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  • Name: Diego Maradona ( Diego Armando Maradona )
  • Date of birth: 30 October 1960
  • Age: 56 years
  • Place of birth: Lanus, Argentina
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: soccer, coach
  • Marital status: divorced

    Diego Maradona: biography

    In a small provincial town, a suburb of Buenos Aires of Lanus on 30 October 1960 in the family of a simple worker, Diego Maradona and Housewives Dalma Franco appeared in five children Diego. He was the first boy in the family before Dalmy only girls were born. Childhood of the future stars of football took place in the Argentine slum, where he learned to possess the ball together with the courtyard kids. Family Maradona was poor, so he had to settle for the simple entertainment of slum dwellers.

    Diego Maradona in childhood
    Diego Maradona in childhood | Charla Técnica

    The first more or less decent, leather soccer ball was presented to Diego, his cousin. Such a great boy from a poor family the gift was presented on his seventh birthday. This ball was starting in the career of the great football player Diego Maradona.

    Father Diego had taught him to repel the ball near the wall, to strike the left foot to stay on the playing field, skillfully possessing the ball. As a young football fan was left-handed, it was easy for the «left» attacks. He often took part in some yard games and he held the position of Libero striker Diego was a little late.


    Even then, as the young Diego was eight years old, he was noticed by the technician who was involved in the selection of talents for the club «Argentinos juniors». He was asked to play for the Junior team, which was called «Los Caballitos» (Onion).

    Members of the community entertained the audience in between the games, even the ball players during the game. In «the Onion» Diego was the youngest, but distinguished by technique and stability, making it a leader among other participants.

    Diego Maradona in childhood
    Diego Maradona in childhood | Latest News

    Coach Francesco Cornejo called him «doll-dolls» due to the fact that he does not fall even after strong blows to the legs. About Maradona as a future star of Argentine football, began to speak after the match the juniors from the «river Plate» is the current at the time champion Argentina. The match ended with the score 7:1 in favor of team Diego. By the way, five of the seven goals scored by the young player, who at the time was only 10 years old.

    Diego Maradona in his youth
    Diego Maradona in his youth

    With 12 years, Maradona played for the Argentine juniors. But despite all the success, family Diego, as before, in poverty. Besides, she was more the mother of Diego, gave birth to two more brothers and a sister.

    Incomplete sixteen years old, in 1976, Diego entered the field as a member of the «Argentinos juniors», and in November of the same year scored his first career goal serious. In his first adult team the player has played five seasons, then in 1981 went under contract to another Argentine club Boca juniors. In the same year, «Side», became Argentine champion, winning the August tournament at the Metropolitan.

    FC Barcelona

    Spanish «Barcelona» in the summer of 1982 was acquired by Diego Maradona for seven and a half million dollars, setting a transfer record. However, due to the injury the player missed most number of Barcelona matches. But in 1983 he took part in important matches like the super Cup and the Spanish Cup and the Spanish League Cup, where his team became the leader not without the help of Diego.

    Diego Maradona in
    Diego Maradona in Barcelona | Sport

    Only in Spain the player has played two seasons and, in General, scored 38 goals, taking part in 58 matches. Though Diego himself later called that period the best in his career, but conducted a survey among the Spaniards in 1999, left for Maradona leading the best player of FC Barcelona after Cruyff and Qubalı. Therefore, to call the Spanish period Maradona failure is impossible.

    Diego Maradona in
    Diego Maradona at Barcelona | Dream Team

    At this time he was pursued by failures: hepatitis, injuries, and conflicts with the head of the club. After another quarrel which arose between emotional Diego and President of the club, the player even wanted to buy out his contract and leave the team. But then the arena time out the Italian «Napoli».

    The flourishing career

    The transition Maradona in Napoli again stirred up the public, resulting in even more large sum of transfer for as much as ten million dollars! During his presentation at the stadium was attended by more than seventy thousand spectators, which immediately made Maradona his idol. This period is considered the most important in the career of a footballer. The best goals were scored in this club. The results of seven seasons at Napoli:

    • Won two «scudetto» — an unprecedented event that has not repeated any more;
    • The championship in the UEFA Cup;
    • Third and second places in the Cup and the Supercup of Italy;
    • Diego was the best scorer in the history of Napoli.
    Diego Maradona in
    Diego Maradona in Napoli | Ghanagrio

    However, in March 1991, a positive doping test, which was taken from Maradona, became the reason of dismissal of the player from the game for fifteen months. He returned to Napoli after the end of the period of Ineligibility, and moved to the Spanish «Seville». But he remained there only one season and after conflict with the coach, left the club.

    Diego Maradona in
    Diego Maradona in Napoli | News Geotraff

    Further, the Argentine played for «Newell’s old boys», spending for the club just five matches. But known for his volatile temper Maradona once again failed to find a common language with the coach Jorge Castillo and was forced to leave the team. After the infamous firing from an air rifle at journalists who were on duty near his house, Diego, and even went to prison, therefore, could not participate in football.

    Boca juniors and retirement

    After a year and a half break Maradona returned to the football. He spent in the «Boca» about thirty matches and returned to the location of their fans thanks to a few very good matches.

    Unfortunately, once a drug test has resulted in a new disqualification. Blood Diego found cocaine and dope. After this disqualification, Maradona briefly returned to football, but the injury led to his need to finish his career.

    A few days before my 37th birthday in 1997, Diego Armando Maradona last came on the football field as a player.

    «Hand Of God»

    It clung nickname for Maradona after the legendary match against England where Diego scored to hand the ball in front of thousands of fans. This mistake is noticed all except the judge who scored controversial goal.

    The championship will never forget the football world, the more fans of Argentina. Because then they became world Champions. Maradona justified his action, saying it was not his hand but the «hand of God». Since then, the «Hand of God» became a household name and firmly «rooted» to Diego.

    The quality and achievements of Maradona

    The technique of playing Maradona differed uncharacteristic for soccer tricks: rolling a ball at high speed, tossing, throwing a ball, the ability to easily beat the opponent. Thanks received in childhood skills Diego had the correct pass and clear shot with his left foot and free kicks. His ability to beat out any of the provisions to score goals with his head, to make various feints made his technique unique and different.

    Diego Maradona
    Diego Maradona | News.com.au

    Good vision of the field allowed him to make assists. Wrestling is his element, because even if he lost the ball, it still did not leave the opponent alone until the ball is not returned to its territory. Coherence of movements allowed him to easily maneuver among the opponents and keep balance when needed.

    Many experts believe that thanks to the game Maradona team in which he played, was able to go to a whole new level of football.

    Coaching career

    His coaching career Maradona began even before the official end of the football period in my life. During his disqualification in 1994, which extended only to the players, he decided to try myself in this role.

    A little-known club «Deportivo Mandi» will be his debut as mentor. But the experience will end quickly after the fight Diego with one of the owners of the club. Diego Maradona for one season coached «Rosing», but this activity is not brought.

    Diego Maradona as coach
    Diego Maradona as coach | Sportsor

    Despite the disastrous results of Maradona became coach of Argentina in 2008. He occupied this position for only two years, however, managed to assert himself as a worthy mentor. Although the Argentines did not win the 2010 world Cup, where they defeated the Germans with the account 0:4, Maradonas same remained is happy with game of the wards.

    After the tournament the football Association of Argentina decided not to renew the contract with Maradona.

    Diego Maradona
    Diego Maradona | WA

    After the summer break Maradona has offered to coach the club, «al Wasl» from the United Arab Emirates. Major achievements of the club during Maradona is not achieved, but often appeared in various scandals. Because of its explosive nature Maradona asked to resign as coach of the club, «al Wasl».


    Plastic and precision of movement and excellent coordination allowed Maradona to show myself on the dance field. Dance program, which was broadcast by Italian channel RAI, was his debut as a dancer. However, due to difficulties with the Italian authorities, he refused further participation in the program.

    Diego Maradona
    Diego Maradona | Football

    In 2000, the legendary footballer has written a book of autobiographical character «I am Diego». Two years later, Diego has released a CD with the hit «Hand of God». By the way, all proceeds from the sale of the CD was transferred to the Argentine hospital for underprivileged children.

    The famous Serbian Director Emir Kusturica shot in 2008 the film «Maradona». Through this work, the iconic Director wanted to explain the phenomenon of Diego Armando with the artistic side.

    Diego has always been known for his sympathy for leaders like Hugo Chavez, Nestor, Kirchner, Fidel Castro and political leaders of the left shelf. He even had a tattoo of Che Guevara on his right shoulder and Castro on his leg. He called himself «the people.»

    Tattoo Maradona
    Tattoo Maradona | FIFA

    Such positions clearly played into the hands of him, if he wanted to run for political office. However, the reputation of emotional and aggressive player on both the political and the playing field will always oppose it.

    Many find it hard to imagine impulsive and restless Maradona in the bureaucratic chair, signing papers. Therefore, his candidacy is always celebrated as symbolic of the political ring.

    Drugs and health problems

    Unpleasant narcotic plume that stretches for Maradona from the time of his game at Barcelona, was the cause of health problems. Then he explained that passion is the ability to integrate into an unfamiliar situation and feel comfortable in it. Subsequently, the player repeatedly tried to get rid of the fatal passion of the clinics in Argentina and Cuba.

    In 2000 Maradona had a hypertensive crisis because of a heart arrhythmia. Then close to Diego men denied the relationship of this event with the addiction of the player, saying that the crisis occurred because of heart problems and nervous tension. After treatment in the clinic, Diego went to the island of Freedom, where in a closed medical facility passed a rehabilitation course.

    Diego Maradona
    Diego Maradona | The Sun

    Heart attack crippled Maradona in April 2004. Problems with excess weight, and not defeated the addiction became the reason of this sad event. After leaving the hospital Diego weighed as much as 120 lbs. per photo in front of the fans appears full to the disgrace of the people, in which it is difficult to identify the once-lean footballer. With a relatively small height (165 cm) weight be look critical.

    Diego Maradona has recovered
    Diego Maradona

    But he managed to pull himself together and after reduction surgery of the stomach and special diet he has lost 50 kg.

    In 2004, the football legend said that getting rid of drug addiction forever for the sake of their daughters. Apparently, he succeeded, however, in 2007, he was in the hospital for over intoxication of alcohol. Then his liver was in critical, precirrhosis condition. But this time he managed to survive and get out of an unpleasant situation with minimum losses.


    This bright football leader has become famous scandals no less than his game.

    The most loud scandals with participation of Diego:

    • «God’s hand» is, perhaps, the loudest scandal in the history of football, which took place in 1986 at the world Championships in Mexico city. 22 years later he repented in hammered by bare hand and apologized for this act. By the way, a goal was then scored by the judge.
    • Brawl – final of the Cup of Italy was marked by a true sports battle, in which participated all the players of both teams, Diego including. Then he was suspended for three months.
    • Drugs during a doping-control was twice accused of use of prohibited substances. For the second time in the blood found traces of several (about five) components of various drug compounds.
    • Shooting at journalists – the paparazzi who were on duty near the Windows, were victims of a shooting from a pneumatic gun. All four journalists were slightly injured, and Diego – two years in prison.
    Diego Maradona
    Diego Maradona | News

    Relationships with journalists Maradona was special – he repeatedly fought with them, broke their window in the car or destroyed equipment. 2006 in General was marked for Maradona’s multiple scandals: he was accused of tax evasion, the organization of a car accident, which caused injuries to several people.

    Also Maradona broke the head girl, which is a bit touched in conversation with his daughter. As a result, suffered ten stitches, and Diego answered for their actions in court.


    No matter how difficult relations Maradona with the journalistic fraternity, he several times stood on their path. After finishing his player career he began to act as a sports expert in the relevant programmes or as a commentator of the competition. Diego repeatedly commented on the World Cup matches in 2002, and in 2006 he commented on the world Cup in Germany.

    Diego Maradona in the show
    Diego Maradona in the show «the Night of ten» | The Sun

    Maradona had to go as host of the popular Argentinean program «the Night of ten»in 2005. In this programme, he interviewed world-famous people (Mike Tyson, Fidel Castro and Anatoly Karpov). In 2005 this programme won the award for «Best entertainment program», making Maradona the person of the year for her version.

    Personal life

    Officially, Diego was married only once to Claudia Villafane, having lived with it for 25 years. Young Diego was only seventeen years old when he decided to invite a neighbor girl Claudia to dance. After a few days he had already introduced to her parents.

    Maradona with his wife Claudia
    Maradona with his wife Claudia | Art file

    However, they married not once, Maradona made an offer to Claudia only after the birth of her second child (daughter) in 1989. The first daughter was born a year earlier. The wedding took place at the stadium «Luna Park» in Buenos Aires and stood Diego for two million dollars. Guests who came to congratulate the newlyweds, there were about a thousand.

    Wedding Maradona
    Wedding Maradona | Daily Pakistan

    After ten years of married life Maradona left home, and after five years she filed for divorce. However, despite this, the pair managed to maintain good, friendly relations until recently. Ex-wife even acted for some period as agent ex-football player.

    The personal life of a legendary goalscorer has always been no less interesting than his plays. After the divorce, Maradona met with physical education teacher Veronica Ojeda, who bore him a son. Diego recognized him after a month, and divorced from Veronica.

    Numerous wild romances of a football player in the days of Barcelona was legendary. He was accused of aiding the transference of the Argentine prostitutes in Italy. The whore runner allegedly engaged in the supply of live goods together with Diego. Among the entourage of the player was such person, who claimed that during a stay in Naples he had five mistresses of the day! But all of this information remains a rumor, not confirmed and not oprovergaet footballer.

    Diego Maradona and Rocio Oliva
    Diego Maradona and Rocio Oliva | Life

    Today the heart Maradona is busy 25-year-old model Rocio olive. He even decided for her to undergo plastic surgery to look younger than her background. But before the wedding never came, though he offer his lover already did.

    To this day it is believed that Claudia Villafane was the only official wife of football legends.

    Children Maradona

    Married with Claudia, Diego had two amazing daughters – Janine and Dalmas. But it is believed that Maradona’s five children. Twenty years Valerie Sabalan Diego has a daughter who was born in 1996. But the player does not want to voluntarily acknowledge paternity, but DNA has put everything into place, and he was forced to pay alimony daughter. The illegitimate son of Veronica Ojedo has also been recognized as Diego immediately.

    Diego Maradona with the illegitimate son of
    Diego Maradona with the illegitimate son | The Telegraph

    Not so long ago it became known that the player still recognized illegitimate son, whose name is also Diego. Diego Maradona Jr was born in 1986. But then the player refused to admit paternity. Only after 29 years of Maradona decided to meet with his son. He acknowledged it officially noted impressive with similarities.

    Claudia Villafane in 2016, has decided to sue Maradona in court on again opened circumstances associated with his illegitimate children. The lawyer of ex-wife’s scorer says that his client suffered a lot because of infidelity Diego. Besides, it became known that another fifteen-year-old boy claims the title of son of Maradona.

    Claudia Villafane
    Claudia Villafane | Zimbio

    Both cases of treason it was during the marriage of the pair, giving Claudia a reason to seek compensation in court. And even if the last guy will be the pseudo-son, ex-wife will not back down. All these stories have caused Claudia’s great moral damage, which it intends to compensate.

    Interesting facts about Maradona

    1.Duty legendary football player before the Italian tax amounts to about forty million dollars. Crossing the Italian border Maradona every time is deprived of some valuable things. Earlier, the police confiscated his expensive rolex watch(2006), and later (2009) took his earring, sold it later at auction.

    2.Maradona is not a full – blooded Argentinian- his ancestors emigrated to Argentina from Italy. In a more detailed study of the genealogical tree of a football player he was found to have Croatian roots. Biography of the great football player before the end and not fully understood.

    Diego Maradona
    Diego Maradona | Capital

    3.FIFA conducted a poll revealed that 53% of respondents consider Maradona the best footballer of the twentieth century. But in spite of this, this honorary title was given to Pele. Maradona was furious and said he would appeal the decision in court. The result is still recognized as the best player along with Pele.

    4.When the player took in the Neapolitan team, in his honor all the sculptures of the city dressed in t-shirts with 10-m number – that number played Diego in «Napoli». Hit of the season in that year was the pizza «Maradona». And this technique was not accidental – the result of a game Napoli were three winning year – the first in the history of the founding of the club.

    5.The management of «Napoli» presented Maradona Ferrari F -40 for the fact that he once rejected a proposal by the infamous Silvio Berlusconi, who offered him a lucrative contract and an apartment in the centre of Milan. But Diego was in the «Napoli» and refused a tempting offer, for which he was awarded the club management.

    Diego Maradona
    Diego Maradona | Facts of universe

    In my entire career, the footballer was voted several times the best scorer, the best player of the world Cup, the scorer of the best goal, and many times «better» in different football-related categories. Despite his scandalous and ambiguity, this man, a phenomenon which is still not solved, today is a living football legend and extraordinary personality.

    Maradona himself not once sincerely repented of their sins, but have always maintained that in no way tarnished the honor of the ball. Today, every exit legends on the audience accompanied by increased attention – everyone already expect this time will think of next Maradona.


    Diego Maradona

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