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  • Name: Dmitri ( Dmitri Hvorostovsky )
  • Date of birth: 16 October 1962
  • Age: 54 years
  • Place of birth: Krasnoyarsk
  • Activities: Opera singer, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married to Florence Illi

    Dmitri Hvorostovsky: a biography

    Dmitri Hvorostovsky was born on 16 October 1962 in Krasnoyarsk. His parents by the standards of the Soviet Union had a quite prestigious profession: father Alexander Stepanovich was a chemical engineer, and his mother Lyudmila Petrovna worked in a hospital as a gynecologist. But the main passion of Alexander Stepanovich was music. The father of the young singer had a deep baritone that was inherited by Dmitry, and played beautifully on the piano. In the evenings the family Hvorostovsky gathered in the living room, where Alexander Stepanovich sang along with his wife, accompanying himself on piano.

    Dmitri Hvorostovsky began singing at the age of four, singing old songs and folk songs. His idols were Ettore Bastianini, Tito Gobbi, Feodor Chaliapin and Maria Callas, whose records were collected by the boy’s father.

    When Dmitry went to secondary school, which was literally next door yard of his house, parallel to send my son to learn to play the piano. Study was given to Dmitry hard, he could not boast of good grades. In the tenth grade, the future singer has written such an unflattering characteristic that after graduation Dmitry chose not to remember about my school years.

    After receiving a high school diploma Hvorostovsky has arrived in the Krasnoyarsk pedagogical College named after A. M. Gorky in the music Department. Then the guy got really into fashionable at that time style of music «rock». He became a soloist and keyboardist of the band «rainbow» that played in different directions, in restaurants and clubs of Krasnoyarsk. Dmitry tried to match the image of the rocker in both look and behavior, he often was the participant of fights and often went out partying. One time the young singer even wanted to quit school, but he changed his mind and successfully graduated from College with a degree as a music teacher.

    In 1982 Hvorostovsky entered the Krasnoyarsk Institute of arts in the vocal Department. In class the best teacher Catherine Yofel he got through the patronage of friends, as a group Yofel simply was not available. The first two years of teaching were quite heavy. In fact, it had to retrain from the choir to the soloist that pretty annoying impatient and hot-tempered guy. In the third year things get better, and Dmitri Hvorostovsky began to understand his teacher just perfectly. During training, the student never misses classes Catherine Iofel. In 1988, the singer graduated with honors from musicians Institute.

    Dmitri Hvorostovsky: career

    In 1985 Dmitry was invited to Krasnoyarsk theatre of Opera and ballet. First, the young soloist has entrusted the performance of minor parties. Soon, thanks to his unique voice and incredible talent Hvorostovsky became the main voice of the operas by Tchaikovsky, Verdi, Gounod and Leoncavallo. After a year the young star of the Opera became the laureate of the first all-Russian competition of vocalists, and a few months later — and all-Union competition.

    After graduation, Dmitri decided to focus on Western listeners and build a career in Europe. He was actively involved in international competitions. In 1988, he visited France, making his debut on the stage of the Opera house in nice, and won in the international competition, which was held in Toulouse. In 1989, the singer went to the popular international singing competition, which was held by British broadcaster BBC in the capital of Wales — Cardiff. For the first time in four years the festival was attended by the representative of the Russian Opera. Chrostowski fulfilled their favourite roles from operas by Tchaikovsky and Verdi, who conquered the hearts of listeners. One of the members of the jury even compared Opera singer with the legendary performer Luciano Pavarotti. High marks provided Hvorostovsky undeniable victory and recognition worldwide. It was talked about abroad and began to invite to act in a legendary Opera houses of the world.

    In 1990, he made his debut on the stage of new York theater «Nice Opera» staged «the Queen of Spades» composer Tchaikovsky. Thanks to this concert, it drew the attention of record company «Philips Classics» with which he signed a contract for recording albums. The company has issued more than twenty LPS, including both recital programmes of the singer, and collections of arias from operas. Album «black Eyes», consisting of Russian folk songs and romances, has long been one of the most popular works of the soloist in the U.S. and Europe.

    In 1994 Hvorostovsky moved to London, where he bought a five-story building, and a few years later received British citizenship.

    Hvorostovsky has continued their performances in the best Opera theatres of the world. Each year, the singer has toured worldwide with his solo concerts, and also participates in numerous festivals and concerts. Dmitry has signed a new contract with another American recording Studio «Delos», which to this day releases his albums.

    Opera singer also does not forget about his homeland. In 2004, Dmitri Hvorostovsky has performed with the Symphony orchestra in the main square of Russia, the concert was shown on national TV channels. The singer toured the country with programs whose themes are closely connected with the history and culture of Russia.

    Hvorostovsky was awarded the title of people’s artist of the Russian Federation and the Honourable citizen of Krasnoyarsk and Kemerovo region.

    Dmitri Hvorostovsky: the disease

    June 25, 2015 it became known that Hvorostovsky temporarily until the end of August stops his concerts in connection with the condition. On the official website of a famous Opera singer, it was reported that in connection with serious illness, Dmitry cancels all performances until the end of August.

    Doctors Hvorostovsky was diagnosed with a brain tumor. When the artist learned of his illness, is not known, however, a week before publication, he was forced to cancel their performance at the Vienna theater. The voice of the singer was not injured, but at the moment, Hvorostovsky has problems with balance.

    Dmitry is determined to overcome his illness and already a few days he will begin treatment abroad.

    Dmitri Hvorostovsky: personal life

    With his first wife, a ballerina

  • Svetlana Ivanova, Dmitry met at the Krasnoyarsk theatre of Opera and ballet. The young singer was crazy dancers, which at that time was divorced and alone raising a child. This fact does not bother Dmitri, two years after the beginning of their romance he moved her to his room in a communal apartment, and in 1989 they were married. Many friends and acquaintances of the singer were against this marriage, because Svetlana had a reputation as a not very faithful girl. They moved to London, where in 1996, they had twins, Alexander and Daniel. Soon spouses have started to crack. Svetlana refused to learn English and to help her husband with the development of his career, but initially he planned to make her my Director. The couple started to drift apart from each other, and the famous singer began to abuse alcohol. In 1999 Hvorostovsky during a rehearsal he met with the Italian singer
  • Florence Illi. The girl instantly fell in love with the talented singer and began to make attempts to connect with him. But Dmitry was still married and couldn’t answer the girl back. For divorce, he filed in 2001. Svetlana has sued her ex-husband almost all of his possessions: a house in London, the car and the amount for the maintenance of himself and children in the amount of 170 thousand pounds a year. Hvorostovsky really had a hard time parting with once-beloved wife, he had an ulcer that started to have problems with health. But the help and support of Florence helped him to recover and overcome the problems begin with alcohol. In the same year, the lovers began to live together. In 2003, the couple had a son Maxim in 2007, a daughter Nina. Florence accompanied by Dmitry on his tour, sometimes they perform together at concerts.

    Dmitri Hvorostovsky: discography

    • Tchaikovsky and Verdi Arias
    • Russian Romances
    • Dark Eyes
    • Tchaikovsky, My Restless Soul
    • From Russia With Love
    • Songs and Dances of Death Symphonic dances
    • Moscow Nights
    • Deja Vu
    • Pushkin Romances

    Dmitri Hvorostovsky: photo

    Dmitri Hvorostovsky

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