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  • Name: Mr Owl ( Dmitriy Sova )
  • Date of birth: 9 July 1983.
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev, Ukraine
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Dmitry Sova: biography

    Dmitry Pavlovich Owl – actor of Ukrainian descent, known for her cameo roles in many domestic projects and performance one of the key roles in the movie 2016 I’m.

    Dmitry Sova was born 9 July 1983 in Kiev. He was the second child in the family – in 1979 already appeared to Peter, the older brother of the boy. Children have always been inseparable and share almost all interests. From an early age the brothers have done. In 1994, Peter began to take classes in children’s musical theater, and a few years later he was joined by Dmitry.

    Dmytro Sova
    Dmitry Owl | Movie-Theater

    In this theatre for young art lovers taught the basics of acting – the children participated in various productions and studied elocution (in Russian and Ukrainian languages), singing and choreography. Parents tried to support the boys.

    After graduation in 2000 Dmitriy Sova never doubted the choice of a higher educational institution and went there, where were his brother – national University of theatre, cinema and television named after Karpenko-Kary in Kiev. Successfully obtained a diploma in 2004, the actor almost immediately got a job in the theater «Free stage».


    The first television work of Dmitry Owls became involved in the TV series «Return of Mukhtar-2» (the actor was loved by the audience, which later appeared in the sequel «the Return of Mukhtar-3») and «Creep». Since then, he has starred in more than forty paintings lit up on the main Russian and Ukrainian TV channels.

    Dmitry Owl in the movie
    Dmitry Owl in the film «House with lilies» | Movie-Theater

    Interestingly, along with his brother Peter, Dmitry managed to pull four times – in projects «under the law» (2009), «Matchmakers-3» (2009), «Faith. Hope. Love» (2010) and «the Passion according to Chapa» (2012). In all of these pictures the brothers simultaneously on the screen do not overlap and played only a cameo role.

    Dmitry Owl in the movie
    Dmitry Owl in the movie «the Greek» | Rosselli

    In 2014 Dmitry Sova starred in the TV series «Greek» together with Olga Grishina, Olga Sumy, Ivan by Fadeevym and other TV stars. His serial wife – Elena alymova – noted how nice it was to work with him. In the next few years track record Dmitry joined melodrama «Threads of fate» (which shone Eugene Rozanov), «I’m with you», «Catherine» and others.

    Dmitry Owl in the movie
    Dmitry Owl in the movie «Paparazzi» | EN kino

    A significant rise in the popularity of Dmitry began in 2016, when he played a key role in the TV series «Paparazzi», where his partner on the set was the actress Valeria Khodos. In the same year he took part in the filming of the Comedy tape «a Village in a million», where he was entrusted with a major role. Besides Dmitry Owls in the Comedy starred gaining popularity actors Anna Kosmal and Constantine Voytenko.

    Personal life

    Dmitry tried not to publicize the details of his personal life. He has no official page «Vkontakte» and «Instagram», «Wikipedia» is also not know about it, he rarely gives interviews. Photos and videos from the daily life of an actor is practically absent. Dmitry age approaching 35 years old – soon he will have his own family, but while he’s single.


    To viewing we recommend the following series and films with the participation of Dmitry Owls:

    • Paparazzi (2016);
    • Village per million (2016);
    • Greek (2014);
    • Rules of life (2012);
    • According to the law (2009).


    Dmytro Sova

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