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  • Name: Dmitry Gordon ( Dmitriy Gordon )
  • Date of birth: 21 October 1967
  • Age: 49 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev
  • Height: 184
  • Activity: writer, journalist, broadcaster, singer
  • Marital status: married

    Dmytro Gordon: biography

    Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon – a native of Kiev. He was born 21 Oct 1967 in Kiev, has lived in this city today. From the hospital Dmitry wrote in a communal apartment on Lev Tolstoi square. The only memory from that period – a lot of people in a small area and outside toilet occupied by rats. Soon, his parents received a separate one-bedroom apartment the family moved to live to Borschagovka.

    Dmitry Gordon grew up a curious child, he was particularly interested in maps and atlases. To five years he had read and knew by heart all the countries and capitals. In school he started at age 6 and at age 15 received a high school diploma. The journalist says he «saved» two years because I passed the exams for grades 5-6 students.

    He was a good student, teachers appreciated his inquisitive mind is in the 3rd grade he was teaching instead of teachers if they were sick, and evaluated the knowledge of classmates. Dmitry was interested in history, cinema, music, theatre, football.

    After leaving school he entered the Institute of civil engineering. It was in 1983. Engineering did not appeal to him, but for journalism to do at the time was meaningless – Jewish origin was prevented. Dmitry Gordon said that 5 years was tormented at the Institute and graduated only because the teachers were in his position, and father and buddies into doing his drawings and coursework, thesis project.

    Training Dmitri was a two – year break, he served in the army, received the rank of Sergeant, commanded the Department. There he became a candidate in the ranks of the Communist party, but party members have not arrived. Says that the party ideology was a stranger to him.


    Journalism Gordon started in the second year of high school. It was published in the Newspapers «Komsomolskaya banner», «Evening Kiev», «Sports newspaper» and a few Ukrainian-language publications. Then there was the collaboration with the «Komsomolskaya Pravda», which at that time was printed with a circulation of 22 million copies.

    After graduation, Gordon received the distribution not the enterprise, and in the editorial office of «Evening Kiev». Request by the staff of the newspaper. He worked in the editorial office of «Evening Kiev» until 1992, and then moved to the «Kiev Vedomosti».

    In 1995 Dmitry Gordon took up his own project – weekly «Boulevard». It specialized in secular news and worked for 10 years. In 2005, he was replaced by the «Gordon Boulevard» with a circulation of 570 thousand. The newspaper is distributed in Ukraine, Russia, Germany, America and several other countries.


    In parallel with the work in the «Gordon Boulevard» Dimitri began to write and publish your own book. His first book — «My soul suffers deadly» was released in 1999. The author publishes his conversation with the psychic Anatoly Kashpirovsky.

    Many of his works dedicated to the stars of showbiz, sports, politics and cinema, is among the books of Gordon documentary and artistic works. Today he published 47 books, including 8 volumes of «heroes of the time of troubles.»


    Dmitry Gordon was also interested in stage. He recorded about 60 songs, among them «Lost girls», «Our moms», «First love», «Fireplace», «I’m smiling for you», «Winter», «Cellular», etc. He took off solo clips, and more clips in duets with such famous artists as Alexander Rosenbaum, Natalya Mogilevskaya, Valery Leontiev and others

    In the box of the Gordon’s seven albums. The last is «River of hope» — was recorded in 2014.

    Personal life

    Dmitry Gordon was married twice. His first wife – Elena Serbina, with whom he lived in marriage until 2011. The couple have four children. Senior graduated from Kyiv Institute of international relations, is keen on photography. The second son is studying instrumental music in Boston.

    On his birthday in October 2011 Dmitry Gordon first appeared with a new companion — Olesya. He doesn’t like talking about his personal life, but reporters found that Ales Barman working at Savik Shuster, she’s younger than Gordon for 17 years.

    In 2012, the couple had a daughter Santa. Judging by the photos Olesya and Dmitry share with clients in social networks, in their relations there is an absolute idyll. But as actually nobody knows, because public people are able to hide the truth behind a screen of beautiful pictures and social events.


    • «Under a magnifying glass»
    • «Dialogue of a lifetime»
    • «Stars of the political firmament»
    • «Light and shadow»
    • «Men’s conversation»
    • «The height of loneliness»
    • «Frankly»
    • «Between past and future»
    • «Restless memory»
    • «Not for show»


    • «Still to come»
    • «Foreign wife»
    • «You and I»
    • «The first time»
    • «Vanity»
    • «River of hope»
    • «I’m smiling for you»


    Dmytro Gordon

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