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  • Name: Dmitry Miller ( Dmitriy Miller )
  • Date of birth: 2 April 1972.
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Mytishchi, Russia
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married to Julia Dellos

    Dmitry Miller: biography

    Dmitry Miller was born in April 1972 in the family of a carpenter and an accountant. He spent his childhood and youth in city mytisci. I studied in an ordinary school, not thinking that connects biography with the profession. After high school he enrolled in medical school.

    One day, Dimitri went to Moscow, where during one of my walks, I noticed the advertisement for the recruitment of students in the drama Studio. The guy went inside to see how the audition and decided to try. It is great to read an excerpt from the play «My hamlet» and was enrolled in a course the Schepkin theatre school.

    After graduation the actor worked at theatre «Basmanny», where he served until 2005. Over the years Dmitry Miller has played in several productions, and in parallel began to appear in the movie.

    Dmitry Miller: movies

    The debut of Dmitriy Miller on the screen took place in 2000, the artist appeared in the popular television series «Turkish March». Dmitry had to fight their way to the TV in parallel with the work in musical theatre «Basmanny». In those years the role of a budding actor getting a cameo in 2001 Dmitry starred in the series «Next», and in 2002 in the film «Antikiller». The following works were the role in the TV series «Balzac age, or All men are bast… 2» and «Alexandrovsky garden».

    But the present popularity to the actor came in 2007 when they released a feature film Oleg Raskov «

  • Servant». In the film, which is set during the Russian-Swedish war, Dmitry brilliantly embodied the image of one of the main characters – a romantic and a Chevalier of France Charles de Breze. To maximize the natural look on the screen in this role, the actor had one week to take lessons in riding and fencing. The difficulty lay in the fact that his character throughout the film spoke French. The following year, Mr Miller suggested that shooting in the movie «Montecristo». Here, the actor appeared before the audience in the form of a negative character – Maxim Orlov.

    In 2009 Miller got a small but memorable role in the film «Jolly fellows», talks about the problems of actors-participants of the show of transvestites.

    Even more popular the artist brought the work in a very provocative crime drama «Cherkizon. Disposable people», released in 2010. In the same year filmography of Dmitriy Miller replenished role in the mystical Thriller, Masakra, where Dmitry had to get used to the image of the graph as a shape-shifter who is trying to overcome the dark side of his inner self.

    By this time, Miller has become quite a sought-after actor, so 2011 turned out to be even more intense. The artist has pleased fans with one of the main roles in the series «

  • Traffic light», which is an adaptation of the eponymous Israeli series 2008. In addition, the actor appeared in the movie «ginger in Wonderland», playing two roles. In the same year, the actor was busy in the project «Copernicus», «Bomb», «My new life», «Notes forwarder Secret office 2». In 2014, Dmitry Miller starred in the film «Love rent». In recent years, the actor starred mainly in spinoffs of popular television series.

    For example, the success of «

  • Sklifosovsky», in which Dmitry Miller plays the role really knew what surgeon Peter Pastukhov was simply stunning, so we shot another three seasons liked by the audience of the series.

    Dmitry Miller: personal life

    Dmitry Miller is married to actress

  • Yulia Dellos. They met through the wilderness, to which the actor is keen on. Once she asked me to teach her to tap dance, an apprentice was just Julia. As said Dmitry secret of family happiness is very simple – you need to make sure that the man wanted to go home, where he awaits a loving, beautiful, understanding and lovely woman. The couple have a son Daniel, and twin daughters Marianne-Darina and Alice Victoria.

    Dmitry Miller: filmography

    • «Next»
    • «Turkish March»
    • «Balzac age, or All men are bast…»
    • «Two destinies. New life»
    • «Veselchaki»
    • «Mothers and daughters»
    • «My new life»
    • «Sklifosovsky»
    • «Missing»
    • «Traffic light»

    Dmitry Miller: photo

    Dmitry Miller

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