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  • Name: Dmitriy Mulyar ( Dmitriy Mulyar )
  • Date of birth: 26 August 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Karachev, Bryansk oblast
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Dmitry Mason biography

    The popularity came to him later, after 35 years. Today, Dmitry Mulyar – popular actor of theatre and cinema.

    He was born 26 Aug 1972 in Karachev Bryansk region. The family of Dmitry irrelevant to the theatre and cinema had not. My mother worked as a scholar and often organized poetry reading, Dmitry and his two younger brothers enjoy taking part in them.

    Mason went to school and studied music on the violin. The boy studied well, was particularly fond of Russian language and literature. In the graduating classes of Dmitry Mason realized that he wanted to connect his life with theatre.

    Received a certificate, he applied at once to five theatrical institutions. Unfortunately, no one received him not. Then took the student returned to Karachi and was admitted to the philological faculty of the local pedagogical Institute.

    While studying at the University, he was intensively preparing to enter the theatre. In 1990 the dream stone Mason came true – he became a student of the «Pike», he studied at the Studio Yu. p. Lyubimova.


    After theatre Institute Dmitry Mason worked at the Taganka Theater. His first serious role was Arkady Dolgorukov in the play «Teenager». The actor admitted that this production is dear to him because in school he often had to play the old, and on the stage of the Taganka, to appear before the audience as a young hero, play from itself.

    With each successive role, Dmitry Mulyar grew and revealed his talent even deeper. He was soon one of the leading actors. He played Alex in «the Brothers Karamazov», a Homeless man in «the Master and Margarita», Onegin in «Eugene Onegin», Nerina and Sagawa in the «Sharashka» of Alexander Solzhenitsyn and many other roles. The performance of «Sharashka» takes viewers to a special prison, in which Soviet scientists worked on secret orders. In 2002 a TV version of this play.


    Movie career of Dmitry Mason began in 1994 with the episode in the film «hammer and Sickle». The next decade, he appeared mainly in the episodes.

    The first serious role came only in 2004. He played a teacher in the film «small Fry», chobotov in the drama «Ragin». In the same year Mulyar played a major role in the film «the Golden head on the block». Biographical drama tells of the difficult years of Sergei Yesenin, but, unfortunately, a lot of mistakes, therefore, the assessment of the film is ambiguous.

    Since 2004, Dmitry Mason regularly starred in feature films and television series. He is known for the role of Yuri Gagarin in the film «dreaming of Space», major Shcherban in the film «the Last train», the district Vasily Mayorov in the TV series «Thunder. The house of Hope», the investigator Lytkina in the «Rules of theft» and of the NKVD major in the TV series «the Second». For his role in «Regine» and «the Golden head on the block» actor received the prize of the Russian film festival in Gatchina.

    The audience saw Dmitry Mason in the TV series «Once in Rostov» and «the dragon Syndrome». In «Syndrome…» he played a major role collector Avdeev. Dmitry says that the shooting was difficult, but interesting. He had a controversial man of the postwar period. The film was held in Kirovograd (Ukraine), so the actor for some time, was outside the usual environment, which, according to his confession, helped to concentrate on the role.

    Personal life

    Dmitry Mulyar he is married and has two grown up sons. His wife Olga is engaged in interior design. They met when he was still a student at the theatre Institute, several years met. The wedding they celebrated in the theatre, because the actor in this day was the performance of «Eugene Onegin». After the performance, the couple and their friends gathered not in the restaurant and in the lobby.

    Olga long accustomed to a busy work schedule husband and wife, but slowly adjusted to his rhythm of life. A year after the wedding the couple had a son Andrew, and eight years later had a son, Theodore.

    The actor tries to find time for his wife and sons. Sometimes they manage to go somewhere for the holidays. Olga is not jealous of her husband’s onscreen partner, says that passions are only on screen but in real life, Dmitry Mulyar other kind, caring, loving.


    • «Hammer and sickle»
    • «The Bay of missing divers»
    • «Heart Of Mary»
    • «From where the Motherland begins»
    • «Boris Godunov»
    • «Gromovy. The house of hope»
    • «The vein-was one woman»
    • «Territory»
    • «Not for women «
    • «The last train»


    Dmitri Mulyar

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