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  • Name: Dita von Teese ( Heather Renee Sweet )
  • Date of birth: 28 September 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Rochester, USA
  • Height: 163
  • Activity: dancer, model, actress, singer
  • Marital status: divorced

    Dita von Teese: biography

    She startles and delights, every day she looks as cover girl of an expensive gloss, though, and says that her style has not changed for 20 years. She does not use the services of stylists and makeup artists, because in the evening knows what the hair, makeup and what length dress for her tomorrow.

    Dita von Teese was born in a corset and porcelain skin – she did herself. Her real name is Heather Renee Sweet, Dita – alias. She was born on 28 September 1972 in the U.S. city of Rochester. Have the Children worked as a manicurist, her father a machinist. Besides her family has grown by another two sisters.

    Dita von Teese in childhood
    Dita von Teese in childhood | show «Top model»

    The child has not dreamed of becoming an actress or model like many girls, the only thing that fascinated her, dancing. She from an early age she studied ballet and wanted to become a professional ballerina. In 13 years, the girl danced solo, and in 15 years has reached that peak of his ability.

    Soon his father changed jobs, the family moved to California. It is now Dita von Teese says that she has no complexes, but there are a few things in her biography that she does not like to remember. She was a little girl, and endured the attacks and insults of her classmates. It is not just humiliated – she was beaten and she was crying and wanted to be a beauty that all the boys were crazy and the girls jealous. At age 14, the Child said that will not tolerate humiliation. She changed her image: faced with pounds of makeup, body – revealing clothes. Now a teenage girl without shame seduced boys deep cleavage and short shorts. Later Dita von Teese admitted that he worried his children’s tears, and thank them for helping her become who she is.

    At 15 she got a job in a pizzeria and then to the lingerie store. There pocket money a girl spends on makeup and clothes. After high school she went to College, where he studied the history of costume, and at age 19 began dancing strip clubs. In her dance she incorporated elements of ballet.

    Young Dita von Teese | ILE DE BEAUTE

    Work and study very exhausting, the girl in 20 years, he lost a lot of weight, and the following year made a plastic surgery on breast augmentation: this was the first but not the last operation. Dita von Teese does not hide that has reshaped itself under ideal. A sexy mole on her cheek too artificial.

    A child she began to be called after a year of work in a strip club, when in 1999 she was offered to pose for Playboy, it was necessary to specify the full name of the model. Dita opened the phonebook and chose the name » von TRIZ. By chance, the editors did not see in the room is a typo in the journal and signed «Dita von Teese» — and left.


    Journalists call her the «Queen of burlesque». Indeed, it is unique in this style. Burlesque dancer Dita since 1992 – says that he is doing a Striptease sceniczny and playful. She draws inspiration in musicals 30-40 years.

    Dita von Teese became famous for his rooms in the bath, dance with a fan made of feathers. One of the best dances in her performance is considered a «Martini». In the movie «Charlie’s Angels» he repeated Cameron Diaz.

    In 2005, Dita von Teese danced at the Academy of art in new York, then her costume was encrusted with diamonds with a total value of $ 5 million. The following year she was invited to perform in cabaret «Crazy Horse» in Paris: Dita was the first guest dancer. In the same year 2006 she taught dance participating in the show «Top model American». 2007 will be remembered for her performance at the annual festival of erotica, which was held in London.

    In 2009, Dita von Teese participated in the Eurovision song contest, which took place in Moscow. She danced for the rooms in the German team, who took 20th place.


    Dita von Teese never attracted acting career, but sometimes it appears on the screen. At the start of her career she starred in erotic films and porn, then there was the picture «Romancing Sara and Matter of Trust».

    Dita von Teese
    Dita von Teese | Vogue Russia

    In 2005 she was invited to star in the short film «the Death of Salvador Dali», winner of several awards at film festivals. For this work, itself the Child received the title of best actress at the festival in Beverly hills. She also participated in the films «St. Francis» and «Room boom Boom».

    One of her latest works – an episode in the movie «A Kiss Before Frying» where she played herself.


    Music Dita von Teese has been since childhood, but professionally started singing in 2013. Her debut single, «Disintegration,» which she recorded together with the Duo «Monarchy».

    In 2015, the Actress continued her collaboration with this team, but as a model in their video for «Black Widow». In 2016, she recorded the song «Gucci Coochie» together with the African group «Die Antwoord».

    Personal life

    Personal life of Dita von Teese the same rich and colorful as she is. The star admits that she had an intimate relationship with a hundred men, maybe more. However, this feeling she had never experienced, even to her husband Merilina Manson.

    Marilyn is a rock singer, the same outrageous as Dita. Their acquaintance began with his phone call and drink whiskey together. Dita did not hesitate – he took a bottle of expensive whiskey and joined him. The evening segued into night and in the morning Marilyn made her an offer. She agreed in 2005 Dita and Marilyn got married, and two years later they divorced.

    Dita von Teese and Marilyn Manson
    Dita von Teese and Marilyn Manson | Cloudpix

    The woman admits that their relationship was nothing more than a formality. When they became unprofitable, the couple broke up. In her life there were many men, relationship with women, but all short-lived.

    Now Dita von Teese lives in Paris and Los Angeles, collects shoes, antique porcelain continues to improve yourself and your body. She says that workout in a gym or in a bad mood – not a reason to go out dishevelled and without makeup, so the Child always prepared.


    Dita von Teese

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