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  • Name: Juna ( Eugenia Davitashvili )
  • Date of birth: 29 July 1949
  • Age: 65 years
  • Date of death: June 8, 2015
  • Place of birth: village of Urmia in Krasnodar Krai
  • Activity: the healer, the doctor of medical Sciences, poet, artist
  • Marital status: Divorced

    Jung : a biography

    Dzhuna Davitashvili, probably the most popular psychic Soviet times. In a short time her name has acquired wide popularity in our country and far beyond its borders. The famous artist painted many portraits of Juneau, poets have dedicated it to the healing gift of ecstatic poetry, and reputable scientists have even coined the term «the phenomenon of the June».

    The famous healer dzhuna Davitashvili born July 22, 1949 in the deep province — in the village of Urmia in Krasnodar territory in a family of immigrants from Iran Uwasa Sardis. In origin, it is Assyrian.

    Father Junes Uvas sardine in the prewar years came to the Soviet Union out of Iran’s Affairs, but married and settled in the village. All his life he worked on the farm. But he was not a simple man. As argued by many relatives Junes, she is the spitting image of his father. Uvas Sardis, too, could predict the future and even predicted his own death. According to most of the healer, with her mother she had a difficult relationship. Daughter seemed too strange antics a little juna, frightened mother, and she often punished the girl.

    The childhood and youth of the June was heavy. The family lived very poorly. The girl had to start working from 13 years on the farm in the Kuban.

    After school-Jung (Eugene) Sardis entered the Rostov technical school of film and television, but after two years left him. According to another version June she graduated from the Rostov medical College and received a distribution in Tbilisi.

    Joon: psychic and healer

    Glory to the healer that came to her in Georgia, played a fatal role in the life of Juneau. I heard about her, the Chairman of Gosplan Nikolai Baibakov. Eugene Ivashevo Davitashvili were taken to Moscow and, as she claimed, had separated from her husband. Daily experiments in various Moscow research Institute of exhausting its strength. It often happened that her car came, and June, without any explanation, were taken to another laboratory. So-called «purity of the experiment» the plant in a dark room and was ordered to work. One even told me to undress — I was looking for hidden on the body magnets.

    In 1990, Djuna Davitashvili was organized by International Academy of alternative Sciences. In those years, it came to fame and glory.

    At different times patients juna was the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Leonid Brezhnev, Pope John Paul II, the artist Ilya Glazunov, actors and Actresses Giulietta Masina, Robert de Niro, Marcello Mastroianni, film Directors Andrei Tarkovsky and Federico Fellini. Juna treated Arkady Raikin, Robert Rozhdestvensky, Sofia Rotaru, Vladimir Vysotsky, Sergei Bondarchuk, and many others.

    Basically, June was involved in contactless massage. During the massage the healer diagnosed and time was cured of a serious illness. However, she did not give any appointments, medications, pills or drugs, did not cancel the doctors ‘ prescriptions.

    Joon Davitashvili itself and not just «researched by scientists, not believing in her unique abilities. And was very surprised: her hands are in «working mode» is heated so that heat enough to heat the body of another person, and at a distance. This energy juna held non-contact massage patients (the so-called method of «laying on of hands»), which constructed method of treatment. The fact that it has physical effects, not hypnotic suggestion, confirmed by many experiments.

    Juna patented 13 inventions in the field of medicine. One of the works — Biocorrector «June-1», physiotherapy apparatus, which has no analogues in the world. It is used for the treatment and prevention of diseases in cardiology, urology, gynecology, Pediatrics and other fields of medicine.

    Interestingly, the activities of juna has been approved by the Christian Church, which is rare. At a time when the unrecognized Davitashvili tried to prove that using non-contact massage can treat various diseases, it invited Patriarch Pimen. Later he took Joon and had long conversations with her. The Lord has blessed to grow up in good works and even presented the gold watch «Naira» with the bracelet, with amethysts.

    In June the Vatican met with the Pope and presented him with his painting «Mary Magdalene». In the late 1980s and in the 1990s Joon become a media person. A nationally-known psychic was often invited on television.

    Davitashvili was extremely gifted and versatile man. She wrote poems, stories, drew pictures, acted on the stage. About her film, which uses footage of her performances with Igor Talc and Andrey Derzhavin.

    June at various times have been awarded more than thirty medals and awards, among which were awarded in April 1994 by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation Boris Yeltsin with the order «Friendship of peoples». She is a Hero of Socialist labor of the USSR.

    Skeptics and detractors called her «Rasputin in a skirt» and a charlatan. Admirers of her gift felt the juna Davitashvili all-powerful sorceress. In the perestroika years, the citizens of a dying country sought to find his destiny, to find new life goals, find happiness, quickly and painlessly. June, Alan chumaka, Kashpirovsky was very popular in those years. But juna was recognized by the scientific world and the Church.

    June: death

    Djuna Davitashvili died June 8, 2015. Before their 66th anniversary, she has not lived a month and a half. On the death of a famous healer said in her blog, her close friend Stas Sadalsky.

    According to him, two days Joon was in a coma. Bad it was right on the street near the home where the woman went out for groceries in the store. The ambulance took her to hospital where the healer had the surgery, but could not save.

    Joon: personal life

    In his early youth during his stay in Tbilisi June met her future husband

  • Victor Davitashvili. It was there that she lived for several happy years. In Tbilisi, her son was born Vic. After moving to the capital the marriage broke up. In 1986, juna was married to famous composer and music producer Igor Matvienko. However, this only lasted 24 hours: the healer has a fight with his stepbrother and decided to spite him to marry, but went straight from the wedding table at the new year’s eve.

    According to rumors, juna Davitashvili had a lot of admirers and fans. But few of them managed to win the favor of Oriental beauty. Say Joon no regret refused to even

  • Robert de Niro. Recent years Djuna Davitashvili did not work. Her gift of healing had disappeared after the tragic death of his son Vakhtang in 2001. The grief-stricken woman has become a recluse, she did not give interviews and rarely appeared in public. The circumstances of the death of his son juna is still unclear until the end. According to Davitashvili, Vakhtang killed in the sauna.

    Joon: photo

    June and Yeltsin

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