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  • Name: Dmitry Isaev ( Dmitriy Isayev )
  • Date of birth: 23 January 1973
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Dmitry Isaev: biography

    Dmitry Isaev – modern theater and film actor, known to viewers for her role of crown Prince Alexander in the popular television series «Poor Nastya».

    Born Dmitry Isaev 23 Jan 1973 in Leningrad to a musical family. His parents were actors famous at the time of the Bolshoi drama theater, which has invested all his efforts for the development of my son’s acting talent. Three years young Dima was already able to read and in six years went to study at the «advanced» school, which at the time was finished the grandchildren of Alexander Pushkin. In school sports, and all students from the first days of school actively involved in sports. Was no exception and Isaev – the boy chose athletics. However, from early childhood, Dima had a special passion for music, and in parallel with the secondary school he was engaged in music, class of violin.

    After 7th grade the guy realized that not cope with the load in front of him was the choice between sports and music. After much deliberation, Dmitry Isaev chose music and enrolled in music school. Rimsky-Korsakov. Dmitry says that at the time of admission to the school of music in it already a little faded passion for art, as in the period of adolescence a «particular» age of guy easy to get along with discipline and requirements of the teachers. At one point Isayev dropped out of school, does not come together with his teacher in a single opinion regarding the choice of repertoire.

    When the boys had issue with the choice of the University, Dmitry Isaev completely relied on parents who took care of him the entire initial period of life. To become an artist the guy is no desire, because all his childhood and youth he had seen enough of the harsh everyday life of actors on a stage and wanted a future. At one point Dimitri was going to go to medical school and become a surgeon, but a friend of the guy Olga Volkova, at the time an aspiring actress, in the literal sense of the word took Isaeva «the collar» and sent to arrive in theatrical Institute. The guy could not resist her persuasion and filed documents in LGITMiK, but failed the entrance exams on history. So become a student of the theatre Institute has turned out only from the second time.

    Student years Isaeva have been quite easy, he found a common language with his teacher Vladimir Vladimirovich Petrov and science has been studied. Along with learning a young man moonlighting as a fitness trainer, masseur, and at one point even worked as a store Manager. Also Dmitry Isaev worked briefly as a TV and radio presenter.

    Movies and theatre

    Actor biography of Dmitry Isaev began at age 14 when a guy began working in the theatre «Shelter comedian» Yuri Tomaszewski. He played many roles of a different nature. After graduating in 1996 LGITMiK continued to work in the «Shelter comedian», combining the work with the theatre. Komissarzhevskaya scene which eventually became a permanent work space.

    The first debut in film was the role of the violinist Mozart in the French film «Debussy, or Mademoiselle Shu-Shu» in the period of schooling. After that, actor biography Isaev for a long time was in «sleep» condition – the young man was not invited to the movies, and he is not much sought. He likes more in the dark than the harsh everyday life of the actor.

    Over time, the opinion and plans regarding the movie has changed, which contributed to them they are going to play the role of Fame in the film «Lady Victory». The following roles Robert Patrick was of a more incidental character, he played a small episode in the movie «Gangster Petersburg», «Streets of broken lamps», «mongoose», «Chronicle of love.»

    The main role of Robert Patrick in the popular TV series «Poor Nastya» was his real triumph and brought the recognition of the audience. The actor loved the character of the crown Prince Alexander, despite the fact that Dmitry was very difficult to be translated into «soap» role.

    Among the last works were the role Isaev in the movie «Not a couple», «Provocateur», «the Road home», «the True life».

    Personal life

    Personal life Robert Patrick also rich as his career. In society men find an experienced ladies ‘ man, which are popular with women. Currently Isaev is already in the third official marriage with her Horn.

    His first wife Dmitry has got acquainted in student’s years. His choice was actress Asya Shibarova that Isaev gave birth to two twin daughters – Pauline and Sophia. The girls followed in the footsteps of parents and is already active in films.

    The second wife of Dmitry – honored artist of Russia, a ballerina Inna Bulgakova, where the artist lived for about 6 years. According to media reports, their marriage broke up due to the efforts of best friend ina — ex-ballerina Oksana Horn that stole it Dima.

    Loving guy and the third time he tied the knot, officially being married to Oksana Horn. Moreover, in addition to the registry, Dmitry Isaev and his wife Oksana were married in the Church. In June 2014, the family got an heir Sasha.

    The last time the man was spotted by reporters in a love affair with Nonna Grishaeva. According to the media, Dmitry Isaev and Nonna Grishaeva in love with each other not only on stage, but in real life. Famous actors now play together in the play «Warsaw melody», created specifically for nonnu. It is known that the main character personally chose their partner in the play. They became Dmitry Isaev, whom sci was seen in the secret life closely. In this situation, Isayev is more than restraint – he does not comment on speculation of journalists and is credited with an affair with Nonna Grishaeva, and continues to enjoy his personal life and work.


    • «Lady Victory.»
    • «The sins of the fathers»
    • «War and peace»
    • «Full breath»
    • «Vicissitudes of fate»
    • «Obsessed»
    • «Vow of silence»
    • «Terminal»
    • «Sect»
    • «The last victim»
    • «Flowers of evil»
    • «The road home»

    Dmitry Isaev: photo

    Dmitry Isaev

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