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  • Name: Dmitry Medvedev ( Dmitriy Medvedev )
  • Date of birth: 14 September 1965
  • Age: 51 years
  • Place of birth: Leningrad
  • Height: 163
  • Activity: the Russian state and political figure, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation
  • Family: Married to Svetlana Linnik

    Dmitry Medvedev: biography

    Dmitry Medvedev is one of the most prominent political figures in the Russian government. He is currently the Deputy head of the Russian and holds the position of Chairman of the Russian government. In the period 2008-2012 was the third President of the Russian Federation, headed the Board of Directors of OAO «Gazprom».

    Born Medvedev Dmitry Anatolyevich 14 September 1965 in the «bedroom» area of Leningrad in a family of teachers. Parents Anatoly Afanasyevich and Yulia Veniaminovna worked as teachers in the pedagogical and technological University. Dima was the only child in the family, therefore received the utmost care and attention of parents who tried to invest in son’s best qualities and instill in him a love of learning. They succeeded fully in school No. 305, where you were educated Medvedev, the boy vividly demonstrated their abilities, eager to learn, showing interest in the exact Sciences. Teachers remember him as a studious, diligent and quiet student who rarely had to catch with their peers in the yard, since all his time he studied constantly.

    In 1982, after finishing school Dmitry Medvedev arrived in the Leningrad state University’s law faculty, where he also distinguished himself as a successful student with strong leadership qualities. As a student, future Chairman of the Russian government became interested in rock-music, photography and weightlifting. In 1990 he defended his thesis and became a candidate of legal Sciences.

    The politician says that in student’s years worked as a janitor, for which he was paid 120 rubles, which was a significant increase to the high 50 ruble scholarship.

    Dmitry Medvedev: career

    Since 1988, Dmitry Medvedev was engaged in teaching at LSU, teaching students of civil and Roman law. Along with teaching, he showed himself as a scientist and became one of the sponsors of the three-volume textbook «Civil law», for which he wrote 4 chapters.

    Medvedev’s political career began in 1990. At that time he became a beloved Advisor to first Deputy mayor of St. Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak. A year later he became part of the St. Petersburg mayor’s office Committee for external relations, where he worked as an expert under the leadership of Vladimir Putin. While budding politicians Anatoly Sobchak was a kind of «guide» in the world of big politics, by which currently, many high-ranking officials and public figures of Russia of his team take up their positions.

    During the 90-ies of the future Prime Minister of the Russian Federation was actively active in the business. In 1993 he co-founded OJSC «Frenzel», he owns 50% stake in the company. At the same time, Dmitry Medvedev became the Director of the yurvoprosah in timber Corporation «Ilim pulp enterprise». In 1994 Dmitry Medvedev has included in the management team of JSC «Bratsk timber industry complex».

    Dmitry Medvedev: Prime Minister of the Russian Federation

    Biography of Dmitry Medvedev finally went in the political direction in 1999. Then he became Deputy of Vladimir Putin in the St. Petersburg mayor’s office headed by at that time, the government of the Russian Federation. In 2000 by decree of the new President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin Medvedev was appointed first Deputy head of the presidential administration.

    In 2003, after the resignation of the former Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Alexander Voloshin politician headed the presidential administration of the Russian Federation. Then he entered the security Council and became a permanent member of the Agency. In 2006, at the beginning of the presidential campaign, many research centers began to predict Mr Medvedev on a post of the President of the Russian Federation, considering it the first favorite of Putin. Predictions were confirmed in 2007 the candidacy of Dmitry Medvedev for the post of head of Russian was supported by Vladimir Putin and members of the party «United Russia».

    Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian President

    March 2, 2008 in the presidential race, Dmitry Medvedev won a landslide victory, gaining nearly 70% of the vote. In may there was the inauguration of the youngest President of Russia. During the event, Medvedev outlined priorities and noted that the new positions of its first and main task will be the development of economic and civil liberties, and the creation of new civilian capabilities. The first decrees of the third President of the Russian Federation related to the development of the social sector, namely education, health, improvement of housing conditions of veterans.

    In 2009, Medvedev published his article «Russia, forward!», in which he formulated his views and theses on modernization of the country. The most famous project of a young head of the Russian Federation was the creation of «SKOLKOVO», Russian «Silicon valley» on the territory of which was erected an innovative complex, which was aimed at developing and concentrating international intellectual capital.

    Share Medvedev also had a five-day war with Georgia began on the background of the conflict with South Ossetia. Then Dmitry Medvedev has signed a decree according to which Russian troops were sent to the defense of Russia’s southern neighbor, with the result that Georgian forces were defeated. At that time in Russian society there was a surge of Patriotic sentiment, so Medvedev’s foreign policy was largely supported by the population.

    President Dmitry Medvedev continued Putin’s policies in the field of agricultural development and socio-economic direction of the country. Resonant decrees included the reorganization of the interior Ministry of the Russian Federation, the abolition of the winter time and changes in the Constitution, extending the terms of office of the head of state from 4 to 6 years. Also to Dmitry Medvedev’s achievements include the creation of antikorruptsionera Council of Russia.

    In 2011, during the meeting of the party «United Russia» Medvedev said Vladimir Putin, occupying at that time the post of Prime Minister should run for President. This statement, the participants and delegates in the amount of about 10 thousand people gave a standing ovation. In 2012, after the victory of Vladimir Putin in the elections of the President of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev was appointed Prime Minister and later led the political party «United Russia».

    Kremlin officials believe Dmitry Medvedev, an administrator, a decent man, modern, outside the box thinking and a competent lawyer. According to media reports, colleagues and associates for government service call Mr Medvedev’s «Vizir» or «Nonpresident», which is likely due to the low growth policy. According to unofficial data, the growth Medvedev is 163 cm

    Dmitry Medvedev: personal life

    Personal life Dmitry Medvedev, as well as his political career, clean, clear and stable. With his wife

  • Svetlana Linnik, the daughter of a soldier he met in high school. Medvedev’s wife was the prettiest girl in the school and in the Finance and Economics University, which is popular with young people. However, Svetlana as the future husband chose a calm, intelligent and promising. Wedding of Dmitry Medvedev and Svetlana Linnik was held in 1989. Currently Medvedev’s wife works in Moscow and is engaged in the organization of public events in his native St. Petersburg. In 1996, the Medvedev family was born a son Ilya, who since 2012 is a student of the University. Medvedev’s son enrolled in the University on the General basis of competition, due to high exam performance, which received 94 points and 87 points on the Russian language, and passed the extra exam 95 points out of a possible 100.

    In the family of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation there is a certain passion for animals. Among their students is «first cat of the country» named Dorotheus, as well as a pair of English setters, Golden Retriever and Central Asian shepherd.

    According to the latest official data revenues Medvedev for 2014 was about 8 million rubles, which is twice the size of its earnings for 2013. In the column «property» Medvedev significant changes did not happen, he as before is the owner of the apartment area more than 350 square meters and two cars (GAZ-20, GAZ-21).

    Dmitry Medvedev: photo

    Dmitry Medvedev

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