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  • Name: Mr Bee ( Pchela Dmitriy )
  • Date of birth: 21 may 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Tallinn
  • Height: 186
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: Married

    Dmitry Bee: a biography

    Dmitry Bee, the brilliant and charismatic actor, loved by viewers of the role of the businessman Anton in the TV series «Give my love», was born in Russian family 21 may 1984 in the capital of Estonia Tallinn. As a teenager Dmitry was reading the plays of Shakespeare, the works of Chekhov and Dostoevsky. Parents of Dmitry in no way connected with the cinema: my mother works as an economist and father a fisherman.

    Dmitry Bee in childhood
    Dmitry Bee in childhood | the Source

    About his unusual surname, the actor says with humor. In his childhood he was ashamed of it and afraid of Klitschko, but then fell in love with that original name even better aliases that are forced to take many of the actors. In the family of Bees even have a legend that one of his ancestors was exiled to Siberia for the anecdote about the Soviet regime. In reference to the ancestor Dmitry began to work in the apiary, where he changed his name to Bee.

    16 Dmitry with a friend got into an accident. Car came into the pit and began to sink. The boys managed to open the car under water and swim, but this event is strongly influenced by the attitude of the Bees and the rest of his life. The young man began to write poetry and was even thought to do in the literary College, but he changed his mind and stayed in the acting profession.

    Dmitro Bjola
    Dmitry Bee |

    After graduating from the Tallinn gymnasium, Karjamaa he entered the school-Studio of the Moscow art theatre in the acting Department. Actor biography Bees, as expected, began with theatre. After successful completion of Studio Bee for two years he worked in the Tallinn Russian theatre, as required by the terms of the contract. In 2008 the artist came back to Moscow, this time to Director education. Dmitry always wanted to learn the art of theater from the other side.

    The actor has entered the correspondence Department of the directing faculty of the Shchukin school to combine study with work in the Moscow «Chekhov Studio» and filming a movie. Dmitry was trained in the Studio of Leonid Heifetz, who revealed the talent of the novice actor Sergey Shakurov was.

    Dmitro Bjola
    Dmitry Bee |

    Return to Moscow disappointed the actor. No one remembered and no waiting, and the young man realized that he has no money, no housing. Dmitry describes this time of life as terrible. But the actor was able to overcome all difficulties and to re-make a name for himself in the theatrical field.


    While working in the Russian theatre in Estonia Dmitry tried himself in several diverse roles. So, on the stage was played out as a classic Russian plays («With favourite do not leave» Volodin, «Ward No. 6» Chekhov theatre), and productions based on contemporary works («reservoir dogs» by Quentin Tarantino). In addition, the Bee perfectly revealed the character Chevalier DANCENY in the play «Dangerous liaisons» based on the epistolary novel by Choderlos de Laclos, a young nobleman Orlando in Shakespeare Comedy «As you like it».

    Dmitro Bjola
    Dmitry Bee | VKontakte

    In the Chekhov Studio, the artist took part in staging plays by Anton Chekhov «the Bear», «Duel» and «Chekhov’s stories». Dmitry is a longtime admirer of the theater and strives to capture every nuance that the author decided to convey to the audience in its drama.

    In the theater Dmitry tried himself in the role of Director. One of the most remarkable and Mature of his works was the «the Reserve», based on the text Dovlatov. Bee this material was attracted by its complexity and allegorically that the Director tried to put into the scene. For this play Dmitry Bee received the prestigious award «Bronze Vityaz».

    Dmitro Bjola
    Dmitry Bee | Jimdo

    Dmitry is a winner of the International Intercollegiate competition of student’s self-directing of theatrical Higher educational institutions, as well as the winner of the festival «Lipetsk theatrical meetings» in the category «Best male role of the second plan».


    Dmitri began acting along with learning that this same training and pay. The cinematic career of the young actor began with the film «Olympic village». Then he starred in one of the main roles in melodramatic series «Katina love» and its sequel, «Katina love 2». After that, the actor received a popularity in his career was followed by a series of works «Ticket for two», a historical detective novel «time Loop» and the romantic melodrama «Rube».

    Dmitry Bee in the movie
    Dmitry Bee in the movie «Give my love» |

    But the real popularity of the actor brought a major role in the project in 2014 «Give my love». His acting skills, elegant style, tall and masculine charisma have made Bee the idol of thousands of women across Russia. Dmitry was able to show the complicated relationships people inside, a love triangle, its partners on the film became Olesya Fattakhova and Stanislav Bondarenko. Also, the participation of singer and actress Nastya Samburski, which is later Dmitry Bee recorded the clip «We’ll glue the broken Cup».

    Of the last works of the actor include such films as «only the beginning», a soap Opera called «For love I can», where Dmitry starred in the title role with Christina Kazinski, Cyril Dievice, Julia Maiboroda and others, as well as a criminal melodrama «Provocateur» with Andrei Chadov and Anastasia Zavorotnyuk in the lead roles.

    Dmitry Bee in the movie
    Dmitry Bee in the movie «only the beginning» | full Movie.RU

    In 2015 year, Dimitri returned to student life. The actor entered the Higher courses of scriptwriters and film Directors. Dmitry and he wants to one day teach acting, and exploring all its nuances and gain experience.

    In 2016 year, there are new acting Dmitry Bees in the films «the Department» and «diary of a mother-in-law».

    Dmitry Bee in the movie
    Dmitry Bee in the movie «diary of a mother-in-law» |

    The actor does not mind the fact that he mainly starred in TV shows, and not grossing blockbusters. He agreed with the critics on Russian soap operas, but leave this job is not going to. Life has taught him to appreciate any role and experience, says Dmitry, he’s very much like acting in serials films than to sit and starve, waiting for an invitation to Hollywood.

    Personal life

    For a long time the media tried to find out, who is the wife of Dmitry Bees, and it exists in nature. However, as the true Baltic, the artist is extremely discreet in his interviews and does not advertise relationship, preferring to talk about creativity and new projects. Thus, the personal life of Dmitry Bees was a mystery. The actor is now more open about their relationship.

    Bee Dmitry and Ekaterina Ryabova
    Bee Dmitry and Ekaterina Ryabova | Things-Dryukov

    Beloved Dmitry for several years is Ekaterina Ryabova, with whom he lives in a civil marriage. They introduced a case. The actor has offered to watch the graduation project of the student theatre of the University. In the frame Dmitri and saw his future wife. According to the actor, he just lost his head and instantly fell in love. He found a girl in social networks and started a correspondence. The deciding factor was that they both were not just available at that time, but in the past their was no broken marriages, no children from failed relationships, so no memories could not prevent to build a happy life together.

    In the fall of 2014, the year the young family happened replenishment: the couple had a daughter Sophia. Despite her young age, she also became an actress like her parents. In two months, Sofia co-starred with his father in the TV series «All only begins».


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    Dmitry Bee in childhood

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