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  • Name: Dima Maslennikov ( Dmitrij Maslennikov )
  • Date of birth: 24 November 1994.
  • Age: 22 years
  • Place of birth: Gorlovka
  • Height: 178
  • Activity: dancer, choreographer, participant of the show «Dancing on TNT season 2»
  • Marital status: not married

    Dima Maslennikov : biography

    Dimitri Maslennikov was born in 1994 working in a small village near Horlivka, in the Donetsk region. A few years after his son’s birth the family moved to the Crimea. In Yalta Dmitry’s father found work, and Dmitry went to school.

    Dancing Maslennikov started at 10 years of age. A couple of years he regularly takes part in different dance competitions and festivals. Usually the composition of the teams. Your favorite styles Dmitry calls the modern, jazz-funk and contemporary dance, but Maslennikova think of the universal dancer.

    After graduation, Dima Maslennikov has appeared before a difficult choice. Parents insisted on a «serious» profession, but the guy I wanted to dance. He chose a compromise solution, joining from 2 universities: Kharkiv University and Kyiv University of culture, which chose the faculty of modern choreography.

    For the first time Dima Maslennikov has declared itself as an independent dancer in 2010. Then he was 15 years old. Dmitry managed to take 1st place in the championship of Ukraine in modern dance. A year later, Maslennikov – winner of the world Cup in show dancing. It can be argued that it is from this period and began a dance biography of Dima Maslennikov, which he successfully develops in Kharkov. There he not only studies at University and dancing, but also works as a teacher of choreography in major dance school in the city. Students Maslennikova had won dance contests in the country.

    Dima often arrives in Yalta, where still live his parents. Here the choreographer gives master classes and plays.

    Television projects

    In 2013, Dima Maslennikov takes part in the Ukrainian TV show «everybody Dance». On casting of the 6th season, his statement has caused a storm of positive emotions in the jury. His manner of speech was first called «intelligent dance». And yet he was nicknamed «the dancing Prosecutor.» It easily passed in the «hundred» of the best participants and continued his journey in the show. But at the next stage of the qualifying competition Maslennikov left the project, breaking the 3 day test.

    In 2014, Dmitry is back in the show, setting a goal to reach the Top 20 participants of the 7th season. The casting was again passed brilliantly. But this time Dima Maslennikov managed to get to twenty, but to reach the Grand final, finishing in 2nd place.

    In the 8th season of the project «everybody Dance» Maslennikov invited as choreographer.

    In the summer of 2015 Dima Maslennikov, together with other Kharkiv choreographer Elena Bullets put a dance show called «He and She». Dancers met on the 8th season of the show «everybody Dance», where he was invited as assistants and choreographers. The performance several times and was put on stage, but the speech was interrupted because of the departure of Dima in Moscow, where he went to participate in the project «Dancing on TNT».

    After the qualifying round Dima Maslennikov was in command of Yegor Druzhinin. Guy is actively involved in choreographing. Audience appreciated not only the skill but also the depth transmitted through the dance of the senses.

    Personal life

    Dance career and employment at the University (Dima listed as one of the best students of the law school) don’t leave the guy a minute of free time. Therefore, the personal life of Dima Maslennikov on the second plan.


    Dima Maslennikov

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