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  • Name: Dmitry Bikbaev ( Dmitriy Bikbaev )
  • Date of birth: March 15, 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Ussuriysk
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: Singer, actor, Director
  • Marital status: Not married

    Dmitry Bikbaev: biography

    Dmitry Bikbaev was born 15 March 1988 in the maternity hospital of the city of Ussuriysk. The name of the son chosen by the father of Dima Amiris Khamzievich in honor of his grandfather.

    In addition to Dima in the family grew up the eldest son Alexander. But the characters of the brothers were very different. Dmitry was more calm but inquisitive and artistic little boy. In the kindergarten №1, and then at school No. 669, he sang on all holidays and festivities, entertained friends and teachers.

    Dmitry Bikbaev in childhood
    Baby photo | Music galaxy

    At an early age Dmitry Bikbaev visited a dance club and gymnastics section. These classes took a lot of effort and time, but Dima was everywhere: at school, other assessments, except «excellent», the teacher he did not put.

    Realizing that for the successful future you need to get a good education, at age 14 the guy left your favorite, but a provincial town and went to the capital. Here he studied his older brother. In Moscow Dmitry Bikbaev went to study in high school. Soon after passing the exams as an external student, received the matriculation certificate.

    In the capital, Dmitry Bikbaev time was not wasted. He developed his main talent is vocal. For this he took lessons from mentors and regularly participated in various music competitions and festivals. In 2005 he won the Grand Prix at the festival «Cup of Russia on vocals.» And the following year he was awarded the main prize of the International festival «Art-Transit», appreciating the great pop vocals of the young talent.

    Dmitry Bikbaev
    Participated in many music competitions |

    It is noteworthy that all of these victories came to Dima at the time, when he was listed as a student of the famous GITIS, which he entered in 2004. Dmitry Bikbaev was accepted to the talented artist and mentor of Sergei Prokhanov. Mr Ivanov noted the artistry of the guy and asked him to try the forces in the Theater of the moon.


    Theatrical biography of Dmitry Bikbaeva began on the stage of this theater. The actor made his debut in the play «Fanta-Infanta» in the role of the Artist. The debut was a brilliant young talent was applauded by the whole room. It seems that it was then a novice artist realized that the stage is his second calling.

    Dmitry Bikbaev on the scenario of the theater.
    In the play «Orpheus and Eurydice» | terraart

    After the first played the role in the repertoire of the actor there were still a few. Dmitry Bikbaev was occupied in many performances, but he had the strength to do the vocals. He was torn between singing and acting, but to give up one thing for another: the actor and the singer couldn’t decide which of these two positions is closer and more expensive.

    GITIS Dmitry Bikbaev graduated with honors.

    «Star factory» and the duet «Encore»

    Fame and glory came to dime thanks to the advent on the TV screen in the popular TV show «star Factory». Dmitry Bikbaev successfully passed the casting for season 7 of the project.

    Here Siberian met Vlad Sokolovsky, another «manufacturer». Creative and talented people during your stay on the project decided to create a boys band. The Duo was called «Bis» for first letters of names.

    Dmitry Bikbaev and Vlad Sokolovsky
    Vlad Sokolovsky |

    Patronage over the boy band took Konstantin Meladze. Thanks to the mater children could record their first song. The song «Encore», «Your or nobody», «Kate» and «Boat» millions of listeners both in the countries of the former Soviet Union and in Eastern Europe.

    It is noteworthy that Dmitry Bikbaev impressed viewers with his first appearance on the screen. This low (Dima growth 170 centimeters) and a charming blonde with a sincere smile so endeared himself to fans of «American idol», the producers were forced to return it to the project.

    The Duo Bikbaeva and Sokolovsky «Encore» lasted only two years. But in that time managed to have an army of fans, winning several awards and going to the top of musical Olympus. But in 2010, the Duo suddenly collapsed. The decision was taken by Vlad Sokolovsky, put Dima before the fact. Fans of the «Bis» memory remains in the album «Bipolar world», which included the last track of the guys with the telling title «the Void».

    The group «4POST» and TV

    But Dmitry Bikbaev didn’t give up. Soon he created his own band «4POST», which became the frontman. Birthday is 27 September 2010.

    Popularity came to guys pretty quickly. In 2012 Dmitry Bikbaev with Boris Akimov and Shamil by Ahmetzhanova gave the world his debut album «4POST No. 1».

    Dmitry Bikbaev I. group
    The group «4POST» | LiveInternet

    Don’t forget that all this time Dmitry Bikbaev went on stage. In 2012, the theatre work kept him too much time and effort, because the young artist was offered the post of Director of the theater «Small Moon». In the same year there were two premieres. Dmitry Bikbaev was the producer of the plays «the Tale of the Queen of the night» and «Orpheus and Eurydice».

    It is noteworthy that the viewers saw Dmitry Bikbaeva, not only as a singer but also as actor. The actor starred in the project «Defects and their fans», «Rublevka Live», «Kulagin and partners» and «kadetstvo». In March 2014, the talented Siberian appeared in a small role in the Hollywood Thriller «Black rose».

    I tried my hand Dmitry Bikbaev and literature. He wrote the book «I. Sense. Love», which was released in 2010. This is a peculiar mix of philosophical short stories and fiction stories.

    Dmitry Bikbaev in the show
    In the image of Dima Bilan in the show «one to One» | Russia 1

    In 2014 Dmitry Bikbaev fans to participate in the project «one to One». All images Dima enjoyed the approval of the public. But the show was marred by a nasty scandal.

    Artist in one of the issues turned into the Queen Natasha. Members of the jury Yuri Stoyanov, Maxim Galkin and Alexey Chumakov has criticized the number and put the artist. In the hearts of Dmitry Bikbaev threw the microphone and left the stage. Never came back even after persuasion Stoyanov. However, he remained on the project until the end.

    Dmitry Bikbaev and group
    The Group «The Apostle» | Star Trek

    In 2016, Dmitry Bikbaev continues to delight fans with their creativity. He has created a new group, called «the Apostle.» Dima – frontman of the band.

    Personal life

    The busy schedule is not an obstacle for busy personal life Dmitry Bikbaeva. His first novel happened in his student years at GITIS. He fell in love with his same age Xenia Baskakov. For some time, the pair even lived together under one roof – at my parents ‘ house Susie. But the period of stay of Dima on the project «Factory of stars» proved to be too much of a challenge for lovers.

    Kseniya are unable to cope with jealousy and resentment when he saw that a huge army of fans that showed up at her beloved. The couple broke up.

    Dmitry Bikbaev, V. Victoria Danek.
    Victoria Dayneko | the Fan club

    At the time there were rumors about the affair that erupted between «manufacturers» does Bikbaeva and Victoria Daineko. They really were together, and even, according to unconfirmed information, were going to get married. But for some reason the wedding did not take place. Two stars suddenly broke up.

    Fans of Dima was very happy when I heard about the new love of his idol. In social networks rumors about the affair between Vladimir Bikbaev and actress Irina Antonenko. Talking about the imminent marriage of the singer. But again it did not happen. As it turned out, between this pair was only friends: Ira recently got married.

    Dmitry Bikbaev and Irina Antonenko
    Irina Antonenko | FB

    It is noteworthy that since Dmitry Bikbaev about his personal life says. Perhaps afraid to jinx his luck.


    • 2009 – «the Bipolar world» (Encore)
    • 2012 – «4POST No. 1»


    • 2005 – «the taxi driver – 4»
    • 2005 – «Vices and their fans»
    • 2005 – Rublevka Live
    • 2005 — «Kulagin and partners» series («Roof»)
    • 2006 — «kadetstvo» (episode 24)
    • 2007 – «adulthood girls Polina Subbotina»
    • 2011 – «Mistress of my Fate»
    • 2013 — «the Black rose»
    • 2014 — «Changing lives»
    • 2014 — «Cult»


    Dmitry Bikbaev

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