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  • Name: Anna Dimova ( Anna Dimova )
  • Date of birth: 28 September 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Birthplace: Olenegorsk, Murmansk oblast
  • Height: 174
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: married

    Dimova Anna: biography

    Dimova Anna — Russian theater and film actress, best known to viewers thanks to the TV series «Not born beautiful», «Daddy’s girls» and «Atlantis».

    The future actress was born in the Murmansk region, in the village of Olenegorsk. Since Anna’s father was a military pilot, the family did not remain long in one place, and moved from one military camp to another. In school the girl was restless and active, and preferred to communicate more with the boys. Best friend was and remains to date his sister. In parallel with the secondary school Dimova attended and music, where he studied to play the piano. In addition, teachers of both schools attracted her to participate in all events, thanks to which the girl was in good standing.

    In the penultimate class, Anna thought about a career artist, but rather assumed the musical direction of the future profession. But one day she was lucky enough to chat with successful local actress of theatre Irina Jaakobou, which listened as the girl recited the poem, and recommended her to choose for training of the Moscow theatrical University.

    Believing in yourself, Dimova Anna goes to the capital and becomes a student of the Theatre Institute named after Boris Shchukin, who graduated in 2003, having completed a course in acting at Rodion Ovchinnikov. Classmates Anne was her future colleagues on the series Grigory Antipenko and Olga Lomonosova.

    The first time she’s played a lot on stage, including in the Moscow drama theatre of a name of Stanislavsky staged «the Master and Margarita», by Yevgeny Grishkovets in the author’s performance of «planet», as well as in the Independent theatrical project in one of the top grossing productions of the 21st century, «Boeing-Boeing». But in recent years, the actress is completely focused on the film.


    For the first time on screen Anna Dimova appeared in 2004 as Lieutenant of militia Muhamad Ismayilova in TV series «Twins». This role brought the actress of popularity, but was allowed to pay attention to it professionals, with the result that a year later, she entered the cast of the very popular romance «Not born beautiful», in which she played a Secretary and a hereditary witch, Cupid, Buyo. Dimova Anna believes that she has nothing in common with this character, however, this factor has attached great importance to the role and to transform and play of opposites, and actress most interesting.

    A completely different way Dimova created the family drama «Atlantis», which plays the role of Marina Lamarina. Her character is the best friend of the main character, and at the same time – a mistress-girlfriend. Negative qualities of a femme fatale Dimova Anna managed to convey expertly, although her own character had no points of contact with the heroine. According to the actress, she liked the opportunity to demonstrate the «evolution» of the usual sprightly girls in the cruel lady Macbeth.

    Another bright role went to Anna in the popular Comedy sitcom «Daddy’s girls». She plays an eccentric, sensitive and largely grotesque teacher of Russian language and literature Lyudmila Mikhailovna Raduevich. It was the first Russian sitcom based on the original script, not purchased from foreign studios. There were shows 20 seasons of a television movie, 18 of which were attended by Anna Dimova.

    Personal life

    For a long time Anna Dimova preferred as the light of love, not sinking feeling in the head. According to Anna, almost all the boys were people of creative professions, as they can only understand the work of the actress. But for the TV show «Atlantis», she met one of the assistants of the Director, who after 2 years of romantic relations became her lawful husband.


    • 2004 — Gemini
    • 2005 — Hunt
    • 2005 — Shakespeare never dreamed of…
    • 2005-2006 — Not born beautiful
    • 2007-2011 — Daddy’s girls
    • 2007-2008 — Atlantis
    • 2010 — Garages
    • 2011 — The Method Of Laurel
    • 2014 — 1001
    • 2015 — Lyudmila Gurchenko


    Dimova Anna

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