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  • Name: Dmitry Khrustalev ( Dmitry Khrustalyov )
  • Date of birth: 20 February 1979
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Height: 167
  • Activity: TV presenter, actor and showman
  • Marital status: not married

    Dmitry Khrustalev: biography

    Dmitry Khrustalev was born in St. Petersburg on 20 February 1979 Mama MITI dreamed of an acting career, went to the circle theatre in youth Theatre, but somehow accidentally hit the screen the finger of his head. Then she broke up with theatrical activities and began working as a cook.

    Dmitry Khrustalev always did not care where to study. After leaving school he entered the State University of aerospace instrumentation, and even achieved some success in this area. Being an engineer quickly tired of the guy and he tried different professions: taught ballroom dancing, worked as senior pioneer leader, always giving preference to the creative professions.

    Whom only Dmitry Khrustalev was not working, but one day in 1998, taking part in the game of KVN, he realized — that’s his business.


    Most of his life Dmitry devoted KVN, being unchanged by the captain of the team of St. Petersburg. Successful performance in the Premier League Abalakova several television and participation in various humorous programs did their job — the guys from the Northern capital became famous.

    Many stars could envy jokers: the endless touring, full attendance, excellent fees, luxury hotels, limos, expensive restaurants. During this period, 20-year-old Dmitry Khrustalyov struck a terrible disease — star disease. Stardom spoiled good-natured character of the humorist, but eventually he was able to cope with it and to return to his former life.

    In the St. Petersburg team Dmitry Khrustalev won the Cup of Moscow (1998), was a finalist for the major League (1999), winner of the «Small Kivin» (2000) and Vice-champion of the Highest League in 2002, the team «national Team of the USSR» has received the Summer Cup KVN. The popularity of Dima came through parodies of Russian President Vladimir Putin.


    Soon Khrustalev KVN was not enough, as creative potential «hit a key». The comedian called friends young talented Directors Dmitry Sarvin and Ilya Moscicki c invitation to participate in the samples on the stage at radio city Music Hall. Discussed the employment and the amount, Dmitry Khrustalev agreed. And became cheerful and resourceful actor in the theatre — cherished desire to play on a professional stage came true.

    Aspiring actor played multiple roles in the play «Interview with the vampire». Flushed with this success, Dimitri together with former colleagues on KVN, Polina Sibagatullin and Viktor Vasilyev has played in projects «Viewtiful-Prince» and «menage a Trois» in Music Hall.


    In 2007, the life of an actor included «Comedy Club». Becoming the star of a comic show in a duet with his friend Victor Vasiliev, Dmitry Khrustalev firmly entrenched in the television field.

    In 2008 the TV started a successful women’s show «Comedy Woman». Talented girls, when they play in the WHC, came together and formed a great tandem. Dmitry Khrustalev became a key figure in «raspberry». For that year, he copes with the role of the leader is the only man in a women’s show.

    In 2013, the showman became co-host Ivan Urgant TV show «Evening Urgant». In 2014 he began to show «Leningrad Stand-up club» and «the variety Theatre». In 2015, Dmitry Khrustalev went to the jury of the show «Dance».


    Dmitry Khrustalev made her film debut in 2004, performing a bit part in the project «Permission to enter». Then there was the role of gambling Kvnschiki in the series «Dreams of Alice» (2006-2007).

    Great acting thank to Dima came with the movie «the best movie 2» (2009), in which he played Dimati, other Major (Oleg Vereshchagin). In the film, the star of St. Petersburg KVN team parodied the character in the movie «Heat» played by Timur Yunusov. Hrustalike Dimati – rapper, who runs away from skinheads. The comedian was difficult to jump in a dirty, Ostankino pond: there is usually bathed homeless. But Dmitry Khrustalev overcame himself, jumped into the muddy water, almost in tears. The next day he checked into the hospital, it turned out well. In the financial plan «the best movie 2» was successful, but received negative reviews from critics.

    In 2011 Khrustalev played the role of Edgar in the Comedy «Pregnant» and a cameo role in the movie «Office romance. Our time.»

    Personal life

    Around personal life Dmitry Khrustalev, a lot of rumors. It is no secret that since 2001 he was married. His common-law wife Victoria is a lawyer. He once mentioned about his immense love for Vick. Despite this, after 10 years they divorced.

    In 2012, the media started to discuss social events, which comedian came up with a colleague in Comedy Woman Catherine Barnabas. Lovers do not hide their feelings. But at the end of 2014 the information appeared that the couple broke up.

    Dmitry Khrustalev been collecting points and shots. Even in winter, the showman not separated from their bright points.


    • «Let me in»
    • «Dreams Of Alice»
    • «The understudy»
    • «One more Kaloon!»
    • «The best film 2»
    • «Pregnant»
    • «Office romance. Our time»

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