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  • Name: Dmitry Caracois ( Dmitriy Sharakois )
  • Date of birth: 15 January 1986
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Dmitry Caracois: biography

    The audience came to know and love him as a weakling-Intern Boris Levin, but in life he is different – stylish and sporty.

    Actor Dmitry Caracois was born 15 January 1986. He grew up a normal boy, he loved to play football and hooligans in the school. Says they often fought, which drove his teacher. Has happened him to get injured: once Dmitry broke his nose so I had to do two operations to restore the nasal septum.

    Dmitry Caracois in childhood
    Dmitry Caracois in childhood | the World of Great people

    On vacation Caracois went to the village to the grandmother, who lived near Yaroslavl. She kept the farm, and grandson, helping her dream to become a farmer and raise sheep. Dmitry loves the outdoors, and as a child he liked to watch the sheep graze the grass. He says pretentious night clubs and crazy rhythm of the metropolis – this is not it.

    However, a farmer he did not – he joined the acting faculty of GITIS. In 2006 Dmitry Caracois received a diploma and to engage seriously in the career.


    After graduation Dmitry Caracois worked at the Moscow youth Theatre. A year later he gained experience and moved into the Theatre. V. Mayakovsky. He was involved in performances: «the Green bird», «Two maple», «Peter pan».

    Dmitry Caracois in the production
    Dmitry Caracois in the production of»heart of a Dog» | Komsomolskaya Pravda

    Periodically an actor is invited to performances of other theatres. At the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, he played Edmund in «the Secret of the old Cabinet,» and at the Taganka Theater appeared in the form of don Fernando in the play «the Duenna».


    Movie Caracois began acting in the third year of RATI — debuted in a cameo role in the film «Love and paint». Last year the Institute adopted him at a small role in «9 Rota», and then was shooting in the series «Chronicles of lethal Department» and «My fair nanny». But the popularity of Dmitri these projects are not brought. His finest hour came in 2010 when he appeared in the role of Intern Boris Levin in the TV series «Interns».

    Dmitry Caracois in the series
    Dmitry Caracois in the TV series «Interns» | Film Steers

    Dmitri was the opening of the project, because it is so clearly and uniquely performed klutz Boris that the audience fell in love with the actor. His character has nothing to do with the lifestyle of the actor, but he managed to get into the character and most likely convey the nature of a novice doctor. When Dmitry Caracois is gone from the show, the audience was hoping for his speedy return. Journalists wrote about the conflict between Saragosa with Christine Asmus, wrote about the financial side of this decision, but Dmitry has denied this version. The actor explained that he does not want to become hostage to his role – a notorious boy.

    The first few months Dmitry was offered a similar role, but in his filmography began to appear interesting and diverse projects. He starred in the film «Pregnant», the series «Prodigal children», the remake of «prisoner of the Caucasus». In «Prodigal children» Dmitry Caracois played a boxer who takes a lot of showers: he had to strip naked, but the actor is not complexed. The actor says that he is a nudist, besides he has something to show.

    Personal life

    He’s not married, periodically appears at premieres of films and other social events, accompanied by the girls, but time for personal life because of the employment it is not enough. Dmitry says that he doesn’t like pretentious, arrogant, impregnated with silicone girls. His ideal of natural sexuality, curvy, intelligence and thrift.

    In parallel with shootings in movie Dmitry Caracois hones his directorial skills – takes small movies, voiced them and uploading to social networks.

    Actor Dmitry Caracois
    Actor Dmitry Caracois | tvnz

    In his spare time the actor is lying on the couch and watching movies. His home happy – cat Fiona. His car is always pruning knife with which he cuts your bonsai. Bonsai – another passion of the actor.

    Caracois loves gadgets, unique accessories and stylish clothes.


    • «9 Rota»
    • The squad
    • «Prodigal children»
    • «Interns»
    • «The artist»
    • «The case investigator Nikitin»
    • «Pregnant»
    • «Prisoner of the Caucasus!»
    • «School № 1»
    • «Territory»


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