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  • Name: Dmitry Shcherbina ( Dmitri Shcherbina )
  • Date of birth: 1 October 1968
  • Age: 48 years
  • Place of birth: Baku
  • Height: 206
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: civil marriage

    Dmitry Sherbina biography

    Dmitry Shcherbina is a very demanded actor of the series, which hit the world of cinema more than twenty years ago. Dmitri also plays brilliantly on the stage of the Mossovet Theatre and is one of its leading actors. The life and career of the actor time to develop more interesting than the storyline characters.

    The family of the artist comes from an ancient Cossack family, which was exiled from Moscow. So, the ancestors of the actor was in Baku on 1 October 1968, the couple Shcherbina was born a boy named Dmitri. Truly native, this city for the future artist did not become. The young man spent his childhood, and after his father’s death the mother moved the son to Minsk. Shcherbina was only 7 years old, and he keenly experienced the loss of a loved one. Together with his older sister he would like to support a mother who never recovered after the death of his wife and never remarried.

    In school, Dmitri was keen on the theatre and even went to a circle of Amateur performances, in which acted in youth productions. Then the young man decided to link their future life with the wonderful world of theatre arts. After high school, the future actor has easily entered the Minsk theatre Institute, where he studied for only a year. Once without the protection of higher education, nick was drafted into the army, where he served the necessary period.

    After demobilization, the actor didn’t plan to continue education in Minsk and went to conquer Moscow. The selection of talented young men fell to cult the School-Studio of MKHAT, where Dmitry did with the first attempt. The boy was lucky to get on course the great actor and teacher of Avangard Leontiev, who became for his students is actually his own father. He cared, helped the children even after graduation, and made every one of his students to the theater. In the group Dmitry was the most senior student, which, however, did not prevent him to find common ground with future colleagues.

    Over time, many left the school. Some were expelled for poor academic performance, while others realized that acting is not their way. But among those that remained on the course in the future there were a lot of movie stars, among them Anastasia Zavorotnyuk and a great friend Shcherbina Sergey Shnyrev.

    Dmitry Shcherbina: theatre

    Dmitry turned out to be a very promising actor, and in 1992, his talented game noticed Oleg Tabakov, artistic Director of Studio theatre «Tabakerka», inviting in their company. The actor gladly agreed and, as a student, debuted in the play the legendary Director. Soon, talented guy turned serious struggle: his graduation performance attracted the interest of the Director Mark Weil, who invited Dmitry to his statement, «do not joke With love». Inspired by actor came to Tabakov and asked for permission to play on the stage of the Mossovet Theatre, but he was categorically against participation of the guy in other projects.

    In 1993 Shcherbina graduated from the Moscow art theatre. Then continued to work with the Studio theater, however, after 2 years I left. Unfortunately, according to the actor, he didn’t have a relationship with this wonderful institution, and he just can’t seem to be there anymore. Dmitry wrote a statement and 2 days later met with Weil, who literally led by the hand of a talented actor in the Theater Mossovet. The management of the institution has approved the candidacy of Karl Marx, and since 1995 it has become one of the leading artists of the theater. The actor often played in the entreprise, for some time taking part in the play «Nameless star», but due to poor organization was forced to leave the project.

    For Dmitri were able to assess some of the foreign Directors, in particular, eminent Englishman Declan Donnellan invited the actor in his production of «twelfth night». The main feature of the show was exclusively male composition. Later, the Director again used Shcherbina in his project «Boris Godunov». The artist is expected to play Grishka Otrepiev, but Donnellan had his own vision of painting, he offered the actor the role of Prince Kurbsky and he was absolutely right in his choice.

    Dmitriy, also played in the play «hamlet» is no less renowned Director Peter Stein. However, here the troupe had some problems: Stein knew many languages, but, unfortunately, did not speak Russian, and the actors were forced to work with him through an interpreter.

    Dmitry Shcherbina: movies

    In 1992, nick made his debut in the detective film «Three days outside the law», which immediately was approved for the lead role. While working under the direction of Oleg Tabakov, the actor stopped shooting film and re-appeared on the screens only in 1995 in the film «mistress into maid». Two years later, Dmitry took part in the filming of the picture «Running from death», which brought him his first award for «Best male role».

    Despite the amount of plays a talented artist is often invited to play the main characters. In 2002 on the screens out the series «Two sisters», which gave Nick fame and popularity. Romance has been dragging on for 6 years and all the time enjoyed great popularity among viewers. After a year issued a series of «Stiletto», which the actor received the title «discovery of the year». No less symbolic for the artist was the project of «Balzac age, or all men are bast…», where he played Marat, the beloved one of the main characters.

    In 2009 he released the acclaimed film «Admiral» has put together a really stellar cast. Also incredibly valuable experience for Shcherbina was working with talented Russian Director Andrey Kravchuk.

    Dmitry Shcherbina: personal life

    Like many other stars of show business, Dmitry doesn’t like to talk about his personal life. And there are serious reasons, as in his life there was a place not only joyful events, but the tragedies that now resound with pain in the heart of the artist.

    With his first wife actress Olga Pavlovets nick met during the filming of the continuation of the series «Stiletto». The plot between their characters had an affair, which gradually broke in real life. The lovers were married on 7 June 2004, and exactly 9 months later they had a son Prokhor. After 3 years of marriage Olga realized that Dmitri was not the man with whom she wants to live her life, and filed for divorce.

    In 2009, the actor’s son had an accident. Boy drowned during a vacation at grandma’s. Nick was stung by this tragedy. At that time, was already in a civil marriage with another woman and expect replenishment in the family. In 2010, the couple had a girl.

    Dmitry Shcherbina: filmography

    • Three days outside the law
    • Mistress into maid
    • Running from death
    • Two fates
    • Stiletto
    • Balzac age, or All men are bast…
    • Stalin. Live
    • Admiral
    • Moscow. Three station
    • Chapay

    Dmitry Shcherbina: photo

    Dmytro Shcherbyna

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