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  • Name: Dmitry Peskov ( Dmitriy Peskov )
  • Date of birth: 17 October 1967
  • Age: 49 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow, Russia
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: statesman and diplomat, Deputy Head of the presidential Administration, press Secretary of the President of Russia
  • Marital status: married Tatiana Navka

    Dmitry Peskov: biography

    Dmitry Peskov, a famous Russian diplomat, now occupying the post of press Secretary of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Career Dmitry Peskov diverse, the man started to carry out activities in the field of politics since the days of the USSR. Some close to the sand people believe that affect the choice of a career in politics Dmitry Sergeyevich had his father, who was also involved in diplomatic service, mainly in the middle East.

    Dmitry Peskov
    The press Secretary of Russia | Arguments and Facts

    Biography Dmitry Peskov originates in the Russian capital — the future diplomat and press Secretary of Putin was born on 17 Oct 1967 in Moscow in the family of Russian diplomat Sergei Peskov, who later has long been disetronic Russia.

    After school, I think some well received in terms of the sand people, the biography of Dmitry Peskov was determined by the father, who sent his son to study in the Institute of Asia and Africa (ISSA) at the Moscow state University — the future politician received higher education in 1989-m to year, after which he was almost immediately employed in the system of USSR Ministry of foreign Affairs. Impact on the future of the press Secretary to have, is not known, no accurate facts about her personality or profession or in the press or in official sources.

    Dmitry Peskov
    About the family policy knows very little | KP

    Some sources suggest that the Sands are so actively conceals information about his mother because her name and appearance can shed some light on his nationality. In all sources, the politician has Russian roots, but full information on the parents is welcome to change.


    In the Soviet Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Sands worked for a short time, in 1990, the year his career turned into an entirely different plane: until 1994, the year he visited the posts of the duty instructor, third Secretary of the USSR Embassy Secretary of the Russian Embassy in Turkey, as well as attache. In 1994 year, Sands began working in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia, it lasted until 1996, then began a new round of his career — Sands «left» from the post on the third position of the second Secretary of the Embassy of Russia in Turkey.

    Dmitry Peskov
    Senior official | Spb.riss

    When in 1993 year, Vladimir Zhirinovsky has achieved success in the elections, Dmitry Peskov joined the liberal democratic party. In 2013, the year Peskov was asked about the motivation that persuaded him to join the liberal democratic party, however, Dmitry confessed: he likes the party from the moment of its appearance, in particular, due to the fact that Vladimir Zhirinovsky is also an expert on education.

    Television debut Dmitry Peskov was held in 1999-m to year, then the man within three days of the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin at the OSCE summit in Istanbul appeared in television programs, since Yeltsin chose him as an interpreter with the Turkish language — in the media it is known that the current presidential press Secretary Dmitry Peskov speaks English, Arabic and Turkish languages, this knowledge also promoted the political career of a diplomat.

    Dmitry Peskov, Vladimir Putin
    With Vladimir Putin | RBC

    After Vladimir Putin won the presidential election in 2012, becoming the President of the Russian Federation for the third time, Peskov was appointed Deputy head of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation — may 22 2012-the year Putin was appointed to Peskov, the personal spokesman.

    Scandals and evaluation

    Dmitry Peskov, Wikipedia, which is rife with timeline of controversial cases on television and in the press, repeatedly became a victim of the media — sometimes he was assigned to statements that he has voiced. Sometimes scandals Dmitry Peskov confirmed — one of those cases was the statement of Peskov about «spread the liver».

    As tells Wikipedia, Dmitry Peskov, in mid-2012, said state Duma Deputy Ilya Ponomarev, representatives of law enforcement agencies in the framework of a special operation to prevent the opposition «March of millions» in the area of Bolotnaya square (event dated may 6, 2012) had to take more drastic measures. Sands then said that «during the riot policeman wounded liver protesters had smeared on the asphalt».

    Dmitry Peskov
    Comments to the press | Fly.RU

    This scandalous statement Peskov immediately became public knowledge — the Russian diplomat later admitted that he did say in a similar tone, but he noted that «to publish words from a personal conversation not a peasant». According to Peskov, the statement about «spread the liver» he did Ponomarev in a personal conversation, the current Putin’s press Secretary did not expect that a politician will publish this quote on Twitter.

    In 2016, the politician continued to work actively. It is officially confirmed that Russia is a peaceful attitude towards other countries and highlighted discussion of the «Kuril issue» between the governments of Russia and Japan. But the notoriety of the press Secretary is so great that in the same year to make his photo viral went viral, Dmitry Peskov was easy enough to wear red pants in my off hours.

    Dmitry Peskov in red pants
    The photo instantly spread all over the Internet | Newspaper

    Recent policy statements also are odious. During the outbreak at the beginning of 2017, the year of the scandal collection by the Kremlin of dirt on the new US President Donald trump, Peskov commented on the accusations, calling them «complete nonsense».

    In addition to some of the scandals current press Secretary of the Russian leader publicly stated that Putin often criticizes the quality of performance Peskov of the duties, according to him, the Russian leader is not very happy with the work Dmitry. Despite this, Dmitry Peskov, has awards: Order of Honour and Order of Friendship.

    Peskov Mustache

    But loud and varied career, personal life, Dmitry Peskov, has also a remarkable appearance. The policy is not distinguished by any outstanding growth or weight. But one detail attracted the attention of millions. Dmitry – happy owner signature mustache. Through the efforts of Internet comedians the moustache has got its own miniblog on Twitter, and later a group in the popular network Vkontakte.

    Dmitry Peskov without a mustache
    Without a mustache | Life!

    Peskov mustache fairly quickly acquired popularity and loyal subscribers and witty comments on various news, political, social and cultural. Attention to this part of the exterior of the press Secretary is so great that when in 2014, the year Dmitry Peskov shaved moustaches, the country held its breath. As it turned out, the politician decided to take this action because of a dispute with her daughter. And demanded that if she will successfully pass all the exam, my father will shave off his trademark mustache. And Sands made a promise though and soon regained its usual look.

    Personal life

    Personal life Dmitry Peskov places, note some media, even scandalous. His wife and family Affairs Peskov give the press no less cause for debate than his statements. For the first time, Dmitry Peskov, married the granddaughter of the Soviet commander Anastasia Budennoy, the marriage Dimitri and Anastasia have a common son Nicholas.

    Dmitry Peskov with his wife
    With ex-wife Catherine |

    Second marriage Dmitry Peskov was signed with the then 18-year-old Catherine Solocinskij. The age difference of the couple was as much as nine years. The couple lived together until 2012, the year, but in the end they broke up. Solotsinsky told reporters that Dmitry Peskov allegedly cheated on her with figure skater Tatyana Navka, she was unable to forgive her husband — Dmitry and Ekaterina Peskova divorced in the background of this affair.

    According to sources, now ex-wife Ekaterina Peskova Solotsinsky home and involved in charity work in Paris, she has her own apartment — this marriage gave sand and Solocinski three children: daughter Elizabeth and sons Denis and Mika. Wife Catherine was not the last in the list of companions of the press Secretary.

    Dmitry Peskov daughter
    With her daughter Elizabeth | rolitics

    Tatiana Navka and Dmitry Peskov, according to the media, met in 2012-m to year. Dmitry Peskov Navka loved each other, they had a daughter, Nadia. August 1, 2015 the Sands Navka was married. The event was marked by a lot of celebrities: Alika Smekhova, Valentin Yudashkin, Nikolai Baskov and other celebrities, famous politicians and pop stars. The ceremony was held in Sochi. Sands got married to Navka in one of the most expensive hotels in the city, the hotel «Rodina Grand». The celebration was paid by the hotel owner Oleg Deripaska. The celebration went smoothly on the day of the airborne troops on the second day. Sands and many star guests dressed in vests and berets.

    Wedding Dmitry Peskov
    Wedding policy and skater

    But not pictures of stars in uniform attracted the attention of the public to this wedding. The Russians studied with interest watch happy newlywed. Experts have identified the mechanism cheap brand Richard Mille (Richard Mille), which is the most conservative views have cost several hundred thousand euros. The image quality did not allow to identify the model, but it was clear that the watch cost a press Secretary in half and the whole annual earnings that has generated a lot of questions on the real incomes policy.

    Peskov said that this watch is a gift of his wife, and Navka bought them with his own money and much cheaper than these on the Internet amounts. He declined to comment on where his wife the money, but added that, of course, would never be able to buy this accessory on their own. Tatiana Navka in an interview troubled by the fact noise. She reminded the press that is the Olympic champion and quite able to provide for themselves and to please people. Most Navka was disappointed by the fact that the gifts of the other athletes is not subject to such doubts, for example, as Tatiana remembered, no one fanned the scandal, when skater Evgeni Plushenko gave his wife jewelry of no less value than a watch Peskov.

    Dmitry Peskov, Tatiana Navka
    With his wife Tatiana Navka | TV Net

    Honeymoon press Secretary, provoked another scandal. According to some newly-formed family was vacationing in Italy in the midst of anti-Russian sanctions, what angered many Russians. According to others, the Sands and the wife spent this time on the yacht, swam to Sardinia, but also on the European shore.


    Dmitry Peskov

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