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  • Name: Dmitry Orlov ( Dmitry Sbares )
  • Date of birth: 7 October 1971
  • Age: 45 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 187
  • Activities: actor, Director, broadcaster
  • Marital status: divorced

    Dmitry Orlov: biography

    Dmitry Orlov is a Russian actor, known to the audience due to the huge number of film credits, including the movie «First after God» and television series «Dealers», «Cowboys» and «the House of dolls». In addition, Orlov tried his hand as a film Director, screenwriter and broadcaster.

    Dmitry was born and raised in Moscow. In early childhood he was a very rowdy boy, the terror of the whole district. So mom decided to take his large number of additional circles. Including she recorded son in a children’s theatre Studio of Vyacheslav Spesivtsev, and 10 years Dima has already debuted in the film, and later on the big stage.

    But when Orlov was 15 years old, the family faced a tragedy: his father died. As Dmitry was the oldest child in the family, the main burden fell on his shoulders. Here then manifested itself innate responsibility. The young man helped my mom to raise two sisters and a brother. After school he did not go immediately to College and got a job, contributed to obtain the legal education of younger children.

    A bit late filed documents to the University and the Dmitry. He had no doubt where to go — only the acting Department, only the Institute of cinematography. In 1996, he graduated from VGIK, and began his career. Also in 2012, the eagles tried his hand in television as host, more from host. He was one of seven friends, who are invited to café-Studio celebrities and talk to them in the program «Between us girls».


    Debut 10-year-old Dmitry Orlov was the short film «the Wall», the diploma of one of the graduates of VGIK. In adulthood, he first starred in the legendary blockbuster «brat 2» and tragicomedy «Moscow». Interestingly, in these pictures the actor appeared in the credits under his real name as Dmitry Sbaret.

    Then there was the crime series «Sisters» and unusual romance «the Sky. The plane. The girl». Despite the fact that in the latter film, the character of Dimitri was voiced by keira Knightley, this role became the ticket to a great movie. Later in the filmography Orlova followed by such works, in which he performs mostly the main characters. Among them are detective «Why do you need an alibi?», romantic Comedy «Seeking a bride without a dowry» adventure romance «Hope leaves the last» » fantastic story «Head of classics», the Thriller «the Flock» and the winter Comedy «happy New year, daddy!»

    More about the actor Orlov spoke after the release of the war drama «First after God» and serial crime TV series «Tycoons». Also was highly visible projects such as the mystery Thriller «lineman» adventure film «Sea patrol», melodrama «Katya’s happiness,» science fiction film «Contact 2011» and the Thriller «Friendship special purpose.»

    Dmitry Orlov has shown himself as a true workaholic: he starred simultaneously in 3-4 movies, so every year his fans could see their favorite artist in many innovations, and in quite diverse roles. Additionally it should be noted his participation in the war drama, «dispatch», action movie «God has his plans,» the blockbuster «Cowboys» and the two love melodramas «Winter waltz» and «Hate and love».

    The last works of the actor is the Comedy «Babi rebellion or War in Novoselovo», a love story «Rare blood» and the melodrama «the House of dolls». At the moment, the actor involved in the filming of the new film «family values».

    We must not forget that the eagles not only an actor but also a Director. He produced such films as «the General’s Daughter», «Charter» and «Gold Colgate» and in the satirical Comedy «Moscow fireworks» is additionally made as a screenwriter.

    Personal life

    Dmitry Orlov is quite long led a single life, but in the end, went down the aisle with actress Irina Pegawai, which met for several years. In this marriage the couple had a daughter, Tatiana. In 2011, the Union Orlov and Pegawai cracked, and with quite a scandal they broke up. In several interviews after the breakup Dimitri argued that still loves his ex-wife.

    In subsequent years, the media and the fans talked about a lot of fleeting novels of the famous artist. He even credited a wedding with a childhood friend, with whom he went to school with actress Kseniya Entelis. The following conclusions were made based on photographs that were in the world network, in which a man and a woman stand in the rings. But later it turned out that this is just footage from the set, and Dmitry Orlov never remarried.


    • 2003 — Looking for a bride without a dowry
    • 2004 — hope spent the last
    • 2005 — First after God
    • 2008 — Marine patrol
    • 2010 — Law reverse magic
    • 2012 — Friendship special purpose
    • 2013 — Winter waltz
    • 2015 — Hate and love
    • 2015 — Babi rebellion or War in Novoselovo
    • 2016 — the House of dolls


    Dmitri Orlov

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