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  • Name: Dmitry Guberniev ( Dmitriy Guberniev )
  • Date of birth: 6 October 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Drezna
  • Height: 200
  • Activity: TV presenter, sports commentator
  • Marital status: Divorced

    Dmitry Guberniev: biography

    Dmitry Guberniev, a Russian sports commentator and host of TV programs. Awarded the order for merit to the Fatherland IV degree, order of friendship and «taffy» 2007-2015.

    Dmitry Guberniev commented on great sporting events, alerts about news in the world of sport, is entertainment, and he enjoys singing. Before the start of the television career was a leading master of sports in rowing.

    Dmitry Guberniev was born in Moscow region, Orekhovo-Zuevskaya district in city Drezna. This event occurred on 6 October 1974 in the family of the glassmaker and pharmacist.

    Dima since childhood in various sports. Tried his hand in hockey, football, skiing, and eleven years after a chance meeting with his mother the future coach of Ludmila Nikolaevna, Boltryk became thoroughly rowing and to study at the Institute had become a master of sports, champion of Moscow, winner of several competitions of Federal and international importance.

    After graduating from high school, the province became a student of the coaching Department of the Russian Academy of physical culture, from which he graduated with honors. After receiving higher education, the young man sought to get to the Olympics 1996 in Atlanta, but his wish didn’t come true. Then Dmitri decided to try himself as a sports television commentator dreamed about since early childhood.

    Had to work first as a coach and then as a security guard. Dima has a diploma of Institute of improvement of professional skill of workers of radio and television. In 1997 he began his television career.

    Dmitry Guberniev: TV

    Dmitry Guberniev in seven years, held its first successful Amateur sports review. His childhood dream came true. In 1997, winning the competition held on the new channel TVTs, he was appointed sports commentator and host of sporting news heading. And since 1998 also commented on the matches on the channel «Eurosport», reviewed «Eurogay» and magazines of the Champions League.

    At the invitation of Vasily Aleksandrovich Kiknadze in August 2000, appears in the program «Vesti» channel «Russia». Soon the TV viewers saw Dmitri and the channel «Sport». In the period from 2000 to 2005, presenter led their copyright transfer: «sports Week with Dmitry Guberniev», «Sport week», «Biathlon with Dmitry Guberniev».

    Dmitry Guberniev is not only a sports commentator, but also presenter. Russian television viewers saw his appearance in such television projects as «Fort Boyard» and «Who wants to be Maxim Galkin». Gubaryev was not only intelligent show, but also was a co-host paired with Maxim Galkin on the program «Star ice». For several years Dmitry entertains the Russians in the «new blue lights».

    Television life Dmitry Guberniev never skip a beat. He has participated as a commentator at the Olympic Games and competitions «Eurovision». Guberniev love KVN, while he leads the program «This is ridiculous». In August 2013 Dmitry took the position of editor-in-chief of sports channels of VGTRK.

    Dmitriy is a very responsible approach to each of its airing. He is preparing for any match or competition, especially when it comes to such sports as sumo wrestling, freestyle, tennis, hockey. He’s not used to dry reviews, prefers to talk about matches and tournaments with the addition of stories from the lives of athletes.

    Guberniev managed to win and the glory of the controversial leader, as ugly spoke to the football goalkeeper Vyacheslav Malofeyev and he was killed in a car accident his wife Marina. Dmitry had to apologize and pay partial damages.

    On this incident in a live broadcast for Chelsea is not over. At the opening ceremony of the Sochi winter Olympics of 2014, the commentator introduced the team of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, confused athletes of Mongolia, Iceland and the Dominican Republic. Before the teams had to publicly apologize.

    Dmitry Guberniev is engaged not only in sports commentary and entertainment maintains the television, but seriously heavy music. The host is a true music lover and prefers the style of heavy metal. In 2013, the album «Wind of biathlon», where the province has already acted in the role of singer.

    Dmitry Guberniev: personal life

    Dmitry leads a healthy lifestyle, keeps fit. Summer enjoys swimming and boating, and in winter biathlon and skiing.

    He doesn’t really like to talk about his personal life. But, it is known that he was married to athlete and world champion in athletics

  • Olga Bogoslovskaya. In this marriage in 2002 was born the only son of Dmitry Michael. The family split up, but the province is taking active part in the upbringing of their child. After breaking up with Olga and Dmitry met his first love, Lena, who is engaged in interior decoration and is far from sports and television.

    Dmitry Guberniev: photo

    Dmitry Guberniev

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