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  • Name: Dmitry Kiselev ( Dmitriy Kiselev )
  • Date of birth: April 26, 1954
  • Age: 62 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 177
  • Activity: a Russian journalist, TV presenter, Director General of MIA «Russia today», Deputy Director of VGTRK
  • Marital status: married to Maria Kiseleva

    Dmitry Kiselyov: biography

    Dmitry Konstantinovich Kiselev, a native Muscovite. He was born in April 1954 in intelligent musical family. He was a relative of the famous composer and conductor Yury Shaporin. Dmitry also received his musical education at the «classical guitar». After school Dmitry Kiselev went to medical school in the capital. But after he decided not to continue medical education, and enrolled at the University. Zhdanov in Leningrad, choosing for himself the faculty of Philology, Scandinavian Philology. He graduated from the University in 1978.

    Dmitry Kiselyov: journalism

    Professional biography of Dmitry Kiselyov began immediately after graduation. First job Kiseleva was the USSR Gosteleradio. Here Kiselev has worked for over ten years in one of the most prestigious and important sectors, responsible for the coverage of life abroad. High responsibility, control over every word, intonation – these requirements of a young journalist Dmitry Kiselev was done well. In 1988 Dmitry enters the newsroom in the program «Time», where he became a leading and conducts political surveys.

    During the period of demolition and radical changes in the Soviet Union Dmitry Kiselev was dismissed from radio and television. He didn’t want to read the official statements by the government about events in one of the republics.

    Soon take Kiselyov in the program «Vesti», and he became one of the founders of the new format of television and radio, actively cooperates with foreign colleagues. In the early ‘ 90s Dmitry Kiselev begins to information programme «Panorama». Later as a correspondent was sent to Helsinki, where he worked at the Agency «Ostankino».

    After the murder of Vladislav Listyev in 1995, Kiselyov appointed in his place. Now he leads the program «Chas PIK» on «the First channel». At the same time, Dmitry Kiselev is another program called «Window to Europe». But a year out from the program.

    In 1997, the journalist becoming the leading talk show called «national interest». First transmission went out only for RTR, and then on the Ukrainian ICTV. A short while Kiselev was the night edition of the program «Events».

    26 Nov 2003 Ukrainian counterpart Dmitry expressed distrust Kiselev, accusing him of misrepresentation. The journalist was suspended from work.

    In December 2013, on the basis of RIA «news» there is «International news Agency «Russia today»». Dmitry Kiselyov was appointed General Director.

    The presidential decree, the new Agency was entrusted with a very important mission: to illuminate the policy of Russia abroad. The journalist claims that he sees his mission is to restore the attitude to Russia as a country with good intentions.

    But many colleagues and the audience (mostly in Ukraine) consider Kiselyov «Kremlin propagandist» and again accused of distorting true information. The journalist even made the second part of the list of the EU, where he was among the Russian politicians and public figures, which imposed visa restrictions.

    However, Dmitry Kiselev is one of the most popular TV presenters in Russia and abroad. This is a man with an encyclopedic education. He is fluent in many languages, versed in music, literature, art.

    Dmitry Kiselyov: personal life

    Personal life Dmitry Kiselyov has always been very intense. There was a lot of women, official and unofficial marriages. First wife Kiseleva Alena getting classmate, 17-year-old he studied in medical school. Young people are officially married, but divorced before reaching.

    Following two official marriage happened in Kiselev, when he was studying at Leningrad University. Wives name was Natalia and Tatiana.

    Fourth marriage of Dmitry Kiselyov happened when he worked on radio and television. Wife’s name was Elena Borisova. In this marriage, the first child of Dmitry – the son of Gleb. When the boy was a year old, the family broke up.

    The fifth wife’s name was Natalya. But the Alliance was immediate and rapid. After Natalia in the personal life of Dima in 1998 he entered the English businesswoman Kelly Richdale. And again a quick divorce.

    During Kiselev jazz festival in Koktebel journalist met his current wife

  • Mary. Mary was already married and has a son Theodore. Now Dmitry and Maria already has two children – Constantine and the barbarian. The family lives in the house on the draft Kiselyova in Moscow.

    Dmitry Kiselyov: photo

    Dmitry Kiselev

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