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  • Name: Dmitry Malikov ( Dmitriy Malikov )
  • Date of birth: 29 January 1970
  • Age: 46 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian composer, pianist, singer, actor, producer and television presenter
  • Family: married Elena Malikova

    Dmitry Malikov: biography

    Dmitry Yurievich Malikov is a native Muscovite. He was born January 29, 1970, the family of Honored artist of Russia Yury Malikov and soloist of the Moscow music hall, and then «Gems» Lyudmila Punkboy. As parents constantly went on tour, Dima remained under the care of his grandmother Valentina Feoktistovna.

    The good woman looked indulgently at the antics of the beloved granddaughter, preferred learning active play with friends outdoors. Dima played with the boys in football and hockey in the yard and often ran from a music teacher came to give lessons to boy at home. When the teacher rang the doorbell of the apartment, Dmitri immediately «went» through a window, fortunately, the house was on the first floor. Instead of the careless pupil reprimand from the teacher was received by the grandmother of Dimitri. The woman was very distressed that a grandson will never be as good a musician and singer like his dad and mom.

    Paternal genes won when Dmitry Malikov was 14 years old. The guy matured and became interested in playing the piano. Their first concerts he gave in the home school. Also he began to sing and write songs. His first composition «soul of Iron» was a success among peers and relatives. After the first recognition of his talent the guy pushed the fascination with sports on the back burner. On the front was now the only music, what unspeakably happy, first of all, grandma Valentina Feoktistovna.

    Dmitry Malikov: songs

    After graduating from 8 th grade Malikov has decided that next he wants to learn where it is possible to do music anymore. Dmitry entered the music College under the Moscow Conservatory. And the guy started to take the first steps on the stage, the benefit of the parents was directly related to the famous VIA. Malikov Jr. some time playing keyboards in «Gems» Malikov, a senior. Some of the songs the young musician and composer has even been introduced to the repertoire, and they even sang Larisa Dolina.

    Biography of Dmitry Malikov as a singer began in 1986. Then Dima appeared on the stage of the famous and beloved by many of the program «Wider circle» where he sang «I write the picture.» The following year, Malik was invited to the program «Morning mail of Yuriy Nikolaev», where he sang the song «Terem-Teremok». The young singer inspired many viewers and especially the tele-viewers. His address came bags of letters.

    The song «sun city» and «I’m painting» Dmitry Malikov recorded when he was only 15 years old. But the real success came in 1988 when he sang «Moon dream», «You’ll never be my» and «Until tomorrow». The next two years Dima choose the «Singer of the year». During this period, popular performer, barely reached twenty years has been giving solo concerts at the main stage of the country – in the sports complex «Olympic».

    Despite a heavy touring schedule and immense popularity, Dmitry Malikov continues to learn and improve their skills. It with honors graduated from the Conservatoire in piano and a lot of attention and time to play the piano and classical music.

    In 1997 Malikov piano concerts took place in Stuttgart, Germany. At the same time came the debut instrumental album of Dmitry «Fear of flying». Often the composer’s music sounds in movies and documentaries, musical programs about classical music.

    In 1999 Dmitry Malikov becomes Honored artist of Russia. A year later he awarded the prize «ovation» (the nomination «For contribution to intellectual development of youth music»). In 2007 Malik the best singer of the year. He repeatedly became a laureate of the festival «Song of the year».

    In the same 2007-m Malikov implementing its ambitious project called «PIANOMANIya». This is a bright instrumental show that combines the traditions of Russian classical music and ethnic motives with modern arrangements. The show was shown twice in the capital in 2007, each time in a crowded room «Moscow Opera.» Then came the album «PIANOMANIya», released hundreds of thousand copies and completely sold out.

    In 2010, Dmitry Malikov presented their show of classical music called «Dance Mania» in France. This show was organized by the Russian Imperial ballet Taranda, as well as Symphony orchestra and choir of the theatre «New Opera». The tour was more than forty cities of France, including Paris, Cannes and Marseilles.

    In October 2013 Dmitry Malikov presented their 14th Studio album titled «25+». The person noted a quarter-century of his creative activity.

    Now the singer and composer continues to write instrumental pieces and songs. As a pianist performing with various Symphony orchestras in Russia. And since 2012 Dmitry Malikov created the children’s socio-educational project called «music Lessons». In the framework of the project Malik gives master classes for young pianists in different cities of the country, giving unikalnuyu the opportunity to speak and to «light up» many aspiring musicians.

    In January 2015, fans of Dmitry Malikov welcomed its fifteenth instrumental album «Safari Cafe».

    Dmitry Malikov: personal life

    All fans of Dima Malikov remember his brilliant but short-lived affair with fatal beauty and a singer

  • Natalia Vetlitskaya. A couple of some time lived in a civil marriage. Natalya was older than Dima for 6 years. The break happened at the initiative of Vetlitskaya. Personal life Dmitry Malikov is associated with a legitimate wife
  • Helen Isakson. Elena works as a designer. It is also for her second marriage. From the first she is survived by her daughter Olga. Since 1992, the couple was in a civil marriage. And only in 2000, when on light there was a daughter Stephanie, wife of legalized relationships.

    Dmitry Malikov: discography

    • Until tomorrow
    • Come to me
    • Fear of flying
    • My distant star
    • Beads
    • Star collection
    • Raparapa
    • With a clean slate
    • My, my
    • Raparapa Best

    Dmitry Malikov: photos

    Dmitry Malikov

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