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  • Name: Dmitry Astrakhan ( Dmitriy Astrakhan )
  • Date of birth: 17 March 1957
  • Age: 59 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activity: film Director, theatre Director, actor, Honored art worker of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married

    Dmitri Astrakhan: biography

    Russian Director and actor Dmitry Astrakhan was born on 17 March 1957 in a family of historians Susanna Manevich and Khan of Astrakhan. He grew up in a close-knit family where everyone supported each other. He had three brothers, and my parents always said that they – the team. Since childhood, he remembered how mother used to cook porridge Dmitry and brothers — he did it for each special — it was a ritual. Parents taught their sons to be sympathetic to others.

    In school the boy was attracted to mathematics and literature, he also studied classical struggle. Eight years Dmitry Astrakhan studied in a normal school, and after the 8th grade went to physics and mathematics school on Vasilevsky island.

    Received a certificate, Dmitry decided to enroll in the electrotechnical Institute, but never graduated. He then tried his hand in several universities, and threw them. Last place of education of Astrakhan became Leningrad Gimmick – he graduated in 1982 and received a diploma of the Director.

    The young specialist had a difficult choice: work as an assistant Director in Leningrad, or to move to Sverdlovsk and become a theater Director. Then his mother wisely said that downgrading is not necessary. If you’re a Director, so be it. In the future, the woman came to all the premieres of the son, although the road was a long one.


    In 1982, Dmitry Astrakhan began to work as the Director of the Sverdlovsk youth theatre. Then there was a break associated with the service in the army, and again directing work in the theatre.

    He interned with master of directing Tovstonogov in Leningrad, and in 1991 he led the Comedy Theatre of name Akimova, where he worked until 1995.

    Over 13 years of experience in the Astrakhan theater has staged more than 40 plays. The play «the Dashing fellow – pride of the West» the Director staged several times.


    His debut as a film Director was the film «Fatal mistake». The picture was shown on a local television Yekaterinburg.

    In 1990 Dmitry Astrakhan began shooting the short film «Begone». A year later, the film was released in a feature version. The plot takes viewers into the beginning of the 20th century, at a time when Russia was anti-Jewish pogroms. «Go» was nominated for «Oscar» from Russia.

    In 1993 he premiered another work of film melodrama, «You have only one» filmed by all the laws of the genre. However, critics called the film overly emotional.

    In 1995 Dmitri Astrakhan took a Comedy «All is well», and two years later a tragedy «From hell to hell.» Then there was the series «waiting Room» and other films.

    For many years the Director works with writer Oleg Danilov. In 2012 creative tandem has presented the fairy tale «little Children». The film is set in an orphanage, the students who arrange their own trial of corrupt officials. Dmitry Astrakhan called the Director «fairy tale» because in the story many conventions — he tried to make the parable of the contemporaries.

    In 2011, Astrakhan debuted as an actor in the film «Vysotsky. Thank God I’m alive». For the role of Leonidas, he received the award «Nika» was among the nominees for the award «Golden eagle».

    In 2013, filmography of Dmitry Astrakhan replenished roles in the films «Once», «Stealth», «Parallel lives».

    Personal life

    Dmitry Astrakhan was married three times. His first marriage quickly disintegrated. The second wife of Director became actress Olga Belyaeva. Young wife survived the tragedy — their first child was diagnosed with a severe heart defect: after forty days the baby died. Then the couple had a son Paul, but after a few years the family was hit by a new mountain — hooligans set fire to the front door to their apartment. Sleepy Olga did not realize what and where is burning, and jumped to the entrance — straight into the fire. The woman died, and the boy miraculously survived. Dmitry Astrakhan at that time was filming.

    The third wife of the Director — ballerina of the Mariinsky theatre Elena. The couple has six children — five joint and Paul, son Dmitry from his second marriage. Happy large family lives in a private house in the suburbs, and the eldest daughter of film Director studying in the UK.

    Dmitry Astrakhan says that in life there is Comedy, melodrama, tragedy, detective, and science fiction — all genres, except boring.


    • «Invisible»
    • «The alchemists»
    • «One day»
    • «The fourth planet»
    • «Insomnia»
    • The Inquisitor
    • «Studio 17»
    • «The fatal inheritance»
    • «The green carriage»
    • «In Moscow always Sunny»


    Dmitri Astrakhan

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