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  • Name: Dmitry Karpachev ( Dmitriy Karpachev )
  • Place of birth: Kirovohrad, Ukraine
  • Activity: TV presenter, psychologist
  • Marital status: married

    Dmitry Karpachev : biography

    Dmitry Karpachova called one of the most secret» broadcasters of Ukraine. It is only known what lies on the surface. That is his work on television.

    Even Karpacheva date of birth is unknown. There is only the year 1978, and the month is December. Dmitry was born in Kirovograd. About his childhood and adolescence not saying anything. What does his parents, what activities and Hobbies were TV presenter in the early years, history is also silent.

    After graduation, Karpachev remained in his native city, where he enrolled in the University. Chose the faculty of marketing. After graduation, Dmitri decided not to put points in your education. He enrolled at the Higher school of sociology, which was established under the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. In the years Karpachova finally formed a vision of their future profession. He realized that most of all he is interested in psychology.

    So the young man sits down again on the student bench. This time Institute of management and Economics. Chooses a narrow specialization – psychology and coaching.


    TV career and biography of Dmitry Karpachova launched in 2009. Before that Dmitry worked as a psychologist consultant in his hometown and conducted trainings. Apparently, these studies did not bring high and stable earnings. So when in 2009 Karpachova received an offer from the management of the project «Shuster Live Studio», a young specialist immediately agreed. He was invited to work as a psychologist moderator.

    As the first experience on television, this post is for Dmitry Karpachova was useful. She paved the path to the heights that soon the young man began to take one after the other.

    With the «First national channel» Dmitry moved to a more dynamic and «STB». It was the right step because it is in «STB» Karpachev gained popularity among the audience. Dmitry and remains on that channel.

    Debut project on «STB» was the transfer «Rules of life». It is here that the psychologist turned TV presenter. The lack of special education is not an obstacle for career growth. Attractive, intelligent, slightly ironic leading immediately liked by the audience. The channel guide, seeing the growing popularity rankings Karpachova, has offered him a new project – a social reality show «Honey, we’re killing children.»

    The success of the transfer demonstrated that the personnel policy «STB» against Dmitry is correct. Karpacheva offer new projects, which he easily manages to turn in ranked and loved by thousands of spectators.

    «Lie detector», «16 and Pregnant», «mothers and Daughters» reality show «save our family». All of these transmission Ukrainian TV viewers watching with great interest. Dmitry Karpachova able to skillfully manage the entire shooting process, keep the audience in suspense and masterly «taxi» on the desired topic. The leader reads a previously prepared text and easily improvising.

    Personal life

    About the family of the TV presenter is quite a bit of information. It is known that personal life Dmitry Karpachova has developed well. In his native city he met a girl he loved. Today Irina a little over 30. Who is she by profession is unknown. Dmitry in an interview, said that Ira – yoga teacher.

    In 2009, Dmitry, Irina moved to the capital of Ukraine. In the same year, their wedding took place. At the end of this happy year, the couple had a son Svyatogor. That is the only child Karpacheva. Second, once let slip anchor, they think, when the son grow up and become a more independent person.


    Dmitry Karpachev

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