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  • Name: Asanova Dinara ( Dinara Asanova )
  • Date of birth: 24 October 1942.
  • Age: 42 years
  • Date of death: 4 APR 1985
  • Place of birth: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
  • Activity: film Director, Honored art worker of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: was married

    Dinara Asanova: biography

    Dinara Asanova was born on October 24, 1942 in Frunze, Kyrgyzstan. The girl’s father, Colds Asanov, in the same year was killed at the front. The mother of the future famous Director has worked tirelessly in the textile industry and was a dream to see her daughter subsequently took up the same work, securing your financial wealth and your life.

    Dinara Asanova
    Dinara Asanova | Arguments and facts

    However, the unusual girl was prepared for a very different fate. A significant role in the fact that Dinara has grown a great man, played her grandmother. She taught her granddaughter to communicate with people and find common language with them, understand what they need and help them skills, without which no one a good Director.

    Dinara Asanova in his youth
    Dinara Asanova youth | Kinoportal

    Young Asanova was, on the one hand, quiet and self-sufficient child. On the other hand, it costs nothing to gather a group of children and provide them with something to do. For example, in his home, she organized a shared library in which a new book is issued only after the transfer of the old. Often Dinara played with the guys in football, had a game in school acting as a teacher, or even inspired all the idea to draw a young, local theatre.

    Dinara Asanova
    Dinara Asanova | Movie-Theater

    By the time of graduation, the girl already knew that he wanted to devote himself to the film industry. Contrary to the plans of his mother, who had previously intended to send her daughter to a textile factory, Dinara was on his way to the Studio «Kyrgyzfilm.» Directorate she said: «Take me anyone, even a janitor!».

    Eastern nationality girl, her small stature, chiseled smile and, of course, the complete lack of experience was not too convincing arguments for the adoption to work, but still took it.

    Early career

    Janitor Asanova did not work, but changed for the time spent in the «Kyrgyzfilm», many professions. She started with the fact that was in charge of props. When the Director Larisa Shepitko was filming his motion picture «the Heat», she managed to work her assistant. And in 1960, Dinara even acted as a actress on the set of the movie «the girl from the Tien Shan.» Its youth, small size and Oriental type faces were in this film, as it is impossible by the way.

    Dinara Asanova
    Dinara Asanova | Source

    After a certain period of time the Studio had written a hardworking housekeeper the direction in which she went to meet the rsis. The unique creative atmosphere of theatre of the University fascinated Dinar, and she decided that he absolutely had to go here. The girl filed documents at the faculty of directing, but failed.

    Asanova not accustomed to give up, so fight to the end and decided in this case. Cinematography fell for her on the third attempt: she got into the Studio Stolpner and Romm. In that year, Mikhail Romm scored a very strong and predominantly male course. Dinara was shy in the society of self-confident classmates and long time was sure I took it only because of the need to reaffirm «friendship of peoples» of the Soviet space.

    Dinara Asanova
    Dinara Asanova | Arguments and facts

    While loud parties and drunken get-togethers Dinara sat like typing in the mouth water, and tried to leave as early as possible. However, those who began to communicate with asanovoy closer, known her as an interesting, attentive and caring man, and much attached to her. During his studies at VGIK, during normal rest in the dormitory, Dinara’s heart stopped. Fortunately, roommate was quickly called the ambulance and the girl was saved.


    After graduating from VGIK, Dinara decided to move to Leningrad. Her first independent movie was filmed in 1970. It was a short film «Rudolph», created by the homonymous novel of St. Rasputin. The tape talked about the difficult relationship of a teenage girl and an adult male.

    Yuri Vizbor in the film
    Yuri Vizbor in the movie «Rudolph» | Movie-Theater

    The main role in the film is quite convincing and skillfully played Yuri Vizbor, and the painting itself was a pretty fine and original opening theme of the formation of the human personality in adolescence. However, the band was accused of imitating the opposition of «Lolita», a young Director denied the opportunity to ply his trade for five years.

    Creative idleness asanovoy ended simultaneously with the change of leadership of the Studio «Lenfilm». In 1974 on wide screens finally released the first full length picture dinars, which was called «Not a headache from a woodpecker». It is about a boy who loves jazz, and about the process of growing up. The film is not atglen thoughts on the topic of proper education, but rather concentrated the issues of finding yourself, inner loneliness, first love.

    Dinara Asanova
    Dinara Asanova | Facecollection

    In 1976, the Director made his most famous painting – «the Key is not transferable». The viewer tell you about the free methods of teaching that tries to test young teacher, the students, who open your soul to adults or, conversely, close from all my heart with a deafening crash. In this painting, was widely used improvisation and role was not so much their roles, as the twists and turns the actors themselves.

    Dinara Asanova on the set
    Dinara Asanova filming | Source

    The film was shot really brilliant, unusual and most importantly very sincere. It was appreciated by both the audience and professional critics. Subsequently, the film received the Lenin Komsomol prize.

    Next came the little-known film, «Trouble», pessimistic, sad, shot under the state order within the framework of the anti-alcohol campaign. A few interesting and fanciful story about the moral degradation of an alcoholic not saved even directorial talent dinars.

    Dinara Asanova
    Dinara Asanova | Arguments and facts

    Loud breakthrough was the painting «the Boys», which was published in 1983. This film is about the camp, which provides troubled Teens. Participation in the shooting took the children themselves, whose lives were not as smooth as I would like. The film turned out to be incredibly poignant and sincere, and in a few years he even received the State prize.

    Personal life

    In the same period when Dinara Asanova was forbidden to make films, she married her beloved graphics by Nikolay Yudin. Soon the couple had a son, Anwar, whom the Director subsequently often filmed in his films.

    Nikolay Yudin
    Nikolay Yudin, the husband of Dinara Assanova | Source

    In a period of creative stagnation Dinara found solace in the writing of fairy tales, parables and poetry, and has grown Anwar always willing to help the mother in this case. When Dinara died, the boy was 13 years old. Perhaps a small consolation for him, can serve the eternal labors of the mother and how she died, quickly and easily, as if asleep.


    During preparations for the shooting of the film «the Stranger» Dinara Asanova, as if anticipating the demise, warned loved ones about your imminent departure, paid your dues and one day, just sitting in a chair, dead.

    Cause of death – all the same heart problems. Dinard was only 42 years old. The grave of the Director is located at Ala-Archa cemetery in Bishkek.


    • 1964 – the movie «everyone has their own way»
    • 1965 – the film «PSZ»
    • 1969 – the movie «Rudolph»
    • 1974 – the film «don’t have a headache from woodpecker»
    • 1976 – the film «the Key is not transferable»
    • 1977 – the film «Trouble»
    • 1979 – the film «my Wife is gone»
    • 1980 – the film «Useless»
    • 1981 – the movie «Which would you choose?»
    • 1983 – the film «the Boys»
    • 1984 – the movie «Children of discord»
    • 1984 – the movie «Dear, dear, dear, only…»
    • 1985 – unfinished film «the Stranger»


    Dinara Asanova

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