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  • Name: Dmitry Nazarov ( Dmitri Nazarov )
  • Date of birth: 4 July 1957
  • Age: 59 years
  • Place of birth: Ruza
  • Height: 196
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian actor, people’s artist of Russia,
  • Marital status: married to Olga Vasilyeva

    Dmitry Nazarov : biography

    Dmitriy Nazarov was born in Moscow RUz July 4, 1957. That boy will be an artist, the mother became clear as soon as the son was born. On the future of the most vociferous of the newborn told the midwife. And so it happened.

    Childhood and teenage years were devoted to the improvement of acting. He loved being on stage – whether it’s a chair in the apartment or Piglet near a Christmas tree in the garden, beautifully recited long poems and gladly participated in the school initiative, speaking at the holiday concerts, school Kvny or in the evenings.

    Dmitry Nazarov in childhood and adolescence was rather plump boy. The overall picture was complemented by the solidity, security and a certain infantilism. But that all changed when the dime was 13. The boy suffered greatly from the local bullies who waylaid him in the hallway of his home after going to the store shopping. Selecting all bought and the money that is left, the guy was brutally beaten. At the moment Dmitry’s matured a lot. After recovering from his injuries, he immediately went to Sambo and did not retreat until until the coach has not agreed to accept it. And let Nazarov did not cool wrestler arrester, but now he could stand up for themselves and others. And the guy has grown a lot.

    But even now, the boy’s dream of becoming an artist and being on stage didn’t go anywhere. After school, Nazarov took the documents to one of the theater schools. Unfortunately, the first attempt failed. Dima is very painful perceived this failure and decided not to try to knock these doors and find yourself some practical route. He became the pastry chef at one of the bakery factories of the capital. I must say that is very successful along the way. For four years he received the fourth degree. He had the chance to make in this way a big career leap. But the soul asked the other. The dream defeated the prose of life, and Dmitry Nazarov went to go to Sliver. This time fate was kind to persistent young man. He went and got on the course a talented teacher Korshunova.

    Dmitry Nazarov theater

    Schepkinskoe school Dmitry Nazarov graduated in 1980. In his student years, teachers have noticed a talented guy. After training, the young actor easily able to find a first job. He was accepted at the little theatre, and for several years successfully performed on the stage. At the same time Nazarov has had time to act in stage plays in the theaters of the Russian army and Sphere, honing skills.

    Since 2002, the artist moved to serve in the legendary Moscow art theatre. And he as a guest actor appeared on the stage of the Theatre. In order to play the circus strongman in the production of «Celebration of soul», Nazarov had to lose weight.

    The theatrical period of the biography of Dmitry Nazarov took a quarter of a century. The artist gained fame and fans. It is called one of the most talented representatives of their acting generation, and is often compared to Gerard Depardieu.

    1993 brought Nazarov the title of Honored artist of Russia. And in 2000, Dmitry Yuryevich became popular. This is the most significant of his titles and awards. Less important is a list, which can span multiple pages.

    Dmitry Nazarov: movies

    Rich creative biography of Dmitri Nazarov is not only a theatre, but to a large extent and a movie. It is the film industry made the artist widely known and beloved hero. Although in the beginning he has appeared on screens only in the extras. His name even in the credits did not appear. The first notable work in kinonovell Konstantin Antropov «On a raft» Nazarov was granted in 1996. Soon, the actor has already starred in the acclaimed series

  • «The citizen the chief». After the release of the film on the screen Dmitry already knew not only the theater capital, but also the millions of viewers. Generally work in the series takes a lot of time in Nazarov. He appeared in numerous popular and loved by the people tapes: «Kamenskaya», 12-serial «the Station», which brought the actor a new surge of spectator sympathies, «the Golden calf» Oleg Menshikov in the image of Kozlevich. «The law» and
  • The «kitchen» did Dmitri Nazarov everyone’s favorite idol of millions. Western movie actor discovered his role in the film «Largo vinch: Plot in Burma». A little later came the European film «Moebius», which was shot by Belgian and French companies. The most outstanding work among recent Russian movies Nazarov can be called «Spy».

    Fans of Dmitry Nazarov know him as a wonderful host cooking shows

  • «Culinary duel» appeared in 2008 and is on our screens today. Popular was a similar project «the Hunger games».

    Dmitry Nazarov: personal life

    Personal life Dmitry Nazarov closed for fans of his talent. To gather information about it only bit by bit. In his early youth he was married to a girl whose name no one now remembers. From this marriage Nazarov left a daughter Nina. She recently gave birth to his granddaughter Mary.

    For a long time after a divorce, the artist lived alone. His second wife, actress

  • Olga Vasiliev, Nazarov met in the Theater of the Soviet Army. Soon artists began spouses. Together with Olga Dmitry Nazarov has two children: a son Arseny and daughter Arina.

    Dmitry Nazarov: filmography

    • Love on a raft
    • The chief citizen
    • The law
    • Station
    • Call
    • Shtrafbat
    • The Golden calf
    • Yeltsin. Three days in August
    • Kitchen
    • Spy
    • Mobius

    Dmitry Nazarov: photo

    Dmytro Nazarov

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