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  • Name: Dmitry Breadin ( Dmitrii Brekotkin )
  • Date of birth: 28 March 1970
  • Age: 46 years
  • Place of birth: Yekaterinburg
  • Activity: comedian, presenter, actor
  • Marital status: married to Catherine Precoding

    Dmitry Breakin: biography

    Actor and comedian Dmitry Breakin at least visually well-known by every fan of KVN: he was one of the persons of the team «Ural dumplings» in the late nineties and with this creative Union is working so far.

    Dmitry Breckin was born on 28 March 1970 in the city of Yekaterinburg, then Sverdlovsk. It is known that Dmitry is the brother and the mother worked for many years as a medic in vehicles.

    In a child, the future comedian was much engaged in sports, although few have stayed for long. In high school he received the title of candidate master of sports in Sambo. In addition, among his teenage Hobbies were badminton, swimming, orienteering, skiing, wrestling. It all began with Boxing, which the boy took to give the back yard punks. And after a few workouts young Bramatkin really ceased to hurt.

    Dmitry quite a lot of time spent talking with the guys from the yard, and it certainly left an imprint on his character and behavior: the boy grew cocky, and his parents repeatedly called «on the carpet» in school. At that time there were no prerequisites to ensure that Dima will become a nationally-known humorist.

    After school Dmitry has not entered the Institute, but because, upon reaching adulthood, went straight into the army and he served two years in armor. After returning home, the young man entered the Ural Polytechnical Institute on a speciality «machining of non-ferrous metals». This work was not interested, Dmitry: the choice was based on a very low competition for this specialty. The institution eventually gave Dmitry a ticket to the world of KVN, but this was not the most trivial way.

    Dmitry Breakin: KVN

    In the mid-nineties in the student building detachment Dmitry got acquainted with Sergey Yershov and Dmitry Sokolov. Sergei was in the team «Ural dumplings» since its inception in 1993, but the falcons were the mastermind of the team and the people he recruited there just because of the different construction teams home Institute.

    Dmitry Breakin agreed to participate in the project and not quit the team even after he was expelled from school for academic failure and chronic truancy.

    After graduation from the Institute Dima worked briefly as a Builder-as a laborer, and worked his way from the simple worker to the master construction crews. But when it came time to choose between work and «Club of Cheerful and Resourceful», Breckin made a choice in favor of the scene, even this decision was not easy for him.

    In 1995, the Ekaterinburg team «

  • Ural dumplings» literally burst onto the stage of KVN. On the demand of the trade Union Committee of the University guys are coming to winter festival of KVN teams in Sochi and at the end of the event immediately fall into the Highest League of KVN. In the Premier League they will be delayed until 2007. From 1995 to 1998, «Ural dumplings» could not get beyond the quarter-finals of the Higher League, in 1999, was defeated in the semi-finals, but in 2000, the team unexpectedly won the title of champion.

    More «Dumplings» Champions League did not become, but they achieved the main thing: a talented Urals noticed and appreciated. In addition, a list of their titles and awards has been built up gradually: in 2002, the team won the musical contest «wailing kivin» and proved his superiority in the fight for the super Cup-Champions of the KVN.

    In 2007, the «Ural dumplings» has broken up with KVN and come to grips with the career.

    Dmitry Breakin: TV

    In 2006 «Ural dumplings» came up with the first developments on the future of the programme. In 2007, the same year the team created the sketch show «

  • Show New» that came on TNT and was prepared by staff in the ordering of Comedy Club Production. The program was a parody of conventional news, with all its attendant elements: interviews, reports from events, teleconferences, and aired under the cheerful slogan «We have something to say!». Sketch show lasted on the screen for two years, and only left twenty-three release of the software. Of course, Dmitry Breakin appeared on the show constantly, as one of the Central actors of the «Ural dumplings.»

    The next major project was the project «

  • South Butovo.» There Brackin worked in the role of the protagonist, who came to Moscow to visit her brother and stayed away for a long time. The format of this transmission was brand new to national television: improv Comedy show, no script. Alexander Tsekalo, the producer of the project, very much risked, but «the Ural pelmeni» have proved themselves as reliable partners and excellent professionals of a comic genre.

    From 2009 to the present day creative enterprise producing performances «

  • Show «the Ural pelmeni» on STS, which this year already enjoys great popularity and love of spectators. In the asset Bradina few more memorable projects in tandem with «Dumplings». In particular, from 2011 to 2013 on STS channel out sketch show «Unreal story», a humorous and provocative rethinking of historical events and just an entertaining show in the entourage of «antique». The project has successfully withstood three seasons.

    In addition to employment in other comic projects starting in 2013 Dmitry Breakin is the face advertising the satellite operator «Tricolor TV».

    Dmitry Breakin: personal life

    With his wife

  • Catherine Dmitry have got acquainted in student construction team. The couple were married in late December 1995, and in 1997 the couple had a daughter, who was named Anastasia. In 2004 Breading in the family happened replenishment: was born the second daughter Elizabeth. It is not excluded that there will be another child: Dima does not hide that very much wants a son, and persuades his wife to have another child. Dmitry is an exemplary family man and loves his wife and children, although frequently not see them for a long time. However Bragadini refuse to move to Moscow, say, in Ekaterinburg they more familiar and more comfortable.

    Dmitry Breakin: TV shows

    • Out of native square metres
    • Thank God, you came!
    • Very Russian detective
    • Cat logic
    • Give youth!
    • Big difference
    • The day of knowledge in our
    • The show «Ural dumplings»
    • Violent games
    • South Butovo
    • Unreal story

    Dmitry Breakin: photo

    Dmitry Breakin

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