleva has decided to encourage the desire of a son to independence and invited him to work at a computer company, which was engaged in the development of databases.

    Dmitry Shepelev
    Still in school he decided to become a TV presenter | news 1

    During school biography Dmitry Shepelev was enriched by the participation in the filming of the program in the extras. The future actor was very impressed from magic TV. When his friend and classmate Denis Kurian invited me to try myself at the casting of the leading youth talk show, Mr immediately agreed. The guys were casting and in 1999 began to conduct the program «5×5» came out four times a week. Then Shepelev finally decided to choose a profession for the career lead.

    Dmitry Shepelev
    Maintains radio | Topikpopuler

    After leaving school the boy entered the Belarusian state University, Department of television and radio. Soon enrolled in the local school presenters. He continued to work on the First channel of Belarus, and soon took a job as a DJ for popular radio station «the alpha-radio». His jobs on radio and TV channels were so numerous that he was forced to miss classes. Due to frequent absenteeism Shepelev was twice under threat of expulsion. But thanks to his talent and dedication leading graduated from the University in 2005.


    After graduation, guy continued to work at the Minsk television. However, leading young soon realized that the «ceiling» of his career in the Belarusian channels can only be leading news on the center channel. Dmitry wanted to participate in more creative projects, so I decided to send my video on Ukrainian music channel «M1», known for its innovative and exciting programs. Leaders channel reacted very favorably to leading Belarusian and invited him to lead the morning show «Guten Morgen». In 2004, he moved to Kiev. Here began a new round of creative biography of Dmitry Shepelev.

    Dmitry Shepelev
    Worked in 2 countries |

    The first time after the move, Dmitry had a hard time. The channel gave him an apartment not far from the TV, but the lead was barely enough money for life: he did not abandon the work of a DJ in his hometown and was forced to travel to Minsk to please their listeners.

    However, the move had a positive impact on his professional career: in 2008, Dmitry was invited to lead the popular music talent show «star Factory-2». This project brought leading Belarusian incredible success. He was invited to conduct two Ukrainian TV project: show «karaoke Star» and «Play or not play» on the TV channel «Ukraine». Such a busy shooting schedule forced the artist to refuse to travel to Minsk and work at the radio station. In parallel, Dmitry decided to try to break through and on the screens of Russian television, taking part in the filming of the music show «? Sing!» on «the First channel».

    In 2009 Dmitry Shepelev proposed to continue the popular show «Star Factory-3», but the host refused. At the same time he received an offer from Moscow to join the «First channel», and Dmitry moved to the capital of Russia. In 2012 Shepelev was again leading the famous show «Star Factory-Russia-Ukraine».

    In the spring of that year Shepelev became the leading «Green Room» at the world famous music contest «Eurovision-2009». Then the guy put my all into having more than eighty press conferences. For his work he was awarded the television award TEFI.

    Dmitry Shepelev in the show
    With Yuri Nikolaev at the «Dostoyanie Respubliki» | Chelninsky news

    Belarusian leading continued his work on Russian television, taking part in the filming of the musical show «property of Republic». Dmitry led the program together with the famous Soviet and Russian TV presenter Yuri Nikolayev.

    In 2011, Dima was again living in the two cities returned to the Ukrainian TV. He became the leading Comedy show «Laugh comedian», where he met with famous Ukrainian comedian Vladimir Zelensky. A year Shepelev along with Zelensky started entertainment show «Red or Black» that contains elements of gambling and a talent show. In 2013 he led the culinary program, «Summer kitchen with Dmitry Shepelev» on TV channel «inter».

    Book Dmitry Shepelev
    The author and his book about Jeanne Friske | 163

    Biography Dmitry Shepelev in 2016 has been enriched with experience writing ebooks. It is dedicated to Jeanne Friske. The famous TV presenter explained that the purpose of this book is to help people who were in a similar situation. Book Dmitry Shepelev «Joan» went on sale in November 2016.

    Personal life

    Dmitry Shepelev married, while still a student of the Belarusian state University. His wife was Anna Startseva, which is leading at that time met about seven years. The decision to sign the young people took a rather prosaic reason: after graduating from the medical University Anna had to identify in one of the hospitals of the country, and the marriage helped her to stay in Minsk. Dmitri held the status of a married man not more than three weeks, and then Packed up and moved from his wife. In interviews Shepelev negatively in favor of formal marriage, maintaining its image as an independent man.

    Dmitry Shepelev and Zhanna Friske
    With Zhanna Friske | 1 news

    In 2011 appeared the first rumors about the novel master and of the famous singer Zhanna Friske, former member of the group «Brilliant». Singer Shepeleva over nine years. Zhanna Friske and Dmitry Shepelev met during the filming of the program «property of Republic» in 2009. In July 2011, the presenter came to the singer in Miami to to congratulate her on her birthday. This act gave rise to numerous gossip, however, journalists have little faith in the presence of the novel two stars. Himself Shepelev in his interview claimed that he and Jeanne just good friends and from the further comments has refused.

    Dmitry Shepelev and Zhanna Friske
    With his beloved Jeanne | Tione

    However, the couple is often seen together at various resorts. In the summer of 2012 at the Moscow film festival Friske told reporters that they Shepelev broke up. But just a few days back together and went on holiday to Italy and after his return to Moscow Jeanne introduced to Dima with his parents. Soon personal life Dmitry Shepelev became inextricably bound with Jeanne. In April 2013 they had a son Platon. Dmitry and Jeanne repeatedly stated that he does not plan to get the official marriage, however, the media constantly rumors about the possible date of their wedding.

    Dmitry Shepelev with his son
    Son | Explorer

    In late 2013, Jeanne has shown the first signs of the disease: became heart ache. It ceased to appear in public and add photos to your pages in social networks. Official statement of the serious illness of Friske (inoperable brain tumor) it was only in January 2014. In these difficult times of Joan to take care of her health and welfare Dima took over. He answered the questions of journalists, sought funds for the treatment of his wife and agreed with serious medical institutions around the world. In the end, the TV presenter opted for the new York hospital, where Jeanne spent almost half a year. When the singer was on the mend, the couple moved in Jurmala, where Friske took place further rehabilitation.

    June 15, 2015 after a long remission Zhanna Friske died. She was only 40 years.

    Dmitry Shepelev and the father of Jeanne Friske
    The TV host and the father of Zhanna Friske | Women portal

    After the tragic events in the life of Dmitry Shepelev was embroiled in many scandals. In the center of the loud was his son Platon. Jeanne’s father in 2016 even went to court to legally to ensure themselves and their relatives the opportunity to see her grandson and participate in his life. The relationship between civil husband Friske and her family only intensified after the book Dmitry Shepelev. Many stars of show business who knew the singer, I sincerely hope that soon all the scandals between the warring parties will end.

    Television projects

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    • Guten Morgen
    • Star factory-2
    • Playing or not playing?
    • Property Of The Republic
    • Laugh comic
    • Red or Black
    • Summer kitchen with Dmitry Shepelev
    • Moment of glory
    • Fabrika Zvezd Russia Ukraine


    Dmitry Shepelev

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