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  • Name: Dmitry Palamarchuk ( Dmitriy Palamarchuk )
  • Date of birth: 22 March 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 184
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Dmitry Palamarchuk : biography

    Palamarchuk, Dmitry Vadimovich, familiar to fans of the series for his roles in the films «Alien» and «This», was born in March 1984 in Saint-Petersburg. Although the place of birth of the artist only suggested his fans in social networks.

    Little information about the childhood of the future actor. We only know that after finishing school Dmitry Palamarchuk went to the Academy of theatrical art (Spbgati) in the city on the Neva, where a few years discovering the secrets of actor’s skill in Studio of Professor Veniamin Filshtinsky.

    After graduation Palamarchuk took at the Alexandrinsky theatre.


    On the stage of the theater the actor made his debut in the play «Oedipus the king» by the immortal works of Sophocles, which in 2006 on this stage set by the Theodoros Terzopoulos. As this role was his debut, Dmitry Palamarchuk got one of the Thebans, members of the ancient chorus.

    But soon trust the role of the «enlarged» and theatergoers saw the actor in the image of Mercutio from «Romeo and Juliet» and a drug addict Slavik in the production of «lerka». But these performances were delivered in Alexandrinsky and at the Theatre at the Foundry in the Baltic House.

    Popularity to the actor came after the performances of «Leviathan», where Palamarchuk got the role of Fandorin, and «Double». In a recent statement, the Director of which was Vladimir Fokin, Dima played a clever official.

    As for the fame, then, as often happens, she came to the artist after appearing on the screen. A cinematic biography of Dmitry Palamarchuk began in 2004, when he was still a student. He was entrusted with a small role in the 6th season of «Streets of broken lamps».

    The debut was successful, and soon the student was involved in several TV shows, most popular of which is «Its someone else’s life», «Hurt» and the 3rd season of «COP war».

    Dmitri Palamarchuk is often used as a backup. In this capacity, he worked in the projects «Once upon a time» and «Cloud Atlas».

    Noticeable success came to the young actor after the release in 2015 of the TV series «Alien». Hero Point, masterfully played by Dima, was incredibly attractive. The agreed point of view and audience, and critics. For My palamarciuc was nominated for the prestigious cinema award «Golden eagle» in the nomination «Best male role».

    To gain a foothold in the niche of a rising star of Russian cinema Dmitry Palamarchuk managed after the release of the popular project «the Fifth group of blood», «Weapons», «a matter of honor» and «Word women.» In our days, on hearing the last two series, where Dmitry has played a key role. This «Leningrad 46» and «This».

    Fans Palamarchuk love it for its diversity and colorful personality.

    Personal life

    Have a charming and charismatic actor many fans. But the personal life of Dmitry Palamarchuk already arranged. In one interview he said that his girlfriend’s name is Inna. The couple had already been together a long time, but have not yet made their relationship official. They just live together and enjoy every day with your loved one.

    The couple met in 2009 on the set of the TV series «Branded», where Dima was given the main role of Yakov Shvedov. Fans of «calculated», as the name half Dmytro Palamarchuk. The only girl named ina, who starred in the film, is ina Antsiferov. «Mark» she played the character Julia Vitalievna. Inna Dima younger than 5 years and also graduated from Spbgati.

    Dmitry Palamarchuk said that between him and Inna Iskra slipped instantly. Since then, he realized that love at first sight really exists.

    In his free time, which the actor quite a bit, he likes to «wander» on the Internet or walk with their dogs and blame the breed Cana «Chinese Shih Tzu».


    • «The police Saga»
    • «A profile of the killer-2»
    • «The fifth group of blood»
    • «Weapon»
    • «Watch love»
    • «Question of honor»
    • Affected
    • «Leningrad-46»
    • «This»
    • «Woman’s word»


    Dmitry Palamarchuk

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