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  • Name: Dmitry Dibrov ( Dmitry Dibrov )
  • Date of birth: 14 November 1959
  • Age: 57 years
  • Place of birth: Rostov-na-Donu
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: presenter, journalist, producer, singer, actor
  • Marital status: married to Pauline Nagradova

    Dibrov: biography

    The viewer Dibrov is known as a talented and attractive leading popular programs, «O lucky man!» and «Who wants to be a millionaire?». However, some know that he is also the Creator of several television projects and founder of radio Kuranty. To achieve popularity, the facilitator had to overcome a long and difficult path.

    Dmitry was born 14 November 1959 in an intelligent Soviet family in Rostov-on-don. His father, Alexander Afanasievich held the honorary position of the Dean of Rostov state University, and her mother Tatyana Valentinovna household and raising children. When the boy was four years old, his parents split up. Soon, the mother remarried, and raising a young Dima was engaged in his stepfather Nicholas. A huge impact on the world and the future life the host had his older brother Vladimir, who was a correspondent on one of the local channels. Dibrov admired him and wanted to be like, this explains the subsequent choice of profession.

    After graduating from high school, the future televiduŝie filed documents at the Rostov state University at the philological faculty, where he directed and taught by his father. With a degree in journalism he received in 1981.

    Dibrov: career

    From the beginning of his career, Dmitri has realized that if he wants to achieve fame and success, he should go to the capital, where there were more opportunities and space for action. Career Dubrava developed quite rapidly: he changed one editor to another, turning into increasingly well-known and significant printed editions like «Moskovsky Komsomolets» and information Agency of Russia «TASS».

    In 1987, the journalist has worked in television, where he directed programs for youth and to do stories on musical subjects for the project «the Look». After a year, the debut of Dmitry as a host and co-sponsor of the program. Together with his colleague and friend Andrey Stolyarov artist came up with a Comedy project, which consists of a collection of funny stories in news format. The TV show «Installation» was popular among viewers, and the channel management has decided to extend it for another few releases. December 27, 1993 was the last series of the show.

    In 1998 in the quarry of Dubrava was a real breakthrough. He invented and created the program «

  • Anthropology», which was broadcast on the channel «TELEXPO» in the night live. What the show was very innovative. Any viewer or listener because the program in parallel sounded in the Wake of «Silver rain», can call on the phone or type a message using the pager directly to the Studio. The audience could speak without fear of censorship, and the host managed to maintain an informative conversation with anyone. Dmitry has created the present exemplary talk shows. After a year of broadcasting program is switched to the TV channel «NTV» that pretty pleased the master. According to him, work on the private television much easier, especially because «NTV» not chasing popularity and incredible rating, allowing the talk show not to change the format. In 1999, Dibrov became the leading program «
  • O lucky man!, which brought him nationwide fame and popularity. To a large extent on the success of the project has affected the image of the leader. His charisma and acting he kept the interest and excitement of the audience. After the change of management of the channel Dibrov has left the program and «NTV». But talented and progressive leading left without work. Almost immediately his whole team, «Anthropology» invited the eminent Director-General Konstantin Ernst. Dmitry was appointed head of the night air, and he led the program «Night shift». Later it was renamed the «Apology». Until 2003, leading finally gave up on the show, since in many ways it has turned into a blessing and is the guest program that was not happy with Dmitri. The ratings also left much to be desired and Dibrov has left the project, and soon he is «the First channel».

    Some time worked for a leading TV channel «Russia», where he led several programs. But they were not as successful as his previous projects, and one by one ceased to exist. In 2006, the journalist left the channel and for two years has disappeared from television.

    In 2008, Dibrov returned on «the First channel» which became the presenter of «Who wants to be a millionaire?» was the successor to the show «O lucky man!». With the advent of Dmitry, the ratings of the program crept up again.

    Dmitry also greatly enjoys music. He’s playing you amazing instrument — the banjo. In 2001, together with a group of Anthropology he published his first and only album called «Rum and Pepsi-Cola.»

    In 2003 founded the leading radio station «Chimes», which main feature was a large range of styles: from classic rock to popular hits of the sixties. Dmitry took the position of editor-in-chief, whose duties included the creation of the image and the image of the radio station. A year later, the radio was closed because the new owners decided to completely change the concept and repertoire of the wave.

    Dibrov: personal life

    Dibrov was married four times. His first wife was a girl named Elvira. In 1985 they had a son Denis. Dibrov was forced to work to support his family and young wife, unable to withstand such a stressful life left him.

    Following the beloved actor was Olga, who was much younger than her husband. Love Dibrov has made a proposal to the girl, but this marriage ended after six years. This Union had a daughter, Lada, who along with his mother moved to France, where he lives to this day.

    In 2008, leading again and got married. His wife was resident of Rostov-on-don Alexander Shevchenko, who conquered the heart of an artist her youth and beauty. The young wife was younger than her husband of 26 years that ultimately caused the divorce. The girl had big plans for the future, and she didn’t want to be just wife of the TV star.

    But Dibrov long been one. A month later he announced the upcoming wedding with Pauline Nagradova. With the young model he had met at a beauty contest, she was only 17 years old. The artist made the young beauty to offer, but the girl was frightened and refused him. A year and a half leading met again with Pauline. This time she agreed to marry him. The wedding took place March 28, 2009. In 2010 they had their first son, Alexander, after three years Fedor, and in may 2015 was born the third Dibrov-younger Ilya.

    Dibrov: TV shows

    • Look
    • Installation
    • Anthropology
    • O lucky man!
    • Night shift
    • Apology
    • Who wants to be a millionaire?
    • Dibrov-party
    • Violent games
    • The marriage game
    • My address — Rostov-na-Donu

    Dibrov: photo

    Dmitry Dibrova Polina Dibrova

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