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  • Name: Dmitry Kharatyan ( Dmitriy Kharatyan )
  • Date of birth: 21 January 1960
  • Age: 57 years
  • Place of birth: Almalyk, Uzbekistan
  • Height: 176
  • Activities: actor, singer, people’s artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married to Marina Maiko

    Dmitry Kharatyan: biography

    Famous actor Dmitry Kharatyan was born in January 1960. Hometown for it was the Almalyk (at the time of the Uzbek SSR). His parents – Vadim Mikhailovich (- candidate of economic science) and Svetlana Olegovna — were engineers. The following year after the birth of little Dima, the head of the family received housing in Lipetsk, which later managed to barter for a room in a communal apartment near Moscow. The couples life is not complicated – the couple separated a few years after the housewarming.

    Dmitry Kharatyan grew up modest and shy child, while not showing any talent in study. And here’s to sport the boy was not indifferent – he was fond of team games and wanted to go into professional hockey, but hockey team skinny and not encouraging puny teenager does not have.

    The life of the future star has changed dramatically with a trip to the camp «meteor». That’s where adults were first observed musical talent of Dmitry Haratyan, then advised him to seriously pursue music. So, being a 13 year old teenager, he mastered playing the guitar and even began to lead the ensemble «Argonauts».

    In school, Dmitri Kharatyan never thought about the acting profession, even after the experience of filming a movie. He wanted to be a doctor like his uncle. Summed up his knowledge to attend medical school, I needed good training in General subjects, in which the future artist was not. In the end, he filed documents in the Shchukin school, where miserably failed his exams, not bothering even to learn the text.

    After an unsuccessful entry Dmitry suddenly decided to go on a geological expedition into the desert Kyzyl-Kum. Returning from a trip in 1978, he entered the Higher theatre school named after M. S. Schepkin at the rate of Mikhail Tsarev and Rimma Solntseva, from which he graduated four years later.

    When Dmitry Haratjan was 24 years old, he went to serve in the Soviet army.

    Dmitry Kharatyan movies

    With the world of cinema Dmitry Kharatyan met by chance. In the camp of «meteor» in the same unit with him rested the girl named Galya, who just wanted to become an actress. It was she who invited the 16-year-old boy to audition for a picture of Vladimir Menshov «Drawing» (1976). Interestingly, most Gali has not got even a cameo role, but Kharatyan was approved for the main role of the student Igor Grushko, which made him a real star.

    Then, in 1978, instead of final school examinations, the actor starred in the film «Photos on the wall.»

    Having received the diploma about higher education, Dmitry Kharatyan feel like a real actor, he was often invited to the shooting. Over the next two years he starred in several films, although these roles are very popularity he has added. Because of frequent filming the artist even took the opportunity to go to work in the theatre for distribution.

    In 1983 the screens out the picture «Green van», where Kharatyan played the main role. Then his partners on the set were such eminent artists of the Soviet cinema as Borislav Brondukov, Alexander Soloviev, Eduard Martsevich, Alexander Demyanenko.

    Another success in his professional career came to an actor in 1987, when he published the historical-adventure film Svetlana Druzhinina «midshipmen, forward!». Kharatyan played one of the main characters – Alyosha Korsak. This image turned Dmitri this the idol of millions.

    The actor always had a job, even in difficult for many artists of the period – 90-ies. The successful painting was «Vivat, cadets!», filmed in 1991. In 1992 he released several films, especially remembered by the audience – «Gardemariny-3», «good weather In Deribasovskaya, or Brighton beach again it rains», «hearts of three». In addition, the actor starred in comedies by Leonid Gaidai, in a detective «the Black square». Another success was the work in the film 1993 «the Secret of Queen Anna or Musketeers 30 years later», where Dmitry Kharatyan embodied two opposite image of the king of France of Louis XIV and his twin brother.

    With the advent of 2000-ies the role of an actor has changed – it began to invite mainly on the role of «charming villains», while it as had been demanded in the acting field. The most outstanding works in this period were the roles in the historical epic «Secrets of Palace revolutions» and the Comedy «supertescha for the underdog».

    In total Dmitry Kharatyan — played more than 70 roles in films. His last works were the roles in the movie «Faith, Hope, Love» (2010), «Mind and instinct» (2010), «the goldfish in town N» (2010), «Forest lake» (2011), «Boatswain Seagull» (2014), «the Mystery of the Snow Queen» (2014).

    Dmitry Kharatyan: theatre

    Not many people know that Dmitry Kharatyan since the mid 90-ies started playing in the theater – he made his debut on the stage at 35 years of age. The first artist’s work was the role in the play «Of mice and men», staged by Elena Surikova on the play by John Steinbeck. Performances are held on stage of the Mossovet Theatre.

    Then there were other performances with the participation of Dmitry Haratyan.: «Nina» (1996), «Hallam-Bund, or Hostage of Love» (2002), «Jolly fellows» (2004), «Lucky Smith» (2007) and others.

    Dmitry Kharatyan: music

    Singing career of Dmitry Haratyan began with a picture «Green van», where he performed songs on Maxim Dunaevsky’s music «Twentieth year» and «where are You, July?». But in the film «Drawing» instead, he sang a different performer.

    Singing in the artist’s life occupies a special place. He sang in various theatrical productions and films, including in «the Midshipman», «good weather In Deribasovskaya,» even took part in the rock Opera Yevgeny Yevtushenko «Go white snegi».

    Music CDs of Dmitry Haratyan was released in 1995: «the Tendency to rain» and «Hello, if you are far away…». The most famous songs in his performance were «Not to be discouraged, midshipmen,» «Oh, kings!», «Love song», «Song about Friendship», «Cheap insult to Russia.»

    In parallel with acting Dmitry Kharatyan gives solo concerts. His repertoire mainly includes tracks from popular movies and works from the repertoire of Andrey Makarevich, The Beatles, Bulat Okudzhava, Vladimir Vysotsky, Yuri Vizbor.

    Recently, the busy actor in many television shows in the quality of the contractor.

    Dmitry Kharatyan: personal life

    The personal life of the artist was formed in the years of study – Dmitry Kharatyan married student «Chips» Marina. They began living together in 1979, and a year later were married. Kharatyan believes your first marriage was ill-considered and hasty action. He says that they took this step because I wanted to help Marina to a Moscow residence permit and not to return to the province.

    In January 1984, the personal life of the actor was an important event — his daughter Alexandra. But Dmitry Haratyan and did not work exemplary family man — he had a addiction to alcoholic beverages and often «laid by the collar». This fact was decisive in the disintegration of his family.

    On the set of the Comedy «Operation «Cooperation» Gaidai in 1989 into the private life of Dmitry Haratyan became the winner of the contest «Miss Tiraspol», a student

  • Marina Maiko. When they met, the girl didn’t know about the popularity of the actor, even more than won his heart. Roman pair lasted quite a long time, and Dmitry Kharatyan could not decide on a second marriage. But after 7 years, the media reported that the couple legalized their relationship. In 1998 they had a son Ivan, who also wants to become an actor and already has experience on the set.

    Dmitry Kharatyan: filmography

    • «Drawing»
    • «Kamenskaya»
    • «Midshipmen, forward!»
    • «Black square»
    • «It is better not to know»
    • «Secret of Queen Anna or Musketeers 30 years later»
    • «Supertescha for the underdog»
    • «Faith, Hope, Love»
    • «The Mystery Of The Snow Queen»
    • «The wrong lane»

    Dmitry Kharatyan: photo

    Dmytro Kharatyan

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