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  • Name: Dmitry Nagiyev ( Dmitriy Nagiev )
  • Date of birth: 4 April 1967
  • Age: 49 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 177
  • Activities: actor, Director, musician, poet, showman, TV presenter, radio host
  • Marital status: divorced

    Dmitry Nagiyev: biography

    Dmitry Nagiyev – a brilliant and charismatic showman, actor, radio and TV presenter, an outstanding personality with a great sense of humor, a favorite of women. It is called the main macho of the Russian showbiz. His charm and deliberate rudeness to conquer the fairer sex of any age. Apparently, this is partly due to Azerbaijan’s roots on my father’s side.

    Dmitry Nagiyev from the category of those characters who have established themselves. He has managed superbly to dispose of all that nature has endowed him. Even the faults he turned into advantages. Today the actor, who in 2017 is 50, at the peak of popularity and demand. In the list compiled by Forbes magazine, he occupies the 19th place among the richest Russian actors. To finals of 2016, his condition had reached a significant amount of $ 3.2 million.

    Dmitriy Nagiev
    A well-known entertainer |

    The annals of the family of Dmitry Vladimirovich Nagiyev extremely unusual. After the First World War, fleeing from hunger, the grandfather of the actor Guram left his Homeland Iran in Turkmenistan together with the family. Was able to survive only himself Guram, who at that time was nine years. The boy was taken to an orphanage and given the name Azerbaijan.

    Grandmother of Dmitry, the wife of the grandfather Guram, was half German, half Latvian Gertrude Hill. Thanks to their marriage was born the father of Dmitry – Vladimir Nagiyev. Dmitry’s grandfather on his mother was a well-known person, because he worked as the first Secretary of the Communist party in Petrograd. Its Dmitry Nagiev is often quoted.

    Grandfather Dmitry Nagiyev
    With grandparents | How varied celebrity

    Artistic parents Dmitry Nagiyev had no father worked on optical-mechanical plant, mother worked in the Military communications Academy as a teacher of foreign languages. The family had two children: in addition to Dmitry in the family grew up the son of Eugene.

    However, an indirect relationship to the theatre was Dmitry’s father being a native of Azerbaijan, Vladimir Nagiev in his early youth played on the stage of a theatre in Ashgabat. He also made an attempt at progress theatre University of Moscow, but it was not successful. Vladimir went to work at the plant, but about unfulfilled dreams always.

    In my childhood my father brought Dima to the sports section, where the boy had to learn «masculine» sports – judo and Sambo. But after six months always seen third-grader was kicked out with the words: «Take your son, he is constantly flowing snot.»

    Dmitry Nagiyev in childhood
    Baby photo

    The boy remembered this humiliation. A few years later he took 2nd place in the city championship. Among those present Dmitriy Nagiev saw a trainer, who showed him the door, and reminded him of the shameful exception. He did not apologize, and congratulated with the fact that snot is no longer flowing. «Flow, — said the athlete — I just learned to wipe them out.»

    Soon Dmitry Nagiev has become a master of sports in Sambo and champion of the USSR.

    After graduating from high school, the boy entered the electrotechnical Institute, the faculty of automation and computer engineering. Upon graduation went into the army. He was sent to Sportloto. But in the wrestler there’s no need. Dological Nagiyev in the air defense forces near Vologda. He returned home with broken ribs and a broken nose twice.

    Dmitry Nagiev in his youth
    After the army he studied at the theatre | sitymusicmp3

    After demobilization Dmitry Nagiev has decided to fulfill her father’s dream and was able to enroll in College theater. The competition for a place was more than 150 people. Purposeful but he bypassed everyone and was enrolled in the Leningrad theatrical Institute of a name of N. K. Cherkasova.

    And last year the doctor diagnosed the student with facial paralysis. Treated had for a long time. Six months later, the mobility of facial muscles was able to restore that to the acting profession was extremely important. But «brand» the squint remained.


    His first role, Dmitriy Nagiev played, while still a student, in the theater. Spectators and teachers of the game novice actor in the degree performance «the Seagull» struck. In the dramatic role of Dr. Dorn Nagiyev was very convincing. His skill was noted by Lev Dodin. For this work the young artist was recognized as the best graduate of the year.

    Theatre «actively collaborated with the Germans, who called for the graduation performance and have chosen three of the most talented students. Among them were Dmitry Nagiev. He worked for two years in Germany. After returning from Frankfurt am main to his native St. Petersburg, the actor has offered to work on the radio «Modern». He soon started a new program that is called «Fully modern».

    Dmitry Nagiyev in the role of ensign Zadoff
    In the role of ensign Zadoff |

    After a meeting with the Institute’s friend Sergei Growth Dmitriy Nagiev began to conduct joint radio show «Caution Nouveau!». Together they wrote scripts and came up with the joke that the actor brought to life in the role of ensign Zadoff. Many jokes Zadoff became airborne and went for a walk in the nation.

    In addition, Dmitriy Nagiev does the author show, conducting the theatre Seating, skits, contests, comic auctions. And Dmitry plays on the stage of Saint-Petersburg in productions of «the Decameron», «Kysya» and «Sweetie.»

    Dmitry Nagiyev at the theater
    At the theater | Version

    A cinematic biography of Dmitry Nagiyev began in 1998 when he appeared in the drama «Purgatory» by Alexander Nevzorov. His character is a Chechen field commander, a former surgeon who lost his beloved wife.

    In the same year, Harvey starred in the film «Bobaka of Baskervilej» based on the novel by Conan Doyle. In the film the main characters are looking for a scary dog, while in modern realities.

    In 1998 Dmitry Nagiyev starred in the popular detective series «Kamenskaya», and then received an invitation to two more of the criminal series «deadly force» and «Mole». Played the role of Baron Meigel and Judas in the film adaptation of Bulgakov’s novel «Master and Margarita» Vladimir Bortko. In the film «the Christmas killer» Dmitry Nagiyev starred in two images: the famous violinist and assassin, nicknamed the Fiddler.

    Dmitry Nagiyev in the role of Judas
    Dmitry Nagiyev in the role of Judas | Billboard Daily

    Most of the audience attention was attracted by a tape «the best film», after which followed the shooting continue. In this tape the actor has appeared not bald, and hair – it was necessary for the role of the provincial traffic police Petit vasyutina.

    In 2012, Dmitry Nagiyev appeared in the popular TV series «Kitchen» as the owner of the institution «Claude Monet». Came two seasons of «Kitchen» and continued — «Kitchen in Paris». A year Dmitry starred in a very successful TV series «the Teacher» and its sequels.

    Dmitry Nagiyev in the series
    In the TV series «Fizruk» | Fizruk season 3

    From year to year, from a role in role popularity is growing Nagiyev. As once said in an interview with Dmitry – he’s been waiting for his «finest hour» and now never miss it.


    Famous Dmitry Nagiyev and as a TV presenter. Few people remember that the first time he appeared in this role on screen in 2003 in the project «House-1» with Ksenia Sobchak. From 2002 to 2005, the showman is no less scandalous a current-show «Windows».

    Talented broadcaster receives an offer to lead the new project «Big window», which is broadcast on the First channel. And in 2011, the artist’s fans see him on the reality show «Mother in law», which he leads in tandem with Natalia Andreichenko.

    Dmitry Nagiyev in the show
    In the show «the Voice» | NewsMir

    Since 2012, Dmitry Nagiyev is the permanent host of the popular music project of the First Channel «Voice» and «Voice. Children.» His sparkling humor, quotes and jokes grandpa Guram, warm attitude towards the participants become a tradition of the project.

    Today, a popular actor, TV presenter, writer, and showman, is often invited as a guest on various transmission rating. Not just Dmitriy Nagiev has pleased its fans with a great sense of humor on the show, Ivan Urgant «Evening Urgant».

    Personal life

    Personal life Dmitry Nagiyev long been the object of attention of the media. His wife for 18 years was Alla A. Nagiyev (maiden name Elisheva), which we know under the stage name Alice cher. Today, she is the author’s radio show «Peter FM». To this marriage was born a son, Kirill Nagiev, who followed in the footsteps of his father and became an actor.

    Dmitry Nagiyev and Alice Sher
    With Alice Cher |

    Dmitry Nagiyev is not inclined to talk about my personal life, so he’s going out with someone, is not known. If you believe the rumors, he lived for several years in a civil marriage with his administrator Natalia Kovalenko. Also talk about the novel Nagiyev Irina Temicheva. It is not excluded that Dmitry Nagiyev officially married to the actress who several years ago became the mother of his child. Dmitry makes no comments and, according to his friends, to get married is not going to.

    Dmitriy Nagiev with his son Cyril
    With his son Cyril | RussianShowbiz

    At the end of 2016, the scandal — hackers leaking intimate correspondence of the stars «House-2» Olga Buzova with the person who is listed as «Dmitry Nagiyev». It is noteworthy that it is quite intimate fellowship, judging by the dates, was conducted at a time when His was married to Dmitry Tarasov.

    Dmitry Nagiyev and Olga Buzova
    C By Olga Buzova

    Screenshots spicy correspondence made a lot of noise. Dmitriy Nagiev was forced to comment on the annoying «drain». The story he called «disgusting» and said that he was disgusted at heart that there are people who are interested to dig into someone’s personal life.

    Interesting facts

    • Dmitriy Nagiev almost always appears in public in sunglasses for several reasons. First, he had facial paralysis, and if shooting long, then the left eye is closed. Secondly, the glasses have become an integral part of the image, and Harvey jokes that are in development a gas mask and swimming mask.
    • Tattoo Dmitry Nagiyev on the left hand lettering «Te amo es mecum» translates from Latin to «I love you, be with me.» It was made in his youth and, perhaps, dedicated to his ex-wife Alice cher.
    • Second tattoo Nagiyev – Catholic cross. The third – longest inscription in small letters on the outside of the forearm. In addition, know the meaning of the tattoo lettering on the outside of the right forearm.
    Dmitriy Nagiev
    Tattoo Nagiyev
    • In 1998 Dmitry Nagiyev released a music album called «Flight to nowhere» with the actress Anna Samokhina and the group «Trumpet call». And in 2003 they released their second album «Silver», recorded with the band «Project Size».
    • Dmitriy Nagiev once escaped the crash: he had to climb the mountain by helicopter, it was necessary to make a commercial of one of the largest mobile operators. However, shortly before this Board of the same company crashed in the afternoon. As a result, the helicopter was abandoned.
    • Favorite football team artist – «Zenit».


    • 1998 — «Purgatory»
    • 1998 — «Bobaka Of Baskervilej»
    • 1998 — «Kamenskaya»
    • 2001 — «the Mole»
    • 2002 — «deadly force»
    • 2005 — «Master and Margarita»
    • 2005 — «the Christmas killer»
    • 2008 — «best film»
    • 2012-16 — «Kitchen»
    • 2014 — «Kitchen in Paris»
    • 2014 — «the Teacher»


    Dmitriy Nagiev

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