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  • Name: Dilyara Vagapova ( Dilyara Vagapova )
  • Date of birth: 14 September 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Kazan, Tatarstan
  • Activity: Singer, soloist of group «Murakami», a participant of season 3 of the show «the Voice»
  • Marital status: Married

    Dilyara Vagapova: biography

    Biography dilara Vagapova starts in St. Petersburg, where she was born on the night of 14 September 1985. Then her family moved to the capital of Tatarstan — city of Kazan. There was all the singer’s childhood. The girl from time to time does not show their abilities in music. As with everything, dilara performed at matinees in kindergarten, showed interest in the piano, and her musical future is believed, as often happens, only my grandmother.

    As such, music education Vagapova has not received all of her musical development was the ensemble singing in high school. To become a singer originally not included in the plans of young dilara. In her dreams she saw herself a ballerina, but eventually I realized that she sings is better than dancing.

    First solo performances before the General public was held in 1999 at the festival «Constellation». It was the first serious experience, which influenced the development of the singer.

    Dilyara Vagapova took part in a major television project «star Factory-3» and «people’s artist-2«. Despite a good start, the singer does not like to remember that time, because to participate in such projects she was uncomfortable.

    According to the girl, the main thing that she got from the project «people’s artist» – a personal meeting with Alla Pugacheva.

    Dilyara Vagapova and «Murakami»

    After returning from the project Dilara invited to joint creativity Vlad Popov from the group of «Sun-Screen». They have established a joint group called «Murakami». This event was a major milestone in my career. So the soloist «Murakami» dilara Vagapova finally found his place in the world of show business.

    In early 2005 the newly formed group «Murakami» gave its first concert in KSK UNICS Kazan University. In Kazan’s standards it was a major event in the city. The group immediately became very popular and toured successfully in Russia. In parallel, the students had been recording their debut album under the name «Seagull». He was released in August 2006. The band then released three more albums.

    Personal life dilara Vagapova

    In 2011, Dilyara Vagapova married Leonid Baryshev, the Kazan businessman. A year later, on 7 December 2012, the couple had a daughter who was named Felicia.

    But dilara was detained on sabbatical, and after six months after birth, gave a concert with his band in Moscow, and after a couple of months was released the next album «Murakami».

    Dilyara Vagapova is in the show «the Voice»

    As you can see, with the acquisition of the status of wife and mother she does not plan to lose its position in the creative arena. On the contrary, the singer strongly manifests itself and expresses itself as a worthy competitor. It is part dilara Vagapova in season 3 of the show «the Voice.»

    According to the singer, she decided to take this step in order to test myself, my strength. Before the «blind» listening dilara seriously caught a cold and worried that it will affect the quality of the vocals. But fears were not confirmed. She adequately performed the song «Soldier» of the group 5’Nizza simultaneously in the Tatar and Russian languages, besides herself, the singer accompanied himself on guitar and his vocals convinced Dima to turn to her chair.

    Dilyara Vagapova became the only representative of Tatarstan in the team Bilan. By the way, she admitted that he bet it on this coach, and, as you can see, I was right.

    But in the second stage of «the Voice» dilara Vagapova have finished your way to victory. Dilara came to music ring against Evgenia Blagova with the song «How anxious way» of Alla Pugacheva. The girls did a great job with the song. «Girls, thank you very much,» said Pelagia. Long doubting, Bilan made a difficult decision: he left in the draft Eugene Blagovo.

    But Dilyara Vagapova not upset. She spoke warmly about the time that was spent on the «Voice»: «How great that I was able to present myself to the audience at the TV and this room.»

    Goodbye dilara sang a snippet of song from the movie «the Tale.»

    Photos Of Dilara Vagapova

    Dilyara Vagapova

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