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  • Name: Dmitry Ratomski ( Dmitriy Ratomskiy )
  • Date of birth: 15 January 1982
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Minsk
  • Growth: 182
  • Activities: Russian and Belarusian actor
  • Marital status: married

    Dmitry ratomski : biography

    Dmitry ratomski was born in January 1982 in Minsk. In his family no actors. Yes, and Dmitry immediately decided to link their future life with the cinema. This desire came to him in high school.

    After school, ratomski went to enter the Belarusian theatre Academy. Did the first time. But the education he received was not enough, and ratomski went to the capital. He easily received in the host, anywhere on the course Mark Zakharov. In 2007 Dmitry ratomski left the walls of the theatre of the University, after graduating from the faculty of directing.


    A cinematic biography of Dmitry Patomskogo began in his student period when he studied at the Belarusian theatre and the University. Dima starred in several small roles Belarusian paintings. And here is the first starring role he was entrusted with military ribbon «Territory of resistance», was released in 2004. This is an artistic video anthology consisting of three stories: «Mother», «War» and «Fear». Ratomski starred in the Novella «Mother». Viewers saw the novice actor in the image of the German soldier. This debut role brought Dmitry his first awards and prizes at festivals. Recognizable but the artist gets much later.

    In 2005, screens out another Belarusian film about military events. It is a drama of Alexey Muradova «man of war». Dmitry ratomski played the role of scout Gavrilova. The artist was fortunate to meet on a film set with famous actors. This series, after the release of one of the Central Russian TV channels have received high marks from viewers and critics. It was called the most realistic war film.

    In 2007, the career of Dmitry Patomskogo is developing rapidly. Belarusian artist appears in a prominent role in two high-profile TV series «Runaway» and «Veronica will not come». The success of an artist can be judged by the fact that in 2008, Dmitry is already busy in 5 projects, which make it a famous artist. In the series «Spellbound love» ratomski played a country boy Vovka.

    No less exciting and has a dramatic romance Vyacheslav Krishtofovich «Braking distance», where Dmitry ratomski played Paul, the son of the protagonist Alexei Perepelkin, whose role went to renowned actor Alexander Sirin. Hero Sirina Alex – people aged. Once he was in turn hit by a car at which wheel there was a girl. For this crime she is serving a sentence. Recovered Alex visits Lucy in prison. Between them breaks out feeling.

    These projects will be a turning point in the career of the artist. Since the release he is a famous young actor, star of the national cinema. Ratomski increasingly be in the lead roles.

    In 2012, Dmitry ratomski again appeared on the screens in several projects at the same time. In the film «Mother and stepmother», «Lucky in love» and «the path along the river,» he plays a major role. Several star roles went to Dmitry and in subsequent years. The most famous and audience favorite projects – «Rock-n-roll under the Kremlin», «the Scent of a rose,» «Red» and «my Sister, my Love.»

    In 2016, the NTV channel premiere of the new action movie «the deep.» The attention of the audience riveted to the plot of the film, where the image of the protagonist of Denis Krylov appeared ratomski. This action-film about the special police groups that are engaged in finding dangerous criminals.

    Personal life

    About my personal life the actor has not been informed. According to some reports, ratomski married. But the name of the second half, the actor does not call.


    • «Man of war»
    • «Runaway»
    • «Rock-n-roll under the Kremlin»
    • «The road»
    • «Servant,»
    • «Magical love»
    • «Angel wings»
    • «Braking distance»
    • «Red»
    • «My mother is against»
    • «At the depth»


    Dmitry Ratomski

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