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  • Name: Dima Monatic ( Dima Monatik )
  • Date of birth: 1 April 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Lutsk, Ukraine
  • Height: 164
  • Activity: Ukrainian singer, dancer, songwriter, composer, participant of the show «X-Factor»
  • Marital status: married

    Dima Monatic: biography

    The name of Dmitry Montica today is quite well known in Ukraine. Its owner can often be seen on television. Charismatic little guy (the rise of Dmitry Montica slightly above 160 cm) like to invite to the rating of Ukrainian TV projects such as «Funny people», «Parallel world», «My truth», «love story» on the STB. He starred in the television series of the TV channel TET «Diary of the dark».

    Dima Monatic
    Dancer, singer, composer, author | AIF

    Born Dmitry Sergeyevich Monatic in Western Ukraine, in Lutsk, in the spring of 1986. His family had a special abundance did not differ. Dad worked wherever there was work. He then assembles airplane engines at a factory engaged in the production of foam rubber on the other. My mother worked as a Secretary in the Executive Committee for a very modest salary. Only later, when he grew older, parents were able to establish a small business.

    Dima Monatic grew up a normal boy, being fond of what hundreds of his peers. Probably the moment of the start of a career can be considered seen in the center of Lutsk mini-show local fans breakdance. 8-grader spellbound watching the magic of the dance and understand that it is happening something that was to change his life. To the final dance Monatic already knew that will soon be moving worse. The complexion of Dima at the time was within the definition of «low robust fellow».

    Dima Monatic
    Dima Monatic in the beginning | Fanparty.ru

    It just happened. Soon the boy turned into the best dancer, breakdance, not only in his hometown, but also far beyond its borders. After all, the team DBS Crew, where he performed, toured the country.

    But the creative biography of Dmitry Montica is not just a dance. It turned out that the grandson had inherited from his grandparents is an amazing talent. One of the ancestors, despite the fact that he was born deaf, danced well and achieved excellent results in sports. And the other grandfather sang beautifully and was the accordion player-virtuoso. The genes of the ancestors are mingled in man and began to appear with greater force. Dima Monatic also sang, and quite well.

    Dima Monatic
    It all started with break-dancing | Viva.ua

    But after high school it was necessary to define the profession. Parents wanted my son got a serious education, and singing and dancing to let it be a nice bonus to a solid profession. In 2003, Dima entered the Interregional Academy of personnel management. Chose faculty of law.

    But the departing pair, as a duty, he lived only by the fact that the evening will be engaged in songs and dances.


    First love, which occurred in that period, Dmitry, was a good «fuel» in the fire of his talents. Having fallen in love, Dima wrote poems and songs, painted and filmed Amateur video-clips and, of course, danced. But the girl has left him for another. Unhappiness is not crippled guy, and forced to work even harder.

    Dima Monatic
    Dima Monatic is one of the best dancers of the country artist.ua

    It is at this moment Dima Monatic came to casting the 2nd season of the popular show «star Factory», carried out by the New channel. Unfortunately, the guy was just a bit to get to the project. But the casting of Dmitri noticed the star of the famous Ukrainian singer Natalia Mogilev. She saw a kid from Lutsk talent and took him to the ballet. Monatic moved to the capital.

    The period of formation was difficult, but helped to understand themselves and gear up for the main goal: to achieve success in life and prove former lover, and most importantly – yourself that he is worth something.

    Working in a team of Mogilev, dancer settled in the Kiev dance school Studio Turbo. He became a dance instructor and administrator. Here worked the best choreographers in the country. Monatic realized that it got to the place where you can grow as a professional. He watched the training, who conducted the acknowledged masters of dance. The night was repeating all the lessons seen. Dima was sure that it will be useful.

    Dima Manatic
    And dancer, singer | Fanparty.ru

    At the same time he developed his second talent – music. He managed to assemble his own team, to whom he gave the name «Monatique». After hard training, the boys went to the city of his childhood head – Lutsk, where it gave two concerts. Among their songs was a lot of those, the texts of which were written Monatic.

    In 2010 Dima Monatic successfully auditioned in the ballet d’arts, which was led by an experienced choreographer Nikolay Boychenko. In the same year, dancer and musician starred in episodes of the popular TV series «Mukhtar». But the main thing – became a member of the TV show «everybody Dance-3». From among thousands of contestants, the jury selected the top 100 who went to Yalta. Here for weeks with them worked the best foreign and Ukrainian choreographers. Dima Monetise managed to get into the top 30.

    A disappointment that failed to enter the top 20, quickly gave way to joy in anticipation of new victories. Mantica took a vocal talent show «X-Factor» on the STB. Dmitry got to the final qualifying round and managed to prove to the judges that he is a talented singer and earned the title of best performer of the country.

    2011 was marked for the band’s debut music video «Tableau», recorded on a mobile phone together with Nikolay Boychenko and ballet «d’arts». The author’s talent Dmire also proved very popular. He writes songs for stars like Svetlana Loboda, Katy Perry, Eva bushmina, Anna Sedokova, Dima and Serge.

    Dima Monatic and Anna Sedokova recorded joint hit «Hush».

    After «X-Factor» singer took up a solo career. In 2015 he released the album «the Soundtrack of today (C. S. D.)» and in 2016 there was a second album called «Sounds».

    The song «Smiling» Dmitry Montica included in the first album became a hit. And the second album, fans of his talent noted the song «Circles».

    Recently, singer, choreographer and songwriter was entrusted with the refereeing in the Ukrainian TV project «Voice. Children.» I think he was in his native element, remembering how I took the first uncertain steps on the stage, arriving in the provincial capital of Lutsk.

    Music videos by Dmitry Montica often appear on Ukrainian TV channels and enjoyed considerable success.

    Personal life

    At the end of 2015 began to circulate rumors that the personal life of Dmitry Montica that he so carefully hides, there quite happily. Moreover, the supporters of Dmitry claim that he married a beautiful woman named Irina Demicheva, who recently gave birth to her husband’s firstborn.

    Dima Monatic wife
    With his wife Ira | Viva.ua

    Confirmation of rumors attentive fans Montica found on the social network page of Dmitry’s colleagues on stage, Yulia Sanina, which in the same period gave birth to the baby. She posted the photo with a newborn son and congratulated all colleagues who are parents in 2015. Among them the name of Dmitry Montika.

    Probably, the singer does not want to publicize their personal life, because his press service has not confirmed a global change in his personal life.


    • 2013 — «the Soundtrack of today (C. S. D.)»
    • 2016 — «Sounds»


    Dima Monatic

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