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  • Name: Dmitry Krylov ( Krylov Dmitriy )
  • Date of birth: 29 September 1946
  • Age: 70 years
  • Place of birth: sea of Okhotsk, far East, Russia
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: TV presenter, Director
  • Marital status: married

    Dmitry Krylov: a biography

    The fate of a leading one of the most long-existing programs on Russian television, Dmitry Krylov from the beginning was unusual. He appeared on the light in the boat in the open sea, while transporting his mother to the hospital. And 9 days before his appearance in September 1946 in the same Okhotsk sea his father died, leaving his 21-year-old wife, Eugene’s widow.

    As told then Dmitry’s mother, in such a difficult moment in her life, a married couple who never had their children, even asked her to give them a baby. But the young mother did not agree to this. Soon the small family of Krylov rides in the suburbs. And this was the first trip of the future of television Director. And Eugene realized his dream and became an Opera singer.

    Dmitry Krylov in childhood
    Dmitry Krylov with her mother and stepfather | Clausura

    At school Dmitry not had much success in school and after graduating he immediately went to serve in the Soviet Army. And again Dmitry makes a long journey, but now over the border in Czechoslovakia.

    Crossing the border made an indelible impression on him. After all, to go to Europe, even in countries in the Soviet camp, even then, in the mid-60s, the dream of many. After returning to civilian life Krylov enters GITIS, the faculty of directing stage.

    Dmitry Krylov in his youth
    Dmitry Krylov in the army | Travel Journal

    In parallel with studies, he tried many professions. No Dmitry worked in his youth as a watchman, porter, assistant Director, stagehand, driver of ambulances, and even was the leader of his small Studio. This is not surprising: the film, the pursuit of the original plot in those years had served as a source of inspiration.

    You can see the young Dmitri and photos fashion magazines of the time, for which he often starred.


    After graduation he was 2 years in the early 80s gives teaching. But the case helped Dmitry to reach a new level. Once, in a conversation with Mikhail Zadornov Krylov said about his salary. Having sympathized with her, satirist assist your friend in getting a new, more promising jobs in the literary and editorial division CT.

    Dmytro Krill
    Dmitry Krylov | Official website

    Do not miss this chance, Dmitry Krylov with the beginning of perestroika begins his career as an author and Director for some programs.

    He becomes the author and host of TV show «Satellite viewer», involved in the creation of some editions of the «Spotlight adjustment», working on a joint Soviet-American project «Evening» and on inspection the program «Word».

    Dmitry Krylov in the program
    Dmitry Krylov in the «bad egg notes» | Official website

    The beginning of the 90s was marked by the rating project «Telescope» and the first editions of «Useless notes». The idea of creating a program about travel from the point of view of the person, who first visited the border, came to Krylov for a long time. And your first issues he devoted to travelling through London.

    The audience liked it a bit ironic and easy manner of the presenter, and was also useful for future travelers stories in the air about the features of the countries which have not yet been to the Soviet people. The audience together with Dmitri discovered the then mysterious world abroad. Dmitry Krylov was in the trend of the time and became very popular.

    Dmytro Krill
    Dmitry Krylov | Official website

    Since 1996 and still the transmission is going out on Sunday on the First channel. The most favorite leading countries are Italy, China, Philippine Islands.

    In the past two decades, the team visited more than 120 countries. During this time the crew had time to visit even at the North pole. The first visit to Africa immediately, not asked, that is not very much lead. But gradually he became accustomed to the continent, as loved Safari.

    Dmytro Krill
    Dmitry Krylov | Official website

    At the beginning of the project, the group traveled to the United States on a long trip where he brought a series of 12 programs about North America. Each program Krylova reveals to the audience a new country with a different perspective. For inexperienced travelers of the wings are opened the heavenly places to the Earth as the island of Bali, Sunny Bulgaria.

    A lot of gear removed Dmitry Russia, starting from Vladivostok and the Kamchatka Peninsula, their homeland, through Kazan, Solovki to the Kaliningrad. Leading reveals not only the beauty of any place but also its historical features.

    Dmytro Krill
    Dmitry Krylov | Official website

    Venice was struck by Dmitry its tradition to hold annually a special celebration of «carnival of Venice», which is considered an honor to die during the festival. Philippines was struck by Dmitri Dmitrievich their hospitality.

    China’s leading ate fried Scorpion, and together with his wife a cocktail of snake blood. This explosive mixture is composed of blood, bile Cobra and put just a little honey.

    Dmytro Krill
    Dmitry Krylov | Official website

    In the anniversary program for the year with a presenter Dmitry Krylov was filmed several programs: «Let them talk», «Alone with all», in which he lifted the veil of his family life. And also shared special thoughts and impressions that it made for such a long period of work on the project.

    Dmytro Krill
    Dmitry Krylov | Official website

    Krylov is the author of two unusual literary experiments: books «boomerang», which was created in the commentator’s manner of translation of other works and autobiographies of the leading «I am the penguin». Now «your DC» in addition to the presence on the screen can fit more on the bookshelf devoted fan.

    Personal life

    Personal life leading was not easy. Dmitry Krylov was married for the fourth time, and, according to his statement, for the first time happily. His first wife was a woman older than Dmitry for ten years. With it they lived for almost five years. With second and third wives of the wings was broken up very quickly.

    In the third marriage in 1987 was born, his heir — Mitya.

    Dmitry Krylov and his wife Tatiana
    Dmitry Krylov and his wife Tatiana | life Energy

    With fourth wife, Tatiana Barinova, the family proved to be extremely durable. Relations Dmitry and Tanya is the mother program of «useless notes».

    Dmitry Krylov and his wife Tatiana
    Dmitry Krylov and his wife Tatiana | world news

    Almost immediately, the Krylov’s wife began to help him as editor. Explains how he’s leading, he needs to constantly look the part, the person who soberly evaluates the quality of the footage. So tat they travel together. In addition, wife’s son from her first marriage, Dmitry, having studied at the Institute of cinematography and became the operator of the transmission and also visits to overseas countries as part of the crew.

    Dmitry Krylov and his wife Tatiana
    Dmitry Krylov and his wife Tatiana | Tatler

    In previous releases, Dmitry took with him to visit his son, Dmitri, at the age of 6 years, creating a new format for this kind of transmission — a journey through the eyes of children.

    One of the benefits of such a project for its founders — the opportunity to enjoy the cuisines of the world. Dmitry is famous for the gourmet. Together with his wife they are fans of dishes made with seafood. Does not give a leading and unusual meats.

    Dmytro Krill
    Dmitry Krylov | Arguments and Facts

    One of her favorite Hobbies Krylov, revealed during long-term travel was hunting. In the house he had built for himself Dmitry and Tatyana, for trophy exhibits designated room. It can be seen not only hunting exhibits, but also various exotic Souvenirs. For example, the real Mayan calendar


    Dmytro Krill

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