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  • Name: Dina Korzun ( Dianna Korzun-Frank )
  • Date of birth: 13 April 1971
  • Age: 45 years
  • Place of birth: Smolensk, Russia
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: actress, artist
  • Marital status: married to Louis Frank

    Dina Korzun biography

    His childhood Dina Alexandrovna Korzun calls happy and carefree. She was born in April 1971 in Smolensk. And although the girl was raised by his mother, life seemed perfect Dean. The little family lived in the spacious communal, which brings together absolute strangers in one big and friendly family. Children went to each other’s houses, arranged joint concerts, which were required to collected all adult residents of communal, avoiding skip the submission on any pretext.

    Their concerts of young artists organized by all the rules: chairs in several rows, cut from cards tickets with a specified date and place, circus and variety acts in abundance, intermission and snack bar.

    Dina Korzun in his youth
    Photos of actress in youth | Big city

    Mother Dina Korzun has served as the engineer for safety at hosiery factory constant learning: first in College, then in College. From the Windows of his room, Dean liked to watch the tall poplars and run trains on the other side of the river.

    Dean grew a multi-talented child. She was an excellent painter, so the mother took her daughter to art school. There’s a little girl has mastered the technique of drawing, sculpture and painting. And Dina Korzun studied ballet and attended the Studio of modern dance.

    Dina Korzun in his youth
    Young | Stickam

    Having received secondary education, during the year was the Department of art graphics of the local pedagogical Institute. But soon, the painting ceased to be the girl joy. Dina Korzun left the University and went to Moscow. It is the first attempt enrolled in the school-Studio of MKHAT and has been accepted for the course of Alla Pokrovskaya.


    A cinematic biography of Dina Korzun started in 1994, when she studied on the second course of the Moscow art Theater. The aspiring actress made her debut in the short film «inside the walls». Dina’s theatrical career began simultaneously with the cinematic. Theatergoers first saw the actress on the stage of Moscow art theater in the play «Love in the Crimea».

    After graduating high school theater Korzun took the troupe of the Moscow art theatre named after A. P. Chekhov. The young actress was incredibly lucky: she didn’t have to start from scratch and pass through the crowd. Almost immediately the girl began to trust large role. She played Katerina in «the Storm» and Sonya Marmeladov in «Crime and punishment».

    Dina Korzun in the theater
    At the theater | Lenin.guru

    However, Dina Korzun quickly felt disappointment. She no longer believed that theatre actors perform in society a special mission. When she went on stage and saw the faces of high school students who are forcibly brought to watch «the Storm», she wanted to run away.

    At first the artist tried to «give» to send young viewers a spiritual impulse, carried away by the game and convey the essence of the play. But soon realized that nothing was happening. Tenth yawned and waited impatiently for the intermission to escape. They wanted to a bar or a disco, and what is happening on the stage caused only boredom.

    In 2000 Dina Korzun left the theater. Back on the scene only later, when I moved to London.


    Dina Korzun was much more comfortable on the set. The movie brought him recognition and a sense of satisfaction from his work. In 1998, the screens out the famous movie of Valery Todorovsky «country of the deaf», which gave the artist the love and appreciation of the public. The role of a girl named Yaya brought a promising young actress several prestigious awards, among which the most prominent prize «Nika», «Stars of tomorrow» and «Golden Aries» for successful debut.

    Dina Korzun in the film
    In the film «country of the deaf» | Filmz.ru

    Dina Korzun woke up famous. For the first time after painting, she had to give six interviews a day. She said that the role of a deaf dancer was although very difficult, but very interesting. Before starting work she was assisted by a sign language interpreter. And had a lot of time to spend in the boarding school for deaf children. The actress wanted to understand how they live, feel and think the people who hear only silence.

    But after «Country of the deaf» interesting new roles Dina Korzun is not offered.

    Dina Korzun
    Photos of actress | Wokrout

    Few years, the actress finally came good and «deep» draft. But he was foreign. Polish-British producer and Director Paul Pawlikowski suggested Korzun role in his film «the Last refuge». The picture received European recognition and prestigious prizes. Dina Korzun was also showered with awards at festivals in London, Bratislava and gijón. But this beautiful picture about the fate of the emigrant from Russia at home and are not shown.

    Another very worthy role, played by Dina Korzun, got it in 2004. Is a American psychological drama Hollywood Director Ira Sachs ‘ «Forty shades of sadness.» The actress played a Russian girl who lives in the American wilderness. Dean got the main role. She appeared on the screen along with the famous artist Squeak Thorne. The film was awarded the Grand Prix at the famous Sundance festival and Dina Korzun was featured in the film festival Independent spirit award.

    Dina Korzun in the film
    In the film «Forty shades of sadness» | Waytofamous

    The artist admitted that he wanted to play «a gallery of bright and powerful images.» But such role at home didn’t propose to her.

    But abroad career Diana Korzun-Frank is developing successfully. She starred in a new movie «cold souls» and «Farewell».

    Dina Korzun
    Talented artist | erarta

    In 2007, the actress appeared on stage of the Royal national theatre in London. In some performances she not only plays, but producing them.

    In 2015, Dina Korzun co-starred in the third season of the British series «peaky blinders». In the same year, the artist recalled the homeland, starring in small roles in popular TV series «Londongrad».

    The Fund «give life»

    Dina Korzun is a famous philanthropist. A few months as a volunteer, she worked in one of the orphanages of Nepal. After returning to Russia, at a charity concert, a fateful meeting Dina Korzun and Chulpan Khamatova. Two stars of cinema and theatre since then have joined together to help children with cancer.

    Dina Korzun and Chulpan Khamatova
    Chulpan Khamatova | vigo24/7

    After some time, Dina Korzun and Chulpan Khamatova, established the Fund «give life». This organization focuses on helping children with hematologic, oncologic and other serious diseases.

    Personal life

    With her first husband, Ansar Alluminum Dina Korzun became acquainted in early youth, when he studied at the Sverdlovsk music school. Broke sense inexperienced girl mistook for true love. But when a couple have lived together for some time to see Dina come to understand that down the aisle, she hurried. At age 19, the future star of «Country of the deaf» gave birth to the firstborn of Timur. But the child is not only not strengthened, and so the fragile family ties, and hastened the disintegration of the family. When my son turned a year, the marriage broke up.

    Dina Korzun with her daughter
    Daughter | Spletnik

    To continue to build a career, Dina Korzun went to the capital. But to bring a young son into the unknown and unsettled life of a young mother could not. The baby remained in Sverdlovsk with her grandmother. So Timur did not forget mother above his crib grandma hung her portrait. The first time to meet with her son Dean could not more often than once in two months. But when he finished drama school and was accepted to work at the Moscow art theatre, he immediately took the boy to the capital.

    Dina Korzun and Aleksei Zuev
    With Alexei Zuev

    At this time, personal life Dina Korzun took another sharp turn. The actress was married a second time. This time her husband was a colleague of Alexey Zuev. And again the lack of understanding and unwillingness to yield to each other even in small things played a fatal role: the pair are soon parted.

    A person managed to build a real strong and happy family, Dina Korzun was found in the native theatre. Louis Franck, a Belgian, who arrived in Russia at the invitation of Oleg Tabakov, to study the Stanislavsky system. This is approached by the school-Studio of MKHAT. Louis – talented and multi-faceted man. He’s a photographer, composer, actor and Director. In addition, the leader of the musical group Esthetic Education.

    Dina Korzun and Louis Frank
    Louis Frank | Wokrout

    The path to understanding has proved difficult. First pair, between which quickly struck a spark, for a long time trying to convert each other. Lapping was heavy and was accompanied by quarrels and misunderstandings. But one day Dean and Louis realized that if you will continue to try to «fit» each other under their standards, you will lose love. And she was born. Young people are incredibly drawn to each other. They are the hardships of separation, when fighting. And then the couple have agreed to accept each other such what they are. Everything fell into place.

    Together with her husband, Dina Korzun moved to London, where Louis has an apartment and living relatives. Denied Timur, who met Louis Frank at 4 years of age and got used to it.

    Dina Korzun with her husband
    With her husband Louis Frank

    In Britain, the couple had two adorable girls, whom they called Italy and Sofia. The difference is sisters with half-brother is 20 years old.

    In Britain Dina Korzun. She not only continued to act in films and go to the theater stage, but also recalled the youthful enthusiasm of the drawing and even graduated from the course in painting at the London Art Academy.

    Dina Korzun
    Photos of the actress | Movie-Theater.RU

    Now she knows that the actress is not the most important thing in her life. She has a lot of interesting activities, in addition to the scene. She enjoys family, raises the children, takes care of her husband, draws, works in joint with Chulpan Khamatova’s charitable Foundation. And most importantly, Dina Korzun feel happy and self-sufficient person.


    • 1998 — «country of the deaf»
    • 2000 — «the President and his granddaughter»
    • 2000 — «citizen of the head»
    • 2005 — «Forty shades of sadness»
    • 2007 — «cook»
    • 2008 — «The Brothers Karamazov»
    • 2008 — «the Subscriber is temporarily unavailable»
    • 2009 — «cold souls»
    • 2012 — «After school»
    • 2013 — «Everything started in Harbin»
    • 2015 – «Londongrad»


    Dina Korzun

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