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  • Name: Dmitry Iskhakov ( Ishakov Dmitriy )
  • Date of birth: 1 January 1978
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: designer and fashion photographer
  • Marital status: married Polina Gagarina

    Dmitry Iskhakov: biography

    Well-known designer and a secular photographer Dmitri Iskhakov was born on 1 January 1978. About him little is known. He. says that as a child he was «short and fat, I was teased by «hamster». Girls never noticed me, and I was amorous… Now all on the contrary».

    And Dmitry says that creative thinking is he got from parents:

    «Can’t live without creativity. Apparently, to blame the family: dad writes poems, mother draws. Fall asleep with thoughts of what to remove, and they also Wake up. This is my engine and anchor.»

    A significant part of the life of Dmitry Iskhakov lived in Germany. In this country he came at the age of seventeen. At first he worked in pizza Tek pizza for several months, but then got a job in an advertising Agency for the position of designer.

    «I worked as a designer in an advertising Agency, and at some point I started to irritate a permanent condition, «I and my friend computer.» In the end, I bought myself a camera,» says Dima.

    Thus began the biography of Dmitry Iskhakov.

    Dmitry Iskhakov: career

    When he returned from Germany to Moscow, Dmitry Iskhakov first worked as a graphic designer, while continuing to do photography «for the soul.» But for several years, Dmitry has completely devoted himself to photography. He cooperates with many well-known magazines, large companies and private clients, and regularly organizes bright exhibition.

    Photography Dmitry considers calling. This occupation he manages well, as among his clients and partners include such well-known publications as «Tatler», «Numero», «Allure», «OK», «Hello», «Bazaar», «Glamour», «Wedding Magazine», «Magazine Aeroflot», «Transaero Magazine» and «Bosco di Ciliegi», «Mercury», «JTI Tabacco», football club «Dinamo» and many others.

    Among the clients of Dmitry Iskhakov many famous people from the world of politics and show business. Dmitry shot Renata Litvinova, Ravshan Kurkova, singer Zemfira and many other media-persons. To answer this question — the author of the official cover for the film of Renata Litvinova «

  • The last tale of Rita». Works by the renowned photographer enjoy success not only in Russia, they were purchased by art lovers from Australia, Hong Kong, USA, Germany, France. Dmitry Iskhakov took part in the popular TV show «mom» on the TLC channel, the leading of which was Alla Dovlatov.

    Dmitry Iskhakov: personal life

    Iskhakov is known not only as a secular photographer, but also a great lady-killer and womanizer. In the secular parties, there were rumors about the novels Iskhakova with Renata Litvinova and RAVENOL Kursovoy. With the latter he met in Malta, where Dmitry was shooting for a romantic photo shoot Ravshan and her husband Artyom Tkachenko. Back in Moscow, the young people called and soon began to appear together at social events. Marriage Ravshan and Artem soon collapsed. There were rumors that Dmitry Iskhakov and ravshana Kurkova’s married, the photographer even gave his beloved an engagement ring, but before the wedding, it never came.

    Personal life Dmitry Iskhakov again has become a top subject, when in 2013 he began meeting with Polina Gagarina. Iskhakov and Gagarin met on a photo shoot. The couple became engaged during the spring trip in 2014 in France. Dmitry made an offer, Polina is very beautiful: he put a ring on the finger of his beloved in Paris from the bridge of lovers.

    9 Sep 2014 Polina Gagarina and Dmitry Iskhakov married. The wedding took place in the Tver registry office of Moscow. The ceremony was attended only by relatives of the bride and groom, including 6-year-old son Polina Gagarina from his first marriage to Peter Kislov.

    Honeymoon. and Gagarin spent in Malta.

    Dmitry Iskhakov: photo

    Dmitry Iskhakov

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